Friday, May 14, 2010

New Executive Council

A new Executive Council of the Nunatsiavut Assembly was selected yesterday.

The selection took place during the first sitting of the newly elected Ordinary Members in Hopedale.

First, President Lyall selected the new First Minister: Rigolet Ordinary Member Darryl Shiwak.

Then the two decided upon the remaining members of the executive council.

Daniel Pottle, Ordinary Member for the Canadian Constituency has taken the portfolio of Minister of Finance and Human Resources.

The role of Minister of Health and Social Development was assigned to Keith Russell of Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

William Barbour has once again been assigned to the portfolio of Minister of Lands and Natural Resources.

Johannes Lampe of Nain is the new Minister of Culture Recreation and Tourism.

And Susan Nochasak of Hopedale has been given the position of Minister of Education and Economic Development.

Also during the sitting, Patricia Ford, Ordinary Member for the Canadian Constituency, was selected as speaker of the house.

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