Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daycare Flood

Once again, the Daycare Centre in Nain has been dealt another blow.

Nicole Dicker is the Pigutsavik’s Daycare Operator.

Dicker says a pipe that connects to the children’s sink in ‘Home Room 2’had broken open.

The crack is approximately an inch in length.

She says the water also flooded the pre-school room, the infant room, storage room and their staff room.

The main hallway that connects all of those rooms was also flooded.

Dicker says right now the cold water line is turned off and they are assessing the damage.

So far they’ve thrown out all damaged boxes and items.

And now they are sanitizing the salvageable goods.

Dicker also added she is to meet with Toby Andersen the Nunatsiavut Governments acting property manager.

She will show him the piece of the pipe that was damaged.

From there they’ll get the correct replacement fitting.

If all goes well, they should be up and running tomorrow morning.

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