Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nain Daycare flood forces the centre to close for the remainder of the week

Once again, the Daycare Centre in Nain has been dealt another blow.

Nicole Dicker is the Pigutsavik’s Daycare Operator.

Dicker says a pipe that connected to the children’s sink in ‘Home Room 2’had broken open.

The crack is approximately an inch in length.

She says the water flooded their pre-school room, the infant room, the storage room and their staff room.

The hallway that connects all of those rooms was also flooded.

Dicker says the cold water line has been turned off and they are assessing the damage.

They’ve thrown out all damaged boxes and items.

They also sanitized all salvageable goods.

The daycare is expected to be closed all week.

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