Friday, May 14, 2010

Housing Update II

Last Monday, the Nain local housing committee held a meeting for the screening process of housing applications.

Margaret Fox is the Chairperson of the Torngat Regional Housing Association (TRHA).

She says all 5 of the committee members were there:

- Herself
- Duane Dicker – Co-chair
- Jerry Hapgood – Secretary
- Beni Andersen – Member
- Jake Larkin – Member
- Rod Pilgrim – Member

Fox says they’ve broken down the current list to verify all income levels.

And says when making final selections, this is the most difficult part of the process.

A lot of applicants don’t understand what the selection committee is looking for.

Then the stressful part is to decide if applicants qualify or not.

As of Friday, Fox says all selections for each unit have been made.
But since a bit more verification needs to be done, the selections will not yet be made public.

Fox says that the new home owners will be notified sometime next week.

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