Thursday, May 20, 2010

NL Moravian Church news

The upcoming Moravian Music Festival topped the agenda during the Moravian Church boards teleconference.

Joan Andersen is the Chair of the NL Moravian Church Provincial board.

She says the Festival is scheduled to take place June 29 in Makkovik.

Music teachers and students from Nain, Hopedale, Happy Valley and Makkovik will join representatives from MUN for the celebration.

There will be workshops on playing brass instruments, the violin and hand chimes.

The participants will also perform Inuktitut and English Moravian hymns.

Andersen says the Moravian Church board held their teleconference last week.

Other agenda items included proposals for a Moravian Manse in Nain, Beatrice Hope's Internship and the Makkovik Merit Awards.

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