Thursday, May 13, 2010

Labrador Groomers Better Prepared

Groomer operators from the North Coast are better prepared to deal with their risky occupation.

John Edmunds is a Groomer Operator from Postville.

He says that he and seven other groomer operators from Nunatsiavut took part in a safety training course last month.

The training was delivered in Labrador City by Safety One International.

Edmunds says the participants learned a range of skills including what to do in the case of a groomer break down.

The participants also learned how to deal with the possibility of hypothermia, map-reading skills and groomer maintenance skills.

Those skills can come in handy for the operators.

A few years ago the groomer went through the ice multiple times on the Postville area of the groomed trail.

Edmunds adds the training was very productive and well delivered.

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