Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quebec Government Not Publishing Caribou Locations

The Government of Quebec is no longer publishing the location of the George River Caribou Herd in Labrador.

The Quebec Government previously published telemetry maps which the show specific location of the herd.

John Blake is the Director of the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Environment’s Wildlife Division.

He says that during the 2009 hunting season, they received direction to stop publishing the caribou’s location on their website.

The maps allowed for people to find the caribou very easily.

Many of the caribou fixed with the radio collars were being harvested.

The collars were used to track the caribou.

With the recent findings of the dramatic reduction of the size of the herd, the likelihood of the collared caribou being harvested has greatly increased.

Blake says not publishing the location of the caribou in Labrador will likely reduce the number of caribou harvested, especially collared caribou.

The government will continue to provide general information about the herd’s migration and movement patterns.

But the specific location of the herd is no longer being provided.

Preliminary Inquiry into Lucas Abel Murder Charge Begins

The preliminary inquiry into the murder charge against Lucas Abel began yesterday afternoon.

Sergeant Barter is with the Nain RCMP Detachment.

He says the inquiry will determine if there is enough evidence to proceed with a trial.

Judge Joy is presiding over the five-day inquiry.

Labrador Interpretation Centre

The Labrador Interpretation Centre in North West River is gearing up for the holiday season.

Mina Campbell-Hibbs is the Curator for the Centre.

She says their events will kick-off tomorrow with a Christmas Decoration Craft Night.

People are invited to the centre to make Christmas decorations from old Christmas cards.

Campbell-Hibbs says they will also be hosting an “Oh Christmas Tree” Night at the Labrador Interpretation Centre on December 08.

Attendees will be treated to a night of storytelling, musical entertainment and a lunch.

On December 14, elders are invited for an Elder’s Cup-O-T.

Elders will spend the evening listening to stories, enjoying music and, of course, having a good cup of tea.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes holiday gatherings.

The Labrador Society in Ottawa will hold its Christmas party on December 3.

Carolyn Rompkey is the President of the Society.

She says this year’s party will be an extra special get together.

Bill Rompkey will be hosting the party at Parliament Hill.

This will be Bills Rompkey’s last Christmas party.

He will be retiring in May, 2011.

Rompkey adds that when they get together it’s always a good time meeting with old friends, singing Christmas carols and sharing a delicious meal.

Makkovik Sewing Circle Sale

The Makkovik Women’s Sewing Circle is busy gearing up for their annual fall sale.

The ladies have been busy making crafts since September.

The eleven-member group gets together on Tuesday of each week to make hand- made crafts.

The Chapel Servants of the Moravian Church and community volunteers also take part in the fundraising.

One of the members tells us the group has been busy making a range of items including quilts, Labrador dolls, and children’s dickies.

A café will also be held during the sale where the chapel servants will be serving hot meals.

The sale will take place at the community hall at 2pm this Saturday.

Nunatsiavut Day

Labrador Inuit will come together on December 1, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the creation of Nunatsiavut.

It’s already been five years since the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement was signed.

Jim Lyall is the President of Nunatsiavut.

He says we’ve come a long way since the country watched as Labrador Inuit celebrated the birth of Nunatsiavut.

To mark this special occasion, the Nunatsiavut Government will host a variety of events in each of the Labrador Inuit Communities.

Events will range from feasts and parades to contests and live entertainment.

Lyall is encouraging all Labrador Inuit to help celebrate the fifth anniversary of the creation of Nunatsiavut.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mokami Status of Women

Women who disagree with the light sentences being handed out to sexual offenders were invited to meet with the Mokami Status of Women Council last night.

Petrina Beales is the Executive Director for the Mokami Status of Women council.

She says the first meeting on the subject was a success.

The women gathered with various resource people to discuss women who have been victims of sexual assault.

They also discussed what they call light sentences being given to the sexual offenders by the courts.

Beales says they hope to get more women involved in the discussion in order to create more awareness on the issue.

The council will continue to meet on the topic in the future.

Beales adds that something has to be done about this issue.


The former Nunatsiavut Government office in Nain is now housing new organizations.

Henry Lyall is the Office Manager for LIDC in Nain.

He says Parks Canada employees have moved into the recently renovated facility.

More occupants are expected to move into their new offices in the coming weeks.

Lyall says Torngat Arts Crafts Inc. will be moving into their new location in a week or two.

While Nunatsiavut’s research laboratory should be ready for operation in the next few weeks.

1st Sunday of Advent

Excitement is growing in the communities where the Moravian holiday, Advent, is celebrated.

By Saturday, most Moravian communities will have their Advent trees erected and decorated for the occasion.

Children will hang their empty stockings in anticipation of the visiting Nalujuks.

The Moravian Church in Labrador celebrates the first Sunday of Advent as a preparation for the coming of the Christ child.

Two church services are usually held on Advent.

The first is the Advent Sunday address at 10am.

The Inuktitut Liturgy takes place at 5pm with the Hosanna Anthem.

There are four Sundays of Advent before Christmas Eve.

To mark this occasion some of the Moravian churches light a candle for each Sunday.

This year, the first Sunday of Advent falls on November 28.

OKalaKatiget radio will also be celebrating the occasion.

We will be airing air Brass Band music on Sunday morning starting at 8am and will play Advent Sunday requests on our afternoon show.

Have a safe and happy Advent everyone.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Premier Danny Williams Leaving Office

Premier Danny Williams has announced that he will be leaving his office early next month.

Williams made the announcement from the Confederation Building in St. John’s this morning.

He provided his resignation during a press conference.

Williams will finish on December 3.

Deputy Premier, Kathy Dunderdale, will fill William’s position.

She will serve in the position until the next election which is scheduled for next fall.

Williams served as Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador since he was elected in 2003.

Shipping Season Winding Down

You’ll be hearing the final vessel reports for the season over the next few days.

The shipping season on the north coast of Labrador is quickly winding down.

A spokesperson for Labrador Marine in Lewisporte says the Astron, Northern Ranger and Sir Robert Bond are now on their last runs.

The Sir Robert Bond is currently in Nain discharging.

She will be heading to Happy Valley-Goose Bay and then on to Lewisporte.

The Astron is due in Goose Bay at 11pm this evening en route to Lewisporte.

The Northern Ranger is expected in Lewisporte at 8am on Friday.

Their arrivals into the community will mark the end of the shipping season in our region.

Mokami Status of Women to Meet

A women’s group in Labrador is not happy about the light sentences being handed down to people charged with sexual offences.

The Mokami Status of Women Council in Happy Valley-Goose Bay is gathering tonight to discuss such cases.

Petrina Beales is the Executive Director of the council.

She says they will discuss the charges that are being handed out to sexual offenders by the Provincial Courts.

Any women who have experienced a sexual assault in the past and are left frustrated about the way the courts have sentenced the offenders are welcomed to attend.

Beales says they would like to develop a strategy that would see harsher sentences given to sexual offenders in this province.

Nain Community Constable Hired

The streets of Nain will be a little safer tomorrow.

The Nain Inuit Community Government (NICG) has hired a Community Constable.

This is a new position for the community.

Morrall Blake is the successful candidate.

He begins his new position tomorrow.

He will act as a liaison between the NICG, RCMP and the community.

Among Blake’s responsibilities is enforcing Nain’s municipal by-laws.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Minister Pottle & Premier Williams Accompanies Innu Nation in Ottawa

The Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Patty Pottle has been busy with different meetings in the last little while.

She was recently in Ottawa with Premier Danny Williams, while the Innu Nation met with the Federal Governments Minister of Indian Affairs.

On November 17th, she was also in St John’s to meet with AngajukKâks and Recreation Directors from across Nunatsiavut.

Problems With LIDC Tugboat & Barge

Problems with the Labrador Inuit Development Corporation's (LIDC) tugboat and barge have caused a delay in plans.

Henry Lyall is the Office Manager for LIDC in Nain.

He says the tugboat and barge have been tied to the dock in Nain for the past two weeks.

Lyall says the water-crafts are not operating properly and LIDC is now waiting for replacement parts to arrive.

To fix the two vessels, an engineer will travel to Nain and carry out the repairs.

Lyall adds after the tugboat and barge are in working order, they will be sent to the Island for the winter.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Asthma Study in Postville

A study will be published early next year which examines lung health in the community of Postville.

Shirley Goudie is the Town Manager for the Postville Inuit Community Government.

She says there was an Asthma study and survey done in Postville over the summer.

The study looked at how factors such as smoking, weather, dust and pollution affected lung health.

Goudie says the study will hopefully address some of the communities concerns.
The report will be out in January of 2011.

Cellular Services For Natuashish...Soon!

The installation of cellular services has begun in Natuashish.

David Torres is a Regional Manager with Lynx Mobility.

He says the installation of cellular services in Natuashish is nearly complete.

The tower, antenna and shed are all in place.

Torres says there is only one piece of equipment left to be installed.

They are expecting the final piece in the New Year.

Lynx is continuing to examine installing cellular services in Nain.

He says they’re speaking with a potential partner now.

But nothing is concrete.

Torres adds that headway has been made and they are hoping to move forward.

Bell Aliant To Cut Jobs

Major layoffs will allow Bell Aliant to keep all of its centres open.

Alyson Queen is the Public Affairs Manager for Bell Aliant.

She says the service provider will be cutting 100 of its management positions.

The cut will affect employees across all of the six provinces that Bell Aliant services.

She says in terms of specific impacts for each centre, they are not breaking down that information.

Queen adds that some of the employees will be let go this week.

While others will continue until the end of the year.

In July, 2010, Bell Aliant announced that they were set to shut down three of its five centres.

Employee lay-offs were announced as well.

An agreement has been reached which will see all of the centres remain open.

Monday, November 22, 2010

X-ray Clinic

An x-ray clinic will be held in Nain throughout this week.

Gail Turner is the Director of Health Services for the Nunatsiavut Government.

She says staff from the health center in Happy Valley-Goose Bay will be holding the clinic.

It is being held to follow-up on people who have had TB in the past.

Turner says it is very important for people to have this x-ray.

She adds that people required to take the clinic have been made aware of when their appointment is.

Industrial Inquiry Proceedings

The Industrial Inquiry Commission is continuing with its investigation into the ongoing labour dispute between the United Steelworkers Local 9508 and Vale.

John Roil is the Chair of the Commission.

He says they have received the information which was requested from each of the parties.

The information details the proceeding of the negotiations to date.

Roil says commission members are engaged in discussions with both parties to better understand their positions.

He says they are appreciative of the parties’ cooperation so far.

Roil says the next step in this process is to provide an opportunity for the Innu Nation and the Nunatsiavut Government to make presentations.

The presentations will detail what effect the dispute may be having on the two aboriginal groups and their Impact and Benefits Agreements (IBA) with Vale.

He says the Commission will hear from the two groups on Friday in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Roil says both groups are in a unique position to be affected by the dispute because of their IBA’s.

The meetings will be closed sessions.

The parties involved include the Commission, representatives of the aboriginal groups, Vale and the United Steelworkers.

JHMS Boys Win Volleyball Regionals

The Jens Haven Memorial Huskies claimed gold at the regional volleyball competition this weekend.

Labrador District Schools traveled to Churchill Falls to compete in the 2A Volleyball Tournament.

Damian Barter is the Coach of the Nain Huskies.

He says the Nain Huskies’ male team came out on top of the competition.

They defeated the Churchill Falls team for the win.

They will be traveling to Newfoundland for the provincial competition next month.

The Amos Comenius Memorial Nanuks also took part in the competition.

Nicole Dalley is the Coach of the Hopedale Nanuks female team.

She says they claimed second place behind the Churchill Falls team.

The Huskies compete at the 2A provincial competition in Roddickton in December.

Great Turnout for Amos Comenius Fall Fair

Hopedale residents braved the elements for the annual Amos Comenius Fall Fair.

Dean Coombs is the Principal of Amos Comenius Memorial.

He says it was the greatest turnout they ever had for the event.

The fair included concession stands, a rummage sale, baked goods and crafts.

The community also had the chance to participate in some games.

Entertainment was also provided for the attendees.

Coombs says they held an auction where various items were sold.

Approximately $3, 000 was raised through the fair.

The money will be used for the various needs of the school.

Coombs says he would like to thank the community for their continued support.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Aurora Energy Community Visits

Aurora Energy Resources will be visiting Nunatsiavut communities next week.

Andrea Marshall is with Aurora’s Media Relations.

She says next week Aurora Energy will start the community visits in Makkovik.

Marshall says they will be there to answer any questions residents may still have regarding uranium exploration.

Marshall adds Aurora Energy Resources will continue these visits in Nain and the Upper Lake Melville region in the New Year.

Lower Churchill Project Deal

A $6.2 billion agreement has been reached in the Lower Churchill Project.

Premier Danny Williams joined Nova Scotia Premier, Darrell Dexter, to make the announcement yesterday.

Nalcor Energy and Emera Inc. have come to an agreement on the $6.2 billion deal.

The 35-year deal includes the Muskrat Falls Generating Station, Labrador Transmission, Labrador-Island Transmission Link and the Maritime Link.

The agreement will not only see Lower Churchill project become a reality, but the Innu Nation will benefit significantly as well.

Under the Churchill Falls Hydroelectric Development Redress Agreement, the Innu will receive annual payments commencing on the execution of the Impacts Benefit Agreement until 2041.

The payments will amount to $2 million annually.

That amount will also see an annual increase of 2.5%.

The mega project’s lines will go directly from Muskrat Falls, cut to Southern Labrador, dip under the sea to Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula and straight to St. John’s.

Branching off, the power lines will turn towards South Western Newfoundland, dip again under the sea and connect to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Muskrat Falls will produce a whopping 824 megawatts of power.

Of that the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador will use 524 megawatts.

The remaining 300 megawatts will go to to Nova Scotia.

The Lower Churchill project is scheduled to begin in 2011.

The construction phase is expected to last approximately six years.

Northern Ranger's Service Extended

The MV Northern Ranger will be extending its services for one more trip.

The announcement was made by the provincial Department of Transportation and Works.

The Ranger was originally scheduled to end her services today.

It was decided that she would make one more trip due to favorable ice conditions.

The Ranger is scheduled to arrive in Happy Valley-Goose Bay this afternoon.

Natuashish Stabbing

A man was sent to hospital yesterday following a stabbing in the community of Natuashish.

Boyd Merrill is the RCMP Media Relations Officer in St. John’s.

He says RCMP arrested an 18-year-old man for aggravated assault following an alleged stabbing in the community.

Merrill says police were called to a private residence where they found a number of individuals under the influence of alcohol.

Amongst those individuals included the victim, a 48-year-old man, who was found laying on the floor, but conscious.

He says RCMP stayed on scene assisting the nurses until the victim was transported to the local clinic.

Merrill says the accused was found sleeping in another home where he was arrested without incident.

He says RCMP had a number of witnesses and also conducted other interviews in relation to this event.

A Forensic Identification Service member will be travelling to the community to document the occurrence.

Merrill says the accused is facing charges of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

The charged will be brought to court for a remand hearing before a Judge.

Merrill adds more details will be released once the man has appeared in court later today.

Nain Students Score Highest in the Province in their CRTs

The Jens Haven Memorial grade four class received the highest marks in the province in certain categories of the CRTs.

Jacob Larkin is the Principal.

He says the class took the Criterion Reference Test last year when they were in grade three.

Their teacher was Bernice Wall.

Larkin says the students scored the highest in the majority of the categories including Language Arts and Mathematics.

Creative Arts Festival Continues

The 35th Annual Labrador Creative Arts Festival is continuing in Happy Valley-Goose Bay over the weekend.

This evening you can catch performances from Cartwright’s Henry Gordon Academy and Nain’s Jens Haven Memorial.

Natuashish’s Mushua Innu students and Makkovik’s JC Erhardt students hit the stage on Saturday evening.

And the weekend wraps up with performances from Queen of Peace Middle School and Hopedale’s Amos Comenius Memorial School.

All the performances are taking place at the Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Deal Between NL & NS in Mega Hydroelectric Project

After a long waiting period for the Lower Churchill mega project to become a reality or not, yesteday Nalcor Energy and Emera Inc. agreed on an estimated $6.2 Billion deal.

Premier Danny Williams of Newfoundland and Labrador, along with Premier Darrell Dexter of Nova Scotia made the announcement.

A 35 year deal includes the Muskrat Falls Generating Station, Labrador Transmission, Labrador-Island Transmission Link and the Maritime Link.

The agreement not only will see Lower Churchill become a reality, but the Innu Nation will benefit significantly as well.

Under the Churchill Falls Hydroelectric Development Redress Agreement, commencing on the execution of the Impacts Benefit Agreement and until 2041.

Nalcor Energy will make an annual settlement payment to the Innu Nation of $2 Million annually.

This amount will also see an annual increase of 2.5%.

The mega project will go directly from Muskrat Falls, cut directly to Southern Labrador, dip under the sea to Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula and straight to St. John’s.

Branching off, the power lines will turn towards South Western Newfoundland, dip again under the sea and connect into New Brunswick, then to Nova Scotia.

Muskrat Falls will produce a whopping 824 megawatts of power, of that the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador will use 524 megawatts and provide the remaining 300 to Nova Scotia.

The Lower Churchill project is expected to start in 2011 and is expected to take approximately six years.

Culprit in HVGB Armed Robbery

RCMP have arrested a culprit involved in the armed robbery that sent a store clerk to hospital in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Boyd Merrill is the RCMP Media Relations Officer in St. John’s.

He says 36-year-old Jason Morris has been arrested alongside 26-year-old Jacko Merkuratsuk.

Both are from Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

The robbery took place at a Labrador Mini Mart located on Green Street on Monday.

Merrill says their actions sent the clerk of the local convenience store to hospital.

The clerk was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Merrill says the investigation revealed that a second male was involved in organizing this offence.

Morris was arrested on November 17.

Both Merkuratsuk and Morris are appearing in Provincial Court in HVGB today.

Merrill says Merkuratsuk is charged with five charges related to the robbery, the weapon and breach of court orders.

While Morris is facing four charges related to the robbery, the weapon and threats.

Merrilll adds no further details are being provided at this time by the RCMP as the
matter is now before the courts.

Environmental Protection Act

The Nunatsiavut Government continues to consult with beneficiaries on the Environmental Protection Act.

Tom Sheldon is the Director of Environment for the Nunatsiavut Government.

He says they are working on the framework for the Environmental Protection Act and assessment.

The act will provide the guidelines for the decision making process with respect to any development on Labrador Inuit Lands.

Sheldon says the consultations are also focusing on the development of the Land Use Plan.

The consultations continue in Nain this evening at the community hall at 7pm.

Patricia Kemuksiak Decleared Winner of By-Election

Patricia Kemuksigak has been declared the winner of the by-election in Upper Lake Melville.

Kemuksigak claimed 266 of the votes in Tuesday’s election.

She will be sworn in as an Ordinary Member of the Nunatsiavut Assembly during the assembly’s next sitting.

The next sitting is scheduled for early December.

Residential Schooling Lawsuit

The fight to get compensation for Newfoundland and Labrador residential school survivors continues.

The issue was brought before the Court of Appeal earlier this month.

Steven Cooper is a lawyer with Ahlstrom, Wright, Oliver and Cooper.

He says the crown argued that after confederation Canada merely funded the residential schools in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The crown claimed that the federal government did not supervise or manage them.

Cooper says that Canada not only funded the system, but also actively managed and controlled them.

And that the schools in the rest of the country were operated in the same way.

He says even though some residential schools were operated in different ways, the same basic system of funding and control occurred everywhere in the country.

Cooper says the crown also argued that the schools should continue to seek eligibility under the settlement agreement which is in place in the rest of the country.

The crown also noted that the settlement agreement was a compromise between the negotiating parties.

Cooper says this province was not represented at those negotiations.

And they should not be forced to be governed by it.

He says they also noted that this agreement was negotiated five years ago.

The time for compensation ends in less than two years and much of the money has already been spent.

In one of the appeals, Judge Fowler asked the lawyer from Canada if he thought people in this province should be stuck with "half a loaf" by accepting a deal negotiated by others.

Cooper says it will likely be some time before the court gives its decision in whether to allow or dismiss the class action lawsuit.

Cooper urges anyone wishing to be added to the list of survivors to contact him.

Nominations Open for Inuit Community Councillors

Nominations opened yesterday for councilors of the Inuit Community Governments.

This is the second attempt at this election.

The election of Inuit Community Councilors was halted in early October.

The election was suspended while the Nunatsiavut Government ensured the voters lists and rolls were in order.

Nominations close on November 23.

Elections are scheduled for December 15.

Libra House Update

The Libra House in Happy Valley-Goose Bay received a major contribution from Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro.

Janet O’Donnell is the Executive Director for the centre.

She says they held a fund-raising dinner to mark their 25th Anniversary this past weekend.

O’Donnell says representatives from Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro were in attendance.

They announced a $100,000 contribution for the centre.
O’Donnell says the funds will be used to expand the Libra House.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Durkalec Continues Research on Labrador Sea Ice

As Nunatsiavut residents patiently wait for the ice to freeze over, a researcher is examining the safety of travelling on the sea ice.

Agata Durkalec is a research student from Trent University in Ontario.

Durkalec is working with Chris Furgal of Trent University and the Nunatsiavut Government’s (NG) Division of Environment.

She says preliminary discussions with the NG began in July.

The purpose of this project is to understand what influences peoples’ safety while traveling on the sea ice.

Durkalec says after working on sea ice monitoring with Sikumiut in Nain and in Hopedale, she is now interested in linking the things she learned in school with local knowledge.

She adds that she is also interested in the role of the Nain Ground Search and Rescue team in supporting community health and safety related to sea ice travel.

35th Labrador Creative Arts Festival Kicks Off

The 35th annual Labrador Creative Arts Festival (LCAF) kicks off in Happy Valley-Goose Bay today.

Students from all over Labrador attend the event to display their dramatic skills.

Martha MacDonald is the Chairperson of the Labrador Creative Arts Festival.

She says all the performances are taking place at the Lawrence O’Brian Arts Centre.

MacDonald says there will also be 12 visiting artists at this year’s festival.

She says the annual LCAF is sponsored by the Labrador School Board, Canadian Heritage, The International Grenfell Association, the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council and Vale.

MacDonald says local community groups and restaurants have also contributed to the event.

For a full list of events and more, visit: www.labradorcreativeartsfestival.ca.

Kemuksigak Declaired Winner of Bi-Election in ULM

Patricia Kemuksigak has been declared the winner of the by-election in Upper Lake Melville.

Kemuksigak claimed 266 of the votes in yesterday’s election.

She will be sworn in as an Ordinary Member of the Nunatsiavut Assembly during the assembly’s next sitting.

The next sitting is scheduled for early December.

Nominations Opened Today for Councilors of the Inuit Communtiy Governments

Nominations open today for councilors of the Inuit Community Governments.

This is the second attempt at this election.

The election of Inuit Community Councilors was halted in early October.

The election was suspended while the Nunatsiavut Government ensured the voters lists and rolls were in order.

Nominations for this election close on November 23.

Elections will be held December 15.

Another Armed Robbery at Another Labrador Mini Mart in HVGB

An armed robber sent a store clerk to hospital in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Boyd Merrill is the RCMP Media Relations Officer in St. John’s.

He says Jacko Merkuratsuk, a 26-year-old Goose Bay man, is in custody after a bold armed robbery.

The robbery took place at a Labrador Mini Mart located on Green Street on Monday.

Merkuratsuk’s actions sent the clerk of the local convenience store to hospital.

The clerk was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Witnesses reported an unknown male taking money from the store after injuring the clerk with a weapon.

Police arrested him a shortly after.

Merrill says Merkuratsuk was held in custody and appeared before the provincial court in Happy Valley-Goose Bay today.

Merkuratsuk is charged with five charges relating to the robbery, the weapon and breach of court orders.

No further details are being provided by the RCMP as the matter is now before the courts.

15th Annual Jobe J. Flowers Volleyball Tournament Winners

The 15th Annual Jobe J. Flowers Volleyball Tournament was held in Hopedale this past weekend.

Sukie Abel was one of the organizers for the tournament.

She says there were five male and eight female teams who registered this year.

Teams registered were from Makkovik, Postville, Hopedale, Natuashish and Nain who gave it their all.

The Nain Anautet claimed the top spot in the female division.

While Michael Mitsuk’s team from Hopedale received the same honour in the male division.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Upper Lake Melville By-election Today

The by-election for an Upper Lake Melville Ordinary Member is taking place today.

There are six candidates running in the by-election.

Claris Barron, Maurice Best, Janice Edmunds-Connors, Patricia Kemuksigak, Val Oliver and Ben Ponniuk are all asking for your support at the polls today.

There are two polling stations for Upper Lake Melville beneficiaries.

Residents of North West River can head to the Community Centre.

The polling station in Happy Valley-Goose Bay is located at the Kinsmen Community Centre.

Be sure to tune into OKalaKatiget Radio when the polls close at 8pm this evening to hear the results of the election live.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Torngâsok Begins Process For New Facility

The Torngâsok Cultural Centre has begun the process of constructing a new facility.

Dave Lough is the Director of Torngâsok.

He says the need for a new building was there even before the huge fire claimed their old office in 2005.

The centre has hired Todd Saunders, an architect originally from Newfoundland who is now living in Norway.

Saunders is currently designing other buildings in Newfoundland.

Lough adds they've chosen Saunders because he is world-renowned for his work.

Beneficiaries are still invited to submit any ideas they might have for the facility.

Concepts of the new Torngâsok Culture Centre can be viewed at the Nunatsiavut Government office in Nain.

Lough joined the Nunatsiavut Government staff this month.

He says it has been nearly 40 years since he was last in Nain.

He adds that he nearly jumped at the opportunity to come back to Northern Labrador.

LGH In Nain For Healthcare Teleconference On Concerns To Develop New Strategic Plan

Labrador-Grenfell Health (LGH) is hoping to hear your concerns on healthcare in this region.

Representatives from LGH are in Nain this afternoon to hear residents concerns on healthcare.

Those concerns will be taken into consideration when developing a new strategic plan on healthcare.

The discussion will be taking place this afternoon from 1-4pm at the Nunatsiavut Government boardroom.

Residents of the other Nunatsiavut communities are welcomed to join by telephone.

You can head to your local Department of Health and Social Development to join the discussion and share your concerns on the topic.

JHMS Students Given Option To Stay In School For Lunch

“Uphill both ways in a snowstorm.”

It’s a line used by many of our elders to describe the hardships they faced when they were younger.

Sadly, it’s close to the reality that many young students in Nain face when travelling to and from school.

Jacob Larkin is the Principal of Jens Haven Memorial School.

He says students of the Jens Haven Memorial Primary School will soon be able to eat their lunch at the school.

The school will give children who live over 0.8km away the option to stay over the lunch hour.

The option will allow students to avoid the lengthy walk they usually make during the lunch hour.

Larkin adds that a letter will be sent to the parents of the eligible children advising them of the new program.

USW Local 9508 Helps Build a Home For Good Cause

Members of the United Steelworkers Local 9508 have been on the picket line now for over 15 months.

While manning the lines, they have also been contributing to the community.

Darren Cove is the President of the United Steelworkers Local 9508.

He says their members have been constructing a home for a Happy Valley-Goose Bay family in need.

A tragic fire claimed the family’s home in February.

The fire also claimed the life of a 21-year-old woman.

Construction on the home began this fall.

Cove says the work is progressing well.

They now have most of the exterior work completed on the home.

He says at any given time, there are 12 members lending their hand to the effort.

The Local 9508 has also been carrying out fund raising efforts to help pay for the needed materials.

Cove adds that the members are more than happy to lend their hand to such a deserving cause.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Labrador Grenfell Health Teleconference

The topic of Healthcare will be up for discussion during a teleconference next week.

Boyd Rowe is the Chief Executive Officer for Labrador-Grenfell Health (LGH).

He says representatives of LGH will be in Nain on Monday to hold the teleconference.

Nain residents are invited to share their comments with LGH at the Nunatsiavut Government boardroom on Monday afternoon.

Residents of the other north coast communities are invited to join the discussion by telephone.

Those residents can head to their local Department of Health and Social development office to join the teleconference.

The comments made will be taken into consideration while developing a new strategic plan for healthcare in our region.

Translation services will be provided for those who need it.

Labrador Marine's Last Day for Accepting Freight

Today is the last day Labrador Marine will be accepting freight bound for the north coast.

Dennis White is the General Manager with the Woodward Group of Companies.

He says the Sir Robert Bond will be assisting in delivering the freight.

She’ll be working alongside the freight vessels that regularly deliver to the north coast ports.

White anticipates that the season will be over at the end of this month.

Labrador Marine will be accepting freight until 4:30pm today.

Armed Robbery in HVGB

Another Mini Mart fell victim to a robbery in Happy Valley-Goose Bay last night.

Sergeant Guy Caines is with the RCMP detachment.

He says RCMP responded to the call at a Labrador Mini Mart on Markland Road late last night.

An unknown, masked suspect entered the store and demanded money and cigarettes.

The clerk was unable to open the safe but gave the suspect a quantity of cigarettes.

The suspect fled into the wooded area behind the store.

Caines says the lone suspect is described as approximately 5'5" to 5'6", medium build, wearing a black hoodie and a white mask.

An investigation is ongoing.

Items Recovered from Frenchie's Robbery

Charges have been laid stemming from a robbery at Frenchie’s Service Centre in Happy Valley-Goose Bay last month.

Sergeant Guy Caines is with the RCMP in Goose Bay.

He says 33-year-old Joe White of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is charged with possession of stolen property over $5000.

RCMP searched White’s property following information provided by the public.

Three outboard motors were recovered during the search.

Items stolen during the break-in included six generators, four outboard motors and clothing and accessories.

An ATV was also recovered by RCMP last month.

Caines addsthey are still seeking the community's assistance in the investigation.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Conservation Measures Created to Combat Decline in Caribou Population

The provincial government has released conservation measures in an effort to address an alarming decline in the George River caribou herd.

A recent census has shown a dramatic decline in the number of caribou.

The George River caribou herd is now estimated to contain approximately 74, 131 animals.

That’s a large decline from the last count which was estimated at approximately 385, 000 caribou in 2001.

That population was also a steep decline from the estimated 776, 000 caribou in a 1993 census.

The provincial government has taken steps to combat the ongoing decline.

The commercial caribou hunt, non-resident hunting through outfitters and the resident caribou license system have all been suspended.

The allowable harvest has also been reduced from two caribou to one for each licensed harvester.

Nipiit Magazine Calling for Submissions for Second Edition

There is a call for submissions for the second edition of Nipiit Magazine.

Shelly Watkins is the Youth Project Coordinator for Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami.

She says they are now accepting submissions for the second edition of the national Inuit youth magazine.

There were 4, 000 copies of the first edition of Nipiit distributed all across the North.

Watkins says they are hoping to distribute 6, 000 copies of the second edition.

She is encouraging youth from all across the North to submit articles for the magazine.

They are looking for articles, artwork and photographs that are created by and focus on Inuit youth.

Watkins says they are also looking for submissions for a new logo for the National Inuit Youth Council.

Anybody wishing to submit an article or logo is urged to contact Watkins at ITK.

The new edition of Nipiit will be distributed this spring.

The first edition the magazine will be distributed to each of the Nunatsiavut communities in the near future.

Sir Robert Bond Assisting with Freight

The Sir Robert Bond will be assisting in the delivery of freight bound for the north coast.

Dennis White is the General Manager of the Woodward Group of Companies.

He says the deadline for accepting freight is Friday.

With the large amount of freight bound for Nunatsiavut communities, Labrador Marine will be calling on the Sir Robert Bond for assistance.

She will be operating alongside the freight vessels already serving this region.

They will be delivering the supplies that will get Nunatsiavut communities through the winter months.

White says they don’t anticipate any problems with getting the freight into the communities.

He expects the shipping season to finish at the end of November.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hopedale Man Charged For Sexual Assault is Released by Courts

A Hopedale man has been released by the courts for Sexual Assault Charges on a young girl.

Constable Andrew Standen is with the Hopedale RCMP.

He says a 53-year-old Hopedale man was arrested on Saturday, November 6, for sexual assault and sexual interference charges in relation to a 10-year-old girl.

Upon arrest, the Hopedale man was also awaiting a sentencing on other child sex related offenses.

Standen says these charges are on another female victim from the time she was a toddler till she was in her mid teens.

RCMP held the Hopedale man for a bail hearing and was released on Monday by the courts.

The Hopedale man received a $1000 surety and conditions to remain away from the 10-year-old victim.

Standen says the male will appear in court on November 24, in Hopedale for the charges.

He will again appear in court in January 2011 to enter a plea.

Standen adds the man is not being identified in order protect the identity of the victims.

Nain to Celebrate National Aboriginal Awareness Week

Nain will be celebrating the National Aboriginal Awareness Week this month.

The Department of Health and Social Development (DHSD) staff in Nain will be holding various events for the week of November 15 – 19.

The staff is organizing activities such as: daily radio spots on our OKâlaKatigêt radio station, which will include quizzes each day.

Then an open house will take place on November 16 at the DHSD office from 9am to 4pm.

The open house will showcase: displays on addictions, booths, videos, handouts, and three door prizes.

Snacks and refreshments will be provided that will include soup.

During that week, DHSD will hold a poster contest on alcohol and drugs for students in grades 4 – 12.

A prize will be awarded for each grade.

A competition will be held for the primary school as well, there they will participate in a colouring contest.

They too will receive prizes for each grade.

During those visits to the schools, the DHSD staff will be educating students on addictions.

Climate Change Project for NWR Searching For Researchers

A climate change project will soon be introduced in the community of North West River.

Ed Tuttauk is the Chair of Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation.

He says the climate change project is in its early stages, but their ICC has posted an advertisement in the community.

Tuttauk says they are looking to hire two researchers for the project for a period of ten weeks.

Tuttauk adds the ICC received the funds for the project from First Nations and Health Canada.

The deadline to apply for the climate change project is November 15, 2010.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fire at Nain Husky Centre Caused by Minors

Over the weekend in Nain, the RCMP and Nain Fire Brigade were called to another fire incident.

Constable Bill Miller is with Nain RCMP Detachment and officer on scene.

He says their detachment receive two consecutive phone calls on November 6, at approximately 11pm reporting a fire near the Nain Husky Centre.

Miller says both he and Constable Brian Tallenbach attended the scene.

He says upon arriving, the fire had already been put out by the usage of about a half dozen fire extinguishers.

Then within a minute or two, the Nain Fire Brigade showed up and sprayed foam on the area the fire had happened.

Miller says they sprayed the foam for precautionary reasons and because the scent of stale gasoline or kerosene was still lingering.

He says the investigation is now complete with nobody in custody, no charges laid and none will be made.

Miller says this is because the persons involved are all under the age of 12.

He says that after identifying all of the children involved, RCMP has met with their parents and it is now up to the parents for discipline.

Miller adds that one child had burnt marks on pants for what they assume the child was trying to put out the fire and who is okay.

Nain Heritage Committee

The Nain Heritage Committee was formed in July last year 2009.

Frances Williams is the Chair person.

She says the six member committee has since been busy looking for funds from different agencies.

The funds will be used for the restoration of the Moravian Church, the Mission House and the Old Boarding School.

Williams says the committee has received some funds from the Tessiujatsuak Trust Fund, Provincial Heritage Foundation and Ullapitsaijet .

She says the members still have a lot of work to do and also need to find more funding.

Williams would like to thank Tessiujatsuak Trust, the Provincial Heritage Foundation and Ullapitsaijet for the funds they received.

Residential Schooling Case

An appeal before the Newfoundland and Labrador Court of Appeal in St. John’s will be heard on the Residential Schooling Class Action lawsuit.

According to the latest press release, the appeal will commence on November 9 at 10:00am in Courtroom 1 of the old court house located on 309 Duckworth Street.

In June, 2010, Judge Justice Fowler of the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court certified classes in the case of five former residential schools.

The Government of Canada has appealed that ruling.

The cases all involve the claims of former residential school survivors excluded from the national settlement signed in 2005.

The appeal is supported by the Nunatsiavut Government, the Innu Nation and the Labrador Metis Nation.

The legal counsel for the class is Steven Cooper of Ahlstrom Wright Oliver & Cooper law firm and Kirk Baert of the law firm Koskie Minsky.

Ches Crosbie of the Queen’s Council (QC) will appear to respond to the appeal.

The press release also states that Cooper is open to any members of the public who wishes to attend, and will be available to answer any questions when the court session is concluded.

Inuit Community Government Elections

As of Friday, November 5, the Inuit Community Governments will now hold elections in December.

Bert Pomeroy is the Nunatsiavut Governments Director of Communications.

He says First Minister Darryl Shiwak announced Friday that elections for councilors in all Labrador Inuit communities will be held on December 15.

The Nunatsiavut Government suspended elections in early October.

Pomeroy says this was to ensure the voter’s rolls and lists in each community complied with the Labrador Inuit Constitution, the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement and the Inuit Community Government Elections Act.

Pomeroy adds that Minister Shiwak announced they are confident that the roles and lists are now in order.

Gasoline Pricing on North Coast Frozen

Many people living on the North Coast are now aware that gasoline prices have now been frozen.

Effective at 12:01am on Thursday, November 4, the Public Utilities Board’s (PUB) weekly price adjustment placed a price freeze for Labrador’s coasts.

The maximum fuel prices for gasoline saw a small increase of 1.1 cents per litre (cpl).

Resident’s now purchasing regular gasoline at the pumps will now pay $1.39.

Stove oil heating fuel however saw decrease of 0.13 cpl, and customers will now $1.08 at the pumps.

The price freeze on all fuels in Labrador’s Coastal Communities will last till the end of the winter season.

Attempted Robbery in HVGB

Over the weekend, RCMP in Happy Valley-Goose Bay (HVGB) was called to an attempted armed robbery.

Sergeant Guy Caines is with the Goose Bay RCMP.

He says yesterday at approximately 8:30pm, RCMP responded to a complaint of an attempted armed robbery at a Labrador Mini Mart located on White Crescent.

Caines says an unidentified masked suspect entered the store with a knife and demanded money from the clerk.

He says the clerk quickly ran out of the store and was then followed by the suspect seconds later.

The would-be robber then fled the scene and ran off into a wooded area behind the store.

Caines says at this point in time, RCMP believe the suspect did not get away with anything.

The suspect has been described to be approximately 5'6" in height, of medium build, wearing a black jacket and a cloth mask with eye holes cut in it.

Caines adds there were no injuries to anyone during the incident.

The matter is still under investigation with assistance from the HVGB General Investigative Unit.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

B&E: Goose Bay Bell Aliant Building

On Saturday, RCMP in Happy Valley-Goose Bay were called to a Break and Enter, Theft and Mischief incident.

Constable Cara Ludtke is with the Sheshatshiu RCMP.

She says sometime between the morning hours of November 6, the person(s) responsible, entered the secure compound of the Bell Aliant building.

Ludtke says numerous vehicles had the windows smashed and the person(s) responsible then entered the building.

She says a vehicle was stolen and the person(s) responsible caused the vehicle to become stuck just outside the secure yard.

Ludtke adds RCMP is seeking the community’s assistance in identifying any unusual activity and or persons in this area which may assist with this investigation.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Elders Conference

The Elders Conference was held in Happy Valley Goose Bay last month.

One of our radio producers Maria Harris was there to record the conference.

In this conference Health Care for Senior’s in Labrador was brought up by the Deputy Minister of Health for Nunatsiavut, Michelle Kinney.

She reports on the Senior’s home on the north coast of Labrador.

HVGB Aboriginal Family Centre Update

The Aboriginal Family Centre in Happy Valley Goose Bay is very busy this fall.

We spoke to Lois Roberts the Program Director for the centre.

She says they will celebrate National Child’s Day’s on November 19th.

And have a Teddy Bear Picnic as well.

Roberts says they have two school readiness groups, that help out at the centre.

She says twenty-four children are enrolled in the programs.

And it has doubled from last year.

She says the Healthy Baby Club Program is very busy too.

Roberts adds for any pregnant women on the north coast, who would like to join the healthy baby club can contact Judy Voisey at 896-4398.

Natuashish Low on Gas

Residents in the Natuashish for the time being have been issued a limit on the purchase of gasoline.

Jim Nui is with the Mushuau Innu Band Council.

He says he would like to clarify to everyone that they are not out of gasoline.

Nui says they are very low on gas and because so, the Band Council have limited the purchase to $20.00 per household.

Nui adds that they are expecting an oil tanker Tuesday, November 9 to resupply their community.

The gas station in Natuashish is owned and operated by the Natuashish Mushuau Innu Band Council.

Daylight Savings Time Ends

People in Labrador will get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning.

The Daylight Savings Time will end at one minute after twelve on Saturday night and clocks will go back one hour.

The clocks will stay that way until the second Sunday in March of 2011. They will go ahead again on March 13th, 2011 at 12:01 AM.

So, when you go to bed on Saturday evening, don’t forget to put your clock back by one hour.

The next significant turn in time will be on December 21st, 2010 when winter will begin and this will be the shortest day of the year.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

LATP's High Volume of Applicants For Funding Has No Effect on Other Aboriginal Funding Groups

Lately the Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership (LATP) is having to turn away applicants in search for post secondary education.

Keith Jacque is the Executive Director of LATP.

He says they are turning away people looking for funding because they have a specific budget for each of Labradors aboriginal groups.

Keith says they have approximately 300 people either in training at post secondary schools or doing on-the-job training.

He says although they’ve been receiving a high volume of applicants, it doesn't create any type of competition with the other aboriginal funding groups.

Jacque adds that this is because they all work in close collaboration with each other.

LATP is a partnership between Labrador's three aboriginal groups, the Innu Nation, Nunatsiavut Government and the Labrador Métis Nation.

They are also in partnership with Nalcor Energy.

He says the partnership is to oversee a wide-ranging of training and employment plans for the Lower Churchill Project.

Jacque says this will prepare individuals for employment opportunities in Labrador.

Woodrow Trial Will Finally Finish Today

The proceedings on the Woodrow Trial continued this morning and will finish this afternoon.

The trial began at 10:30am, paused for a lunch break at 11:55am and resumed at 1:30pm.

Vikus Khaladkar is the Crown Prosecutor.

He says after the final cross examinations on Woodrow, one more Crown witness will take the stand.

Khadladkar says the questionings on the witness shouldn’t take long.

After the trial, Judge John Joy requested that both sides present their argument in a written format.

From there, Judge Joy will closely review both arguments and then make his final decision.

Khadladkar says unfortunately, this process could take several months before both sides submit their written argument.

On May 26, 2009, Constable James Woodrow was charged with one count of assault and one count of forcible confinement.

NG Assembly Building a Month Behind Schedule

Construction on the Nunatsiavut Governments (NG) Assembly Building in Hopedale is behind schedule.

Toby Andersen is the Deputy Minister of the NG.

He says the new building was scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2011.

Unfortunately this is not going to happen.

Andersen says having to get the materials and building supplies in on the freight boats has been the problem, like every other year.

He says the structure of the building has been completed, and the contractors are working on the exterior to have it covered-in for the winter season.

Andersen adds the construction is behind schedule by at least six weeks and is now scheduled to be fully constructed by the end of April 2011.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MHA Patty Pottle

The Provincial Government recently allocated funds to Nunatsiavut Government (NG) for violence against women and children.

Patty Pottle is the MHA for the Torngat Mountains District and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs.

She says three proposals were approved for these funds from the province.

One is for aboriginal women training workshops, sexual assault service provider training and for women’s history month.

Pottle says the Minister of Transport and Works, Tom Hedderson, met with NG regarding Labrador Marine Services.

She says they had also discussed some contracts that are expiring and ways to improve the services on the north coast.

Pottle says they are working on the latest news about the Sir Robert Bond that how it will no longer service Labrador.

Pottle adds with the shipping season closure coming in a few weeks, she would like to see more wood shipped for seniors in the north coast communities.

Woodrow's Trial Continues

The Provincial Court Circuit is back again in Nain, so too is the Woodrow Trial.

Judge John Joy is presiding, David Day is Woodrow’s defense lawyer and Vikus Khaladkar is the Crown Prosecutor.

The trial started on Monday afternoon.

Then it continued Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Woodrow’s trial will continue this evening 7pm at the Nain Inuit Community Governments council chambers.

Constable James Woodrow is charged with one count of Assault and one count of forcible confinement.

Labrador Marine Service Closure

It is now the time of year for when marine freight shipments is nearing its seasonal closure.

The Department of Transportation and Works has announced that the shipping season will close this year in mid-November.

The announcement also states that the cut off time for accepting freight for delivery at all terminals of the Labrador Marine Service between Lewisporte and all points north to Nain is 4:30pm, Friday, November 12.

Beyond this date, deliveries cannot be guaranteed and freight will only be accepted if space is available.

So as of today, if anyone needs to ship anything out has just a week and couple days to do so.

Michael Calls for Home Heating Taxation To Stop

The New Democratic Party (NDP) for Newfoundland’s Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi district calls for taxation on home heating fuel to stop.

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael has called on the Finance Minister Tom Marshall to follow Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan by eliminating provincial sales tax on home heating fuel.

She says the home heating fuel is a necessity and should not be taxed.

In 2001, the Conservative Party (Tories) called for the removal of provincial sales tax on home heating oil and electric heat, saying it was unfair and unnecessary.

Michael says that now that the Tories are in office, it’s okay to make money off something people have to buy for survival.

Last week the Finance Minister announced a low-income home heating fuel rebate of up to $500 in Labrador.

She says the government has opposed cutting the provincial sales tax on home energy, saying that higher-income people can afford to pay it.

Michael says they don’t make high-income people pay sales tax on food, so what is the difference, they are both essential items.

Michaels adds that the eight per cent provincial sales tax on home heat may not seem like a lot on paper, but to a low income family it means many more days of heat through a cold winter.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sheshatshiu Man Faces Sexual Assault Charges

On the October, 30 RCMP in Sheshatshiu received a complaint from a resident stating that a male relative had been sexually assaulting another relative in this same community.

Sergeant Boyd Merrill is the RCMP Media Relations Officer in St. John’s.

He says the victim disclosed to police that she had been sexually assaulted numerous times over a five year period.

So RCMP made sure that appropriate medical attention was received by the victim.

Merrill says the RCMP was able to locate the suspect and arrested him.

He says on the October 31, the accused was remanded into custody for a bail hearing in Goose Bay.

Merrill says the bail hearing started at 9:30am on November 1, and the accused was remanded until November 2nd.

A total of 6 charges have been laid.

He says there will be no further releases on this matter until the completion of court proceedings.

Merrill adds the RCMP does not release any names for these types of matters, so no further details will be released.

Upper Lake Melville Nominees

Nominations closed yesterday, November 1st at 2 PM to fill a vacant seat in the Nunatsiavut Assembly for Upper Lake Melville.

Jack Shiwak is the Electorial Officer for the Nunatsiavut Government.

He says when the nominations closed six people had been nominated.

They are; Claris Barron, Maurice Best, Janice Edmunds-Connors, Patricia Kemuksigak, Val Oliver and Ben Ponniuk.

Elections will take place on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010.

OKalaKatiget radio will let you know of the times on election day and where the polling stations will be once that information is given to us.

Home Heat Rebate Program

The Newfoundland and Labrador Home Heating Rebate Program for 2010-11 has been announced and is now open for applicants.

The rebate program will once again provide financial assistance to those who qualify in the province.

Mark King is the Director of Communications for the Department of Finance.

He says the home heating rebate is available to residents in the province who directly incur costs to heat their homes in the fall and winter.

This applies to families whose income is $40,000 or less and regardless of the primary source of heat, either electricity, wood or stove oil.

Anyone applying has to have a receipt or slip of purchase of oil or wood they bought to be eligible for the assistance.

Here is a scale downed example of rebate amount for coastal Labrador communities:

Adjusted family income $35,000 maximum rebate is $500.00

$36,000 -$420.00
$37,000- $340.00
$38,000- $260.00
$39,000- $180.00
$40,000 -$100.00

Monday, November 1, 2010

First Ever Meeting Between N.G. & Gov. of N.L.

Last week, the Nunatsiavut Government and the Provincial Government met for the very first time.

Jim Lyall is the President of the Nunatsiavut Government.

He says he was invited by Premier Danny Williams shortly after he was elected as President.

Lyall says there were many reasons why they couldn’t meet prior to last week.

He says sometimes his people were not ready or weren’t there and vice-versa with the provincial government.

Lyall says in the meeting there were quite a number of issues brought to the table from both governments.

They include: mineral lands, uranium mining, Lower Churchill, health care, climate change, oil storage tank regulations and more.

Nain Provincial Court Circuit

The Provincial Court Circuit arrived to Nain this morning and will hold sessions until Friday.

We spoke to one of the RCMP members Chris Noseworthy for Nain detachment.

Judge John Joy is presiding this week.

Noseworthy says there are forty six cases to be heard.

He says the charges range from: breach of probation, assault, sexual assault, impaired driving, mischief and break and enter.

Nowseworthy adds the next court circuit will be held in Nain again the last week of November until first week of December.

Rigolet Children's Story Voted As Winner

The Rigolet fishing story by children's author Robert Munsch is the winning entry from an online book voting competition.

On Sunday, voting closed on three story books created by Munsch, all of which were published online by Scholastic Canada.

Approximately 20 years ago, Munsch wrote a story on a fishing trip while visiting Rigolet.

The fishing story includes two local residents, Cheryl Allen and her father Roger Shiwak.

The story was one of three Canadian stories in the running in an online competition.

The other communities in the running were: Brussels, Ontario and Fort McMurray, Alberta.

GST/HST Credit Increase a Once-A-Year Benefit

In last month’s GST/HST Credit, seniors received a nice surprise.

Seniors making below minimum, saw $900.00 added to their cheques.

Mark King is the Communications Director and Spokesperson with the Provincial Governments Department of Finance.

He says this additive will not be a onetime thing.

King says seniors 65 years of age and older will see an increase to their GST/HST Credit cheques once a year.

He says due to uncertainty, the amounts is subject to change each year.

King adds like any uncertainty, it could either go up or down.

To qualify for the maximum benefit, recipients must have a net income of $26,165 or less.

Seniors who make more than that are eligible for a partial benefit.

This is was an increase of nearly 13 percent from the bonus given out last year.