Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Makkovik Prepping for Labrador Cup

Makkovik residents are busy training for the upcoming Labrador Cup 2010.

John Andersen is the coach of Makkovik’s Ladies team.

He says that this will be the second time that the ladies will be competing.

They have been busy training for the last three weeks.

Andersen says that he’s feeling pretty confident as the competition approaches.

The training has been taking place in the school gym thus far.

But the weather has recently allowed for the players to begin training at the ball field.

There are a total of 12 women on the team.

Andersen says the men are busy at work training as well.

The twelve-member team is being coached by Rob Kennedy.

The Labrador cup has had a men’s team participate from Makkovik since the cups creation.

Labrador Cup 2010 is scheduled to begin on June 2.

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