Wednesday, May 26, 2010

John Halligan Presentation

Last evening a very powerful presentation took place in Nain.

About 40 people attended the presentation, most of whom were parents.

John Halligan from Vermont, USA told the story of his son, Ryan.

Ryan was bullied throughout most of his life.

This ultimately resulted in his death by suicide at the age of 13.

Bullies ridiculed him online, cursing horrible profanities through online IM(instant messaging).

After his death, his father took it upon himself to make stricter anti-bullying and suicide laws.

Laws were passed seven months after Ryan’s death.

John also gave out good tips about how to deal with cyber-bullying and what to do if your children have social networking accounts.

He has done over 800 presentations all over North America.

He even appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show in February.

John will be back in Hopedale tonight after a trip throughout the north coast of Labrador.

To learn more of Ryan’s story, visit

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