Friday, May 21, 2010

Lynx Still Developing Cellular Service

Lynx Mobility is still in the process of bringing cellular service to Hopedale and Nain.

David Torres is a Regional Sales Manager with Lynx Mobility.

He says they are now in the process of establishing a local partner for the venture.

Organizations that have expressed interest are the Labrador Inuit Development Corporation and a local private company.

He says they were originally partnering with the Inuit Community Governments (ICG) in Nain and Hopedale.

The ICGs have since pulled out of the partnership.

Kitora Abel is the Town Manager with the HICG.

She says that the HICG has other, more important, priorities right now.

But they still continue to support the idea of cellular service coming into their community.

Torres says that Lynx Mobility has already completed a sight survey for both of the communities.

And once a partner is found, the process should speed right along.

The partner will be responsible for operating the service, selling the products and providing investments among other responsibilities.

He says developing a partnership ensures that more of the revenue from the service will stay in the region rather than going to an outside party.

Torres hopes to see the service up and running by this fall or sometime in 2011.


  1. Does this mean that, the rest of Northern Labrador will be able to get services for cellular phone usage besides Nain and Hopedale?.Besides Goose Bay...

  2. No, this means that the communities of Natuashish and Nain will be getting the services. Cellular service signals can only go so far, on top of that, the hills and mountains would prevent any other communities from reception.

    The only way the other North Coast of Labrador will be getting this service, is if their community asks and commits to it.