Friday, May 28, 2010

Coastal Ice Condtions

The spring season has come earlier this year.

The result of this is an early breakup in some communities on the north coast.

To find out more of what ice conditions were like we contacted each community.

Henry Boase of Hopedale says the harbour has been ice free for about a week.

He says the residents can travel about 50kilometers into the bay by speedboats.

But due to heavy ice they are not able to go further outside.

Herb Jacque is the AngajukKak of Makkovik Inuit Community Government.

He says a few boats have been made it into the bay, but the harbor has been packed with drift ice for about a week.

And for a couple of days there’s been no wind to move out the ice.

Keith Decker is the AngajukKak in Postville.

He says the harbor is clear of ice.

And they can travel by speedboats about 20 miles into the bay.

But they cannot go north or south of the community due to heavy ice conditions.

Sherry Wolfrey is the town clerk in Rigolet.

She says it’s been ice free in their community since April.

And speedboats have been travelling to Goose Bay for the past two weeks.

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