Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bachelor of Social Work Program Update

The students of the Inuit Bachelor of Social Work Program are now into their 2nd semester.

Sandy Kershaw is the Program Coordinator.

She says of the 26 of the 32 students who enrolled in January are continuing.

Kershaw says the students have done extremely well and had very good marks for the first semester.

The 2nd semester will run right through summer and end on the 14th of August.

Kershaw says the next big step is the admission to the faculty.

Each student must meet a 65% minimum requirement in their social work and non social work studies to qualify for admission.

Each will then have to write a 4 page resumé stating all their experiences.

An admissions test will also determine if the students make it into the faculty.

It’s a lot of work, but Kershaw feels confident that the students will do very well.

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