Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Norway Rats in Nain

A strange rodent was found in Nain yesterday.

A Norway rat, was found dead by Abia Kohlmeister’s house.

It had been killed by dogs.

The Norway rat is also known as the brown rat or the sewer rat.

We contacted Simon Kohlmeister, NG’s Conservation Officer to find out more.

He says he has no idea where it came from why it is here in Nain.

The rat was nearly a foot long from its head to the top of the tail.

And weighed just under a pound.

Apparently, this is not the first case of a Norway rat in Nain.

Two others have been sighted before yesterday.

One near the Atsanik Lodge and another near the Big Land Grocery store.

Both were sighted earlier this winter.

We hope to s peak to someone who can tell us why these rats showed up here.

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