Monday, May 17, 2010

2nd Annual CYN & Mr. Volleyball Tournament Results

The 2nd Annual CYN & Mr. volleyball tournament finished last night.

Despite the fact that all the teams weren’t able to attend, the tournament was still a success.

Annie Solomon is the CYN Fieldworker.

She says the first place for the female division went to the team ‘Bullet Proof’, second went to ‘Mission Unblockable’ and third went to the ‘Tupaiks’.

For the male division, first place went to the ‘Hurricanes’, second was ‘X Factor’ and third went to the ‘Strikers’.

The Most Valuable Player awards went to Samuel Dicker and Kristie Holwell.

And the Most Sportsmen-like players were Boas Mitsuk and Sarah Karpik.

While the Most Sportsmen-like team went to the ‘Sugar and Spikes’.

Some teams from out of town didn’t arrive until around suppertime on Saturday.

Solomon adds a big thank you to everyone who made the tournament possible.

And to the teams that tried to make it in, but couldn’t.

Solomon added a special thanks to Mr. Obed, who the partial tournament is named after.

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