Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nunatsiavut Government Ordinary Member Elections

If you haven’t nominated a candidate for the Nunatsiavut Governments (NG) Ordinary Member yet.

You better hurry.

Nominations for new Ordinary Members have been open since March 9th.

And will close at today 2:00 PM, March 31st.

Jack Shiwak is the Returning Officer for NG.

He says he is still waiting for more nominations from north coast communities.

We will speak with Shiwak again next week on Tuesday, April 6th to find out who was nominated.

Blackmore Suspended With Pay

An RCMP Constable who was formally stationed in Nain is being investigated.

Acting Media Relations Officer Steve Conohan of the RCMP updated us on the RCMP member.

Conohan says in an email that Constable Mark Blackmore has been suspended with pay.

An internal RCMP investigation on Blackmore is ongoing.

Conohan ended the email by saying that Blackmore’s suspension is still in effect until the investigation reaches a conclusion.

Sgt. Wayne Newell, the Media Relations Officer further clarified this story.

He says Blackmore is not charged with any crime.

And has been transferred to another provincial detachment.

We will update you as soon as the details are released.

Nain Hockey News

After the mild winter temperatures, the rink ice at the Nain Husky Centre has been fairly good for the past few weeks.

Lisa Ivany is the Recreation Director.

She says the Senior Men’s hockey playoffs started last week and enjoying it.

There are 4 teams: Nanuk's, All Stars, Red Army and the Icebergs.

The Icebergs and the Red Army are playing for first and second place.

While the Nanuk’s and the All Stars play for third.

We’ll have more information and results of their playoffs next week.

The Torngat Minor Hockey teams are also enjoying their games at the Husky Centre.

In other local hockey news, three young boys are attending the Provincial Hockey Tournament.

Brandon Ivany, Todd Merkuratsuk and Gustav Barbour are part of Torngat Minor Hockey and will team up with other players at the Provincials.

They will head south to Mount Pearl Newfoundland on April 5th.

Air Inuit's Easter Flights

Air Inuit is making special flights to Nain for Easter again.

The first flight is scheduled for April 1st.

They will leave kuujuak at 10:00 AM and arrive at Kangidlualudjuak at 10:40 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Then they'll depart Kangidlualudjuak at 11:00 AM and arrive in Nain at 1:30 PM local time Atlantic Standard Time (AST).

When the Air Inuit flight heads back, it'll depart Nain at 2:00 PM AST, arriving in Kangidlualudjuak at 2:30 PM EST.

They’ll return to kuujuak at 3:30 EST.

The next scheduled flight is on Monday, April 5th.

The departure and arrival times will be the same as on April 1st.

If anyone would like to make reservations or need more information, Air Inuit has a toll free number.

The number is 1-800-361-2965.

Latest George River Caribou Migration

The George River herds are gathering near an old Innu town and a current one.

According to the Quebec Government’s MRNF caribou monitoring website,

The herds are located near the old Davis Inlet town site and Sheshatshiu.

What’s unique to the maps tracking pattern is that the caribou movements have created a letter ‘P’ formation.

The MRNF report is for the week of March 22nd to 29th.

As soon as the next report is available, we’ll have the highlights for you, so keep tuning in!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jim Nui on Alcohol Ban

The argument in Natuashish on the Alcohol Ban is finally over.

Last Friday the Innu of Natuashish went to the polls.

With 60 percent selecting yes to keep the alcohol by-law in place.

This morning we spoke with Jim Nui of the Natuashish Band Council.

He says he voted in favour to keep the ban in place for his children’s future.

On a personal note, Nui says Tshakapesh is taking a positive step.

But the community is still divided.

Abby Webb's Trip to Haiti

Since the earthquake that struck Haiti in January, many people have volunteered their time to help residents rebuild the country.

Abigail Webb of Nain, is currently attending college in PEI.

She recently got back from Haiti.

Webb describes the trip as a life-changing experience.

She adds that it is a beautiful place.

And it’s sad to see that a lot of has been destroyed.

Thousands of people walk the roads of Haiti every day, selling what they can to earn money for food.

She says the media makes Haiti out to be a violent place, but that is not the case.

They’re wonderful people and all they’re looking for is help.

Air Inuit to Nain

Air Inuit is making special flights to Nain for Easter again.

The first flight is scheduled for Thursday, April 1st.

They will leave kuujuak at 10 AM and arrive at Kangidlualudjuak at 10:40.

They depart Kangidlualudjuak at 11 AM and arrive in Nain at 1:30 local time.

They head back at 2 PM Labrador time, arriving in Kangidlualudjuak at 2:30.

They’ll return to kuujuak at 3:30 Eastern Time.

The next flight is on Monday, April 5th.

The departure times and the arrival times will be the same as on April 1st.

If anyone in Nain would like to make reservations or needs more information, Air Inuit has a toll free number.

The number is 1-800-361-2965.

Again that’s 1-800-361-2965.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Staking the Claim Screening

A premier screening will take place today in Nain.

The documentary Staking the Claim: Dreams, Democracy and Canadian Inuit will make its debut.

It will take place at the new Nunatsiavut Government Administrative Centre at 3pm.

The documentary is a tool for educational curriculum throughout Canada.

It is about the people and events that led Inuit to a 30 year quest for self-determination.

OKâlaKatiget radio will try to get an interview with the representatives of the Documentary.

So keep tuning in.

Nunatsiavut Government's Opening Ceremonies

Today is a big day for the Nunatsiavut Government.

It’s the official opening of the new Administration Building in Nain.

There were hundreds of people there to witness the ceremony.

It was underway with an opening prayer by Johannes Lampe, a chapel servant.

This was followed by a speech from Jim Lyall NG president.

The grade 6 students sang Labradorimiut in Inuktitut.

The building was officially opened with the cutting of a sealskin trace line with an ulu.

The two elders who cut the line were Mary Dicker and Julius Ikkusek.

They were assisted by two young girls, Mary Andersen and Alicia Dicker.

Then everyone was invited into the new building for finger foods and refreshments.

Holy Week and Easter

Holy Week and Easter is a busy time for the Moravian Church in Labrador.

More so in the Nain church than anywhere else.

Holy Week starts on Saturday, March 27th and goes to Easter Monday, April 5th

In that time they will have 34 church services in all.

One highlight of these church services is the Confirmation service.

It takes place at 3 PM on Palm Sunday.

This year two young people were confirmed into Holy Communion.

They are Sarah Kohlmeister and Lizzie Okkuatsiak.

The other highlight is the Sun-rise service on Easter Sunday morning.

The Sun-rise service usually starts at the church a half hour before sun rise.

They then proceed to the cemetery to conclude the service.

At this time they announce the names of people who have passed on since last Easter.

The Easter Holidays conclude with a closing service at 5 PM on Monday.

Friday, March 26, 2010

North Warning System

The North Warning Systems sites will still be operating like they have since World War Two.

Inuit have been employed at these sites for many years.

Senator Bill Rompkey of Ottawa says these sites could have been turned over to Public tenders.

He says this will not happen now.

A new contract is in place that will see the radar sites systems run by the same companies as before.

This will be for a 2 year term.

Reviews will take place during the term.

Air Ambulance to be Stationed in Goose Bay

The Air Ambulance has been moved to Goose Bay.

A press release from the Nunatsiavut Government was released yesterday.

In the release, President Lyall clearly states that it is more logical to have it in Goose Bay.

Some people believed it should be in Labrador West.

Others disagreed, saying it should be in Goose Bay.

Especially since Goose Bay is the central port for all of Labrador.

So with it being there, it would better benefit Nunatsiavut.

The Provincial Government also announced yesterday that the ambulance will be stationed there.

8.7 million dollars will be spent to replace the old air ambulance.

And to train a second medical flight team in Goose Bay.

The air ambulance was originally stationed in St. Anthony, NL.

Makkovik Recreation News

The Makkovik recreation department is going to be scheduling their Easter games and activities soon.

John Andersen is the Recreation Director.

He says their winter recreation activities are almost done.

With the exception of youth who are on the Jack Rabbit ski project.

He added this project has been going well.

The ongoing gym activities are ball hockey, volleyball, and badminton.

Soccer practices have started for the upcoming event of the Labrador Cup.

It takes place in Goose Bay in June.

In other news, the Torngat Recreation Commission are scheduled to meet in Goose Bay on April 22nd.

The north coast communities will get together to discuss different activities in their towns.

OTT Update

The Orientation to Trades and Technology program started in February.

The program ends in June.

The classes are held at the College of the North Atlantic in Goose Bay.

Suzanne Charlton is the Community Development Coordinator.

Charlton says students are in their first week of Carpentry and will continue for another week.

The program’s next trades are Industrial Electrical, Mechanical, and Welding.

15 women are enrolled in the classes this year.

The women are now finished with the academic math courses and the personal development classes.

So far they’ve completed the Level 1 First Aid, Work Place Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS), and Forklift.

They have 3 students who are getting funded for next year.

One for Millwright and two for Electrical.

The class will also take a field trip to the mine site in Labrador City-Wabush.

Charlton adds anyone interested in enrolling in the program in September
can contact Inuit Pathways.

The Deadline for applications is April 1st 2010.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tony Andersen continued...

One of the continuing issues the Nunatsiavut Government works on and enforces is the Land Use Plan.

Yesterday, First Minister Tony Andersen explained what is happening with that.

He says this Land Use Plan is a Federal and Provincial guideline that handles how any business uses the protected lands.

And the Nunatsiavut Government does the same on their Labrador Inuit Lands.

Andersen says this is why they’ve placed a moratorium on uranium mining and exploration.

After the end of March 2011, the moratorium is lifted.

But the Nunatsiavut Government still has the right to oversee anything and everything before any mining can start.

This afternoon Andersen briefly explains what the Land Use Plan is.

William Andersen's Trial

In October of 2007, William Andersen III was charged with sexual assault on a Nain woman.

He pled not guilty but was convicted in January.

One of our OKâlaKatiget reporters went to the Provincial court this morning.

Andersen’s sentencing hearing was set for 9:30.

But it has been postponed one more time.

His Lawyer, William Collins, wasn’t there again.

And Judge English is on leave for medical reasons for six weeks.

Andersen’s hearing will now be on May 3rd 2010 at 1:30pm.

OKâlaKatiget Website

With new websites, glitches and problems commonly occur.

This was the issue with our new site.

The glitches encountered were in our ‘Radio Briefs’ and ‘Requests’ pages.

In the ‘Requests’ sector, spamming was continuously happening.

Spamming is a term for when people and/or businesses post links to their website.

This can also provide a way of infecting a computer with a virus.

In the ‘Radio Briefs’ page, an account with a specific website was mandatory.

Now that issue has been addressed and fixed.

Josh Pamak is our website creator.

Pamak says anyone can post comments on our ‘Radio Briefs’ page once again.

But profanity will not be tolerated!

As for spamming, we will monitor these postings and delete them.

So if you’d like to post your comments or requests visit:

Them Days AGM

Them Days Magazine Inc. held its 35th Annual General Meeting in Goose Bay last evening.

The agenda items included financial reports,

Office operations

And a presentation on the extension of the new archives room.

An election also took place for new executives.

They are as follows:

Theresa Hollett is the Chair person.

Vice Chair is Patty Penney.

Linda Mugford is the Treasurer.

And the Secretary is Robyn Mcgraw.

They also elected Directors at Large.

The Directors are Mary Abbass, Clarice Blake-Rudkowski, Shannon McAlorum, Allan Bock and Merrill Strachan.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

White Elephant Museum Update

Some interesting projects have been going on at the White Elephant Museum in Makkovik.

We spoke with Joan Andersen, Chairperson for the museum.

Andersen says a historical project has been going on since September 2008.

Toronto writer and actor Liz Rucker and her 2 colleagues are gathering historical information about Makkovik.

They’re using the information to put together a mini play for the community.

Last year, Jillian Mitchell, a Summer Student, did another project for the museum.

She conducted audio and video interviews with local elders.

The interviews will be used for a historical collection.

The White Elephant Museum was established in 1896.

It was once a part of the Moravian Mission Station.

And in 1915 it became a boarding school.

It now has over 300 artifacts such as: tools for hunting, fishing and much more.

5 volunteer committee members give tours by request.

A summer student is hired through funding from the Nunatsiavut Government.

The museum is open to the public from July 1 to August 31.

Abilgail Webb's Trip to Haiti

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January, many people have volunteered their time to help.

Whether distributing food and water or rebuilding homes, strangers came together to help the surviving residents.

One of those people was Abigail Webb from Nain!

Webb is currently attending Holland College in PEI, where she first heard of the opportunity.

Scholarship money and donations from her friends were used for a group trip to help the people of Haiti.

Webb returned to PEI yesterday.

We will be speaking with her on a future Teen Rockers show.

Tony Andersen

Next Monday the Nunatsiavut Government (NG) will officially move into their New Administration Building.

This morning First Minister Tony Andersen dropped by our studio.

He says on Monday, March the 29th, there will be speeches and likely a performance by the Nunatsiavut Drumdancers.

Special guests have been invited.

A couple of days ago, Andersen also met with the Board of the Torngat Regional Housing Association.

They are to submit another proposal to receive the final $1,000,000 for housing.

But it hasn’t been submitted yet.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Charity Bingo

Last Saturday a charity Bingo in Nain was held in support of two causes.

Lisa Ivany is the Recreation Director for the Nain Inuit Community Government.

She said all of the monies received will go towards the Nain Pee Wee hockey team

And the Janeway Hospital.

During the Bingo, two of the players from the team, helped answer the phones.

Ivany said $1250.00 was raised.

$600 will be donated to the Janeway and the remaining $650.00 is to go to the young hockey team.

The hockey team will attend a Provincials Hockey Tournament on April 4th in Mount Pearl Newfoundland.

Contests for Radio

Starting next week, our radio department will have contests for the Sugusivut and Teen Rockers programs.

It will challenge the youth on their Inuktitut knowledge.

Some of the tests will include: Inuktitut Words and Name That Song.

With the Inuktitut word the caller is to translate the word into English.

It will be the same for the Name That Song challenge.

If she/he is correct they will receive a prize.

Prizes have been donated by the Community Youth Network, the Nunatsiavut Government and the Department of Health and Social Development in Nain.

So keep tuning in, you could be a winner!

17th Makkovik Jamboree

The 17th annual Makkovik jamboree is over for another year.

The jamboree was held last Saturday.

Linda Pottle is the Team Leader for Department of Health and Social Development.

Pottle has been one of the jamboree organizers over the years.

She says Aden Clark of Goose Bay was the MC and special guest.

Everyone had a great time.

They listened to performances by the band, the school drum dancers and local adult singers.

A group of three young girls and the Grade 4, 5 and 6 students also took part in singing.

An appreciation certificates and plaques were also awarded.

The award recognizes residents who continuously give support for the community.

The residents who received the award were Allen Andersen, Jessie Winters and Meegan Lovitt.

The RCMP, the school, and DFO were also recognized.

Monday, March 22, 2010

NG's New Website

The Nunatsiavut Government (NG) is now back online in a big way.

This past week, their new and improved website replaced the old one.

Bert Pomeroy the NG’s Director of Communications gave the details.

He says this site is a complete overhaul because the previous one wasn’t cutting it.

In the past six months, a company in Newfoundland made the switch.

Pomeroy says this new NG website is more user friendly, appealing and functional.

And their NG workers are being trained so they can post updates.

NG's Admin Building Grand Opening

Many people in Labrador are wondering about the Nunatsiavut Governments (NG) grand opening of their new Administration Building.

Joe Dicker is the NG’s local Liaison Worker for Nain.

He says on Monday, March the 29th their celebrations will start at 11:00am

And will finish at 3:30pm.

The day will start off with a ribbon cutting by an elder and youth.

Then a speech made by President Jim Lyall.

Dicker continued that finger foods and beverages will be available.

Door prizes will also be drawn throughout the day.

Everyone is welcome to celebrate the special occasion.

And if anyone has any questions, NG Staff will be onsite to assist.

Dicker concludes he’ll have all of the details on Thursday.

TRHA Allocations

Almost 2 million dollars has been allocated to the Torngat Regional Housing Association this year.

The monies will be used to construct new homes on 5 of the north coast communities.

Home repairs will also come from these funds.

The Annual TRHA Budget Proposal was faxed to OKalaKatiget today.

There will be 5 new homes constructed in Nain.

Both Hopedale and Makkovik will see 2 new houses built.

Postville and Rigolet have been awarded a single house each.

We’ll have more details on the housing situation at a later date, so keep tuning in.

Court Circuit in Nain

The Provincial Court Circuit arrived in Nain this morning.

They will hold sessions till Friday.

Judge Joy is presiding.

The Crown Prosecutor is Jeffery Summers.

And several Lawyers are in town.

There are twenty people who have to face the judge this week.

Their charges are: sexual assault, break and enter, assault with a weapon and impaired driving.

The next court circuit will be April 18th-2010.

Book Launch in Nain and Hopedale

A book launch will take place in Nain and Hopedale this week.

‘The Polar Bear in the Rock: Two Windows on the World’ will make its debut.

First in Nain tomorrow, then Hopedale the following day.

The book is about the legends of the polar bear on Mount Sophie.

Martha Macdonald is the Associate Director of the Labrador Institute in Goose Bay.

She says Shannon Webb and Danielle Baikie collected the stories from elders here in Nain.

The book was published by Labrador Institute and printed by Goose Lane Publications in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The public is invited to attend the launch.

It will take place here at the Multi-Purpose room of the Primary School at 11am tomorrow.

And in Hopedale at the school at 10:30 am on March 24th.

Launches will also take place in Goose Bay and St. John’s at a later date.

Baikie and Webb will attend those as they could not make it to the launch in Nain.

Friday, March 19, 2010

AnânauKatiget Tumingit

The Regional Inuit Women’s Organization held meetings on the north coast last week.

Andrea Webb is the president of AnânauKatiget Tumingit.

Webb and Tracy Ann Evans, the Status of Women coordinator for Nunatsiavut went to 4 of the communities.

The purpose of the meeting was to hear from each town about concerns related to women.

Webb and Evans received a lot of feedback during their travel.

The women talked more about senior’s needs and community help.

Lack of housing was also one of their major concerns.

AnânauKatiget Tumingit is in the process of holding its AGM before June.

Before then the group has a lot of work to do deal with.

NG Administration Building

Office supplies and furniture are being moved into the new Nunatsiavut Government Administration Building in Nain.

The move started the past week and will continue over the next 10 days.

On March 29th, a Grand Opening will be celebrated.

Before that time comes, we hope to get a response from the President or First Minister about the new Admin Building.

And find out what will become of the current NG building.

So keep tuning in!

Eastlink Down

People in Nain are not watching all their channels on Television.

This is because Eastlink cable has been down for 2 weeks.

The people affected are located at the lower end of town.

The only 2 channels available for them are channel 9 and 12.

The OK radio department contacted Eastlink again this morning.

A service agent says the reported problem has been posted.

Anyone experiencing any problem with the service can call toll free
at 1-888- 345- 1111.

Inuit Tobacco-Free Network

Inuit health workers are enrolled in a three month distance education course.

The course teaches about reducing the amount of tobacco usage among Inuit.

The Inuit Tobacco-free Network of NAHO is coordinating the training.

About 25 people are taking the course from all four Inuit regions, including Nunatsiavut.

It has been tailor-made to suit the North.

And also outlines quitting tips and current research on tobacco reduction.

We have yet to find out who from Nunatsiavut is taking part in the training.

For more information, visit :

First Day of Spring

The weather has been warmer than normal, even like spring in the last couple of months.

Some may even think that the first day of spring has come and gone.

But the official start of spring will be on Saturday, March 20th.

Looking at the kind of winter we had, makes you wonder what Spring will be like.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Utsuk Project

A study on Arctic Fats and the Inuit Diet started in Nain today.

Kristeen McTavish from Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario is one of the Coordinators.

They're hoping to interview two hundred and fifty people in two weeks.

People who are thirteen years of age and older will be interviewed.

They want to find out what Inuit in the North think of different fats and why they eat it.

Also why Inuit decide to eat Store Bought Food compared to Wild Food.

Vale Inco & Strikers Talks Breakdown

Talks between the striking steel workers and Vale Inco NL have broken off again.

The two sides met to try and resume work at the Voisey's Bay mine site.

Bob Carter is the Media Relations Officer for the company.

He says the talks did not accomplish anything.

The talks started on March 15 and broke off the next day.

More than 200 VB workers went on strike on August 1st.

Vale Inco re-started operations at the mine site without the strikers.

Keep tuning in to AtjiKangitut for more information.

James Woodrow

On May 26th 2009, an off duty RCMP Officer in Nain was charged.

Constable James Woodrow received one count Assault and one count of Forcible Confinement upon a Nain woman.

On May 28th Woodrow appeared in Court in Nain to enter a plea.

Because of a lack of evidence, his arraignment was postponed until October 7th, 2009.

Since then, no reporting was released, until now!

By email, Sgt. Wayne Newell of the RCMP said Woodrow's case is set for trial in Nain on June 14th - 18th, 2010.

An internal investigation on Woodrow is still ongoing.

To date, no decisions have been made on the internal situations.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inuit Early Childhood Education Gathering

An Early Childhood Education Gathering is taking place in Goose Bay today.

It is the first National Inuit Conference of its kind.

The Nunatsiavut Government (NG) is the host of this two day conference.

The gathering has been planned since last fall.

Michelle Kinney is the NG’s Deputy Minister of Health.

She says the three other Inuit regions attending are: Inuvialuit, Nunavut and Nunavik.

BMO Opens in HVGB

The Bank of Montreal has opened a branch in Happy Valley Goose Bay.

According to a press release Nunatsiavut President Jim Lyall is pleased with the decision.

The opening of the branch will help Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement with more banking options.

It will also strengthen BMO’s position to better serve Nunatsiavut.

The government is looking forward to working with the bank as it continues to expand its services in Labrador.

The official opening was yesterday.

Child Pornography Charges

The RCMP have charged a 40 year old Goose Bay man for Child Pornography.

Mark Baxter White was a teacher and librarian at the Mealy Mountain Collegiate.

Sgt. Wayne Newell of the RCMP’s Media Relations says White appeared in Court

He was granted bail of $7500 with strict conditions.

He is prohibited from using a computer or any other device that can be connected to the internet.

White is to be at least 25 yards away from schools or other places where people under 18 gather.

White has to report to the RCMP every Monday and Friday.

White was charged with Making Child Pornography, Distributing Child Pornography and luring a Child.

Newell could only confirm the victim is a young girl under the age of 18.

The girl is from the United States.

The Labrador District School Board is conducting its own investigation.

Until complete, the Board has suspended White with pay.

White is scheduled to return to court April 21, 2010.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Child Pornography Charges

Led by a tip from the FBI’s Cyber Crimes Program.

The RCMP charged a 40 year old Goose Bay man last Friday.

Mark Baxter White is a teacher and librarian at the Mealy Mountain Collegiate.

Sgt. Wayne Newell of the RCMP’s Media Relations says.

White is scheduled to appear in Court today for a bail hearing.

White is faced with four counts of: Making Child Pornography,

Distributing Child Pornography and luring a Child.

The child is from the United States,

She was blackmailed into performing sexual activity

through a webcam in front of the computer.

To keep the victim unidentified, Newell could only confirm the child is a young girl under the age of 18.

The Labrador District School Board is conducting its own investigation.

And until complete, has suspended White with pay.

Be sure to keep tuning in for more developments as the story unfolds.

Hopedale-Hebron Trek

A trek from Hopedale to Hebron and back started on March 12th.

The walk will finish June 30th.

Christine Vincent is the Community Health Worker for Hopedale.

The trek is 840 km.

Or one million, one hundred and ten thousand, eight hundred steps.

There are 104 people registered for the trek.

Vincent says the purpose of the event is to promote a healthy lifestyle.

She adds that walking lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

And it lowers a person’s risk of heart disease.

It also provides health benefits to those living with diabetes.

People who finish the walk will have their name entered into a random draw to receive a prize.

The prize is a mini laptop.

The winner will be announced on Canada Day.

Pauktuutit Update

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada will hold its 26th Annual General Meeting in Ottawa.

The date is set for March 24th-26th.

This year Pauktuutit will have two workshops.

One is on Women’s Inuit Health Research.

The other is about residential schooling.

The women have invited two special guests.

They are Todd Russell MP for Labrador and Leona Aglukkark MP for Nunavut.

Pauktuutit will also have nominations for Inuit Women of the Year.

Anyone who would like to nominate a candidate, can go to the website at: or call toll free at 1-800-667-0749.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Health Update

It’s Time for a general health update.

Gail Turner is Director of Health Services for the Nunatsiavut Government.

She has good news and bad news.

On the bright side, there are no new cases of TB for Nain.

The bad news is that Nain lost its public health nurse.

Cora Foster took a position in St. Anthony last month.

Her job in Nain has been filled temporarily.

Rigolet's AngajukKâk

The Community of Rigolet got a new AngajukKâk on Thursday.

Nominations closed February 18th.

And there were three candidates.

Harry Shiwak had 41 votes.

Richard Rich had 13.

Charlotte Wolfrey had 128 votes.

Making her the new AngajukKâk.

Aboriginal Women For Tomorrow Workshops

Nine women from along the coast are in Makkovik this week.

They’re taking part in a workshop called ‘Aboriginal Women for Tomorrow’.

Tracy-Ann Evans is the Status of Women Coordinator with the Nunatsiavut Government.

She says the workshop was originally supposed to have more than 10 participants.

But a few women decided not to go.

Today, the women will work on building personal skills.

Later this week, we will have another update to see how the workshop went.

LWG's Finished

The excitement of the 2010 Labrador Winter Game is over.

But the stories and friendships made will last a lifetime.

Cartwright the defending champions from 2006.

Once again came out on top.

So we’re now trying to speak with someone from the team.

And we are also attempting to contact players who won special awards.

Such as: The Best Dressed Team, Most Outstanding Male and Female

And other achievements won that are unique to the games.

So keep tuning in.

Arctic Voices Fellows

There is a new project that will benefit people 25 to 35 years of age.

The Arctic Voices Fellowship program will start up in June in the four Inuit regions including Nunatsiavut.

Nancy Karetak-Lindell is the coordinator.

She’s in Nain to look for applicants.

Assembly Meeting Wrap-Up

The Nunatsiavut Government Assembly Meetings finished yesterday in Hopedale.

It was the last meeting for this assembly.

Elections for the new assembly will be held on May 4th.

The deadline for nominations is March 31st.

Next time they meet, a new assembly will be in place.

Ministers and ordinary members touched on many issues.

One of the biggest topics was the ratification voters list.

Some members who were not on the voters list of 2004 received the five thousand dollar payout.

Others who were on the list did not receive the benefit.

The issue caused a major upset.

It will probably take some time to resolve.

Keep tuning into AtjiKangitut for further details.

Nain Make Works Project

Six people in Nain are trying to get enough hours to qualify for E.I.

The Community Enhancement Employment Program started in the fall of 2009.

Some employees collect garbage, or work with water and sewer.

One person is even doing craft work.

The program will finish by the end of this month.

Makkovik Jamboree

Makkovik will have a Jamboree again this year.

This will be the 14th Annual event.

Linda Pottle is a Team Leader.

She works with the Department of health and Social Development.

She says a committee for the jamboree will meet next Monday.

This group will organize fun events and activities.

The jamboree takes place on March 20.

LWG's Update

With only today and tomorrow left in events.

The Labrador Winter Games are still very busy.

These types of competitions usually bring controversy.

And one is developing in Volleyball.

Sheshatshiu and Lance Au Loup made it through to the Semi-Finals.

Without a single win.

And the team from Nain that actually won a game.

Placed dead last!

Apparently this has to do with different groupings.

To get clarification on this.

We will try to speak with the Games Director.

So keep tuning in!

Daylight Savings Time

People in Labrador will have lost one hour of sleep on Sunday morning.

The clocks will go ahead by one hour at 12:01 AM , Saturday night.

This is the beginning of the Daylight Savings Time.

You will have to remember to put your clock ahead one hour when you go to bed, Saturday evening.

The next significant note in time will be on Saturday March 20th when spring begins.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paul Pigott

More research on different Inuktitut words will happen in Nain next month.

Paul Piggott is a CBC reporter.

And he is at MUN in St. John’s.

Paul first started his project last year.

That includes learning more Inuktitut words about the sea ice.

His work is helped by involving Inuktitut speaking elders in the communities.

LWG's Update

Just two days left!

And the 2010 Labrador Winters are over.

Nain fell from 7th place to 10th.


Don’t count them out just yet, because anything can happen in two days.

A prime example was yesterdays thrilling moment in Cross Country Skiing.

When Edward Flowers crossed the finish line just seconds from silver.

For more, we will attempt to get Edward Flowers reaction to this exciting story!

So keep tuning in.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mary Simon Update

Inuit Tapiriit kanatami is hosting Inuit events.

2010 is recognized as “The Year of the Inuit”.

Mary Simon is the President of ITK.

She says people in the south need to learn more about the Inuit.

They’re much more than a group of people who live in the Arctic.

Makkovik Makeworks Update

Timothy Anderson is a carver of soapstone and wood in Makkovik.

He will finish his work term in a couple of weeks.

That will make him eligible for Employment Insurance Benefits this year.

Timothy’s work is part of the Community Enhancement Program.

His carvings are sold at the Craft Center.

Tourists from the Cruise Ships buy them each summer.

The program is helping 14 people in the community get their hours.

It has been running since last November.

LIDC Update

Christopher Webb is the new Assistant Manager with Labrador Inuit Development Corporation in Happy Valley Goose Bay.

Christopher will oversee the Marketing Functions and the Post Sawmill.

He starts work on Monday, March 15th.

LWG's 1st Day Results

The 2010 Labrador Winter Games just added frequent updates to their website.

It’s now easier to find out how the teams are doing!

On the front page of their site you can see the scheduling of events

And game results.

The top 3 community standings are:

Cartwright with 97 points, Wabush has 90 points and Labrador City 81 points.

But, like NHL teams having to battle to make the Playoffs,

The community of Nain too is battling to make their Playoffs,

Which is for 1st overall at the Winter Games.

Now they are tied at 7th with Port Hope Simpson and Forteau,

And still climbing!

To see all of the outcomes, visit

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Assembly Meeting in Hopedale

Our reporter Janelle Barbour is in Hopedale.

She was at the Nunatsiavut Government Assembly meeting last night.

She says they announced the Grand Opening of the new Administration Building in Nain.

It will be March 29.

The nominations for the election of Assembly Members are March 31.

The election takes place on May 4th.

Air Inuit to Nain

Air Inuit has special flights to Nain for Easter this year.

Maybe it’s because there are quite a few Inuit in Nain who have family and friends in Nunavik.

The flights will be on April 1st and 5th.

They will leave kuujuak, make a stop over in George River then onto Nain.

The airline is offering a 30% discount.

A return flight from kuujuak to Nain is around $730.

And a return flight from George River to Nain is around $560.

Anyone who would like to make Reservations can call toll free at: 1-800-361-2965.

That number again is: 1-800-361-2965.

Postville ICG

It’s the last week of work for a radio announcer in Postville.

She will qualify for Employment Insurance Benefits this year.

She needed 5 weeks of work to get her hours.

Her job is part of the Community Enhancement Employment Program.

The program helps people who need more hours to qualify for EI.

Shirley Goudie is the Town Manager.

She says the council will hire another announcer after this month.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Federal Budget was announced last week.

Mary Simon is the President of Inuit Tapaariit kanatami.

She says it was an important event.

The budget contained some elements that related to the Arctic.

Some issues were not outlined in the throne speech.

For instance, housing affects health and well-being.

But there were no announcements on housing.
From 2009-2010 there were twenty one cases of active Tuberculosis on the north coast of Labrador.

Dr. AR Rushdi is the Medical Officer for Labrador Grenfell Health in Happy Valley Goose Bay.

She says patients with TB are on medication.

But no one had to be admitted to the hospital.

Most people in Nain have completed their medication.

They will have check-ups every two weeks.
Let the games begin!

The 2010 Labrador Winter Games is now underway in Goose Bay.

The competition started at 8:30 this morning.

Today’s sports are Table Tennis, Target Shooting and the Snowshoe Race.

Medals will be presented after the events.

Special guests and athletes will provide entertainment.

This will be followed by a Labrador Concert.

The fun begins at 7:30 at the EJ Broomfield Memorial Arena.

To follow the events, visit

Friday, March 5, 2010

Land Use Planning Meetings

The Nunatsiavut Government needs a Land Use Plan within the Labrador Inuit Settlement Area.

This is part of their Land Claims Agreement.

The Inuit have a chance to learn about the Land Use Plan and make comments.

Stan Clinton and Robert Griffith are holding consultation meetings in the Nunatsiavut communities.

Book Launch in Nain

The Polar Bear on Mount Sophie will be featured in another book.

Our landmark seems to be pretty interesting.

Shannon Webb and Danielle Baikie collected the stories for the book.

We will try to speak with them before the launch.

‘The Polar Bear in the Rock: Two Windows on the World’ will debut on March 23rd at Jens Haven Primary School.

Girls Day Update

A Festival day will be held at the Moravian Church tomorrow.

It is the Single Young ladies day.

Katie Solomon is in Charge of the celebration.

She says 11 young people are registered.

Four of the young girls are going for the first time.

The celebration will take place at the community hall.

Inuktitut Church Services will be held as follows: 10am, lovefeast at 3pm and the closing service is at 5 o’clock.

Games will be played with prizes to go to winners after supper.

A dance will also take place for the young ladies.

Money collected will go towards the Moravian Church.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gordon Obed

Denise Cole works with the Canadian Paraplegic Association.

She will be in Nain next week.

Gordon Obed is a translator with OKâlKatiget Society.

Cole played a key role in helping his disabled daughter.

Vale Inco & USW Strikers

Vale Inco NL and striking Steelworkers are talking again.

Bob Carter is the Media Relations Officer for the Company.

We spoke with him today.

He says the two sides agreed to meet with a conciliator.

Talks will resume about the Voisey's Bay Mine on March 15 and 16.

More than 200 steelworkers went on strike August 1.

The last talks were in January.

They accomplished very little.

Vale Inco has restarted the mine operations without the striking workers.

Bachelor of Social Work Program Update

The Inuit Bachelor of Social Work Program is well underway in Goose Bay.

The course is run by Memorial University.

And is taking place at the College of the North Atlantic.

32 students from along the north coast are enrolled in the program.

Sandy Kershaw is the Inuit Bachelor of Social Work Program Coordinator.

She says the students are very busy.

With major workloads, assignments and exams.

She says the program is running on schedule.

By the end of the month she will have a detailed report for us.

So keep tuned in to AtjiKangitut for further details.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Denise Cole

Denise Cole is a Career and Employment Case Manager.

She works with the Canadian Paraplegic Association.

Next week she’ll be in Nain.

She will be talking to people with disabilities.

And their employers.

Aboriginal Women For Tomorrow Workshops

Women from along the coast of Labrador are invited to take part in a workshop.

The workshop is called ‘Aboriginal Women for Tomorrow’.

It will take place in Makkovik from March 15th to the 20th.

And it is offered by the Canadian Executive Service Organization.

Tracy-Ann Evans is the Status of Women Coordinator for the Nunatsiavut Government.

She says a facilitator will be flown in from Halifax.

12 women in total will attend the workshop.

Two from each community, plus four from Makkovik.

They will learn how to build personal and communications skills.

Topics such as budgeting and finances will also be covered.

To apply, call Tracy-Ann Evans at 923-2365 or 923-2411.

ABE Programs

Students in Nain Hopedale and Sheshatshiu are upgrading their education.

They are part of a new Adult Basic Education program.

This program will help students who are not able to perform at a high school level.

It covers Level 1 and 2.

It started in September 2008 because schools along the coast are not producing a high number of graduates.

Classes run from September to June.

Students who complete Level 1 or 2 receive a Certificate that acknowledges their achievement.

A Level 2 Certificate means they can apply for level 3 at the College of the North Atlantic.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nellie Winters

Nellie Winters is an elder from Makkovik.

And she’s been noticing the weather this year.

Winters says the ice in her community froze up February 22nd.

She says the ice is bad to go on at the moment.

The hunters have to go on the shoreline to get wood and hunt.

Nellie says she’s very busy with her crafts as well.

She’s made some crafts for the Olympic games to sell.

Crafts she made were knitted caps, dolls, men and women’s mitts.

As well as silapaks and children’s booties.

Young Innu Cultural Health Walk

Last year Michel ‘Giant’ Andrew walked from Sheshatshiu to Natuashish.

He did it to raise awareness for diabetes.

This year, Giant walked all the way to St. Augustine, Quebec.

The difference this time is that he had company.

Just under 20 people joined him on his journey.

This winter was unpredictable.

They faced slush, rain and fatigue.

And they had a long way to go.

After about three weeks, they have reached their destination.

We were unable to reach any of the walkers for an update.

But keep tuning in for more on Giant and his friends.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mother Baby Nutritious Supplement

The Aboriginal Family Centre in Happy Valley Goose Bay had their Women’s Health Fair last Friday.

Judy Voisey is the Resource Mother for Healthy Baby Club for the centre.

Mother Baby Nutritious Supplement is a $60.00 benefit that is available to a pregnant woman on the north coast.

It can help mother’s eat a little better during their pregnancies.

HVGB Aboriginal Family Centre Update

The Aboriginal Family Centre in Happy Valley Goose Bay held it’s Women’s Health Fair on Friday.

Liz Michelin was there to do a presentation.

She talked about breast health, cervical cancer and mothers to be.

The women learned how to take care of their own health.

There was a good turnout with 50 people showing up.

Creative Arts Festival/Regional High School Festival

The Labrador Creative Arts Festival wrapped up last night in Goose Bay.

It was the 34th year for the event.

Martha Macdonald is the Chair of the Festival Committee.

She says all the drama crews did really well with their performances.

Although the Creative Arts Festival is over, the Regional High School Drama Festival is just beginning.

Unlike the other event, the drama festival is competitive.

Students are judged on their acting skills, use of lighting, and stage presence.

Our Lady Queen of Peace in Goose Bay and Menihek High School in Labrador City performed their skits last evening.

Tonight’s program includes the students from Jens Haven in Nain, and Mealy Mountain Collegiate in Goose Bay.

Macdonald says once the Festival is over, a winner is chosen to represent their school in the upcoming Provincial Drama Festival.

Upcoming Nain Public Meeting

Nain Inuit Community Government will hold a public meeting on Thursday, March 4.

It will give the residents an opportunity to comment on some future plans for the town.

Sarah Erickson is the AngajukKak.

She says the town received more money from the Federal/ Provincial Government.

It comes from the Gas Tax Funding Agreement.

The town can do several things with the money.

One option is a compactor garbage truck.

Another option is replacing or repairing the wooden bridge at the brook.

The governments require all towns to complete an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP).

This ICSP identifies the environmental, cultural, and economic needs of the community.

NICG will undertake a Town Plan review.

The review identifies current and future land uses.

Erickson says these plans are only successful with the peoples support.

Anyone can go to the NICG office to view the plans.

The public meeting is on Thursday, March 4.