Monday, May 3, 2010

Ordinary Member Election Poll

Tomorrow, May 4th, is the election day for Ordinary Members of the Nunatsiavut Assembly.

We wanted to find out how everyone was voting in each constituency.

So, we called ten people at random from the phone book in each community to find out how they were going to vote.

In Hopedale 80% of the people we polled say they are going to vote with the other 20% undecided.

When asked who they were going to vote for, 40% were unsure, 30% said they were voting for Norman Broomfield.

The remainder didn’t want to say who they were voting for.

One resident said ‘I hope whoever gets in does more work than the last one. Four years; not much to show for it.’

Out of the people we called in Makkovik, here is the results we found.

70% will vote tomorrow, and 30% are unsure if they will vote.

Of those, 20% say they will vote for Denise Lane and 10% for Todd Broomfield.

The rest chose not to say who they were going to vote for or they were undecided at the time.

One resident of Makkovik said ‘I don’t think I’m going to vote, not going to be any difference anyway’.

We also contacted the residents of Rigolet to see how they were going to vote tomorrow.

90% said they were going to vote, while 10% said they were not going to vote due to a lack of interest.

Only 10% have decided who they are going to vote for, with 80% still undecided and 10% not voting.

Postville residents will also hit the polls tomorrow.

80% of the people say they will vote with the other 20% deciding not to vote.

A whopping 60% have their votes on Glen Sheppard, and the rest are unsure of how to vote tomorrow.

The Upper Lake Melville area has to choose two Ordinary Members.

90% of the people we spoke to said they will vote tomorrow, while the other 10% said they’re not voting.

50% have decided who they will vote for, with 40% undecided and 10% not voting.

OKâlaKatiget hit the road today to see just how residents of Nain will vote.

We spoke to Silpa Obed of Nain, she spoke about why she is not voting tomorrow.

Be sure to tune in to OK Radio tomorrow evening as the results roll in!

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