Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grads on the North Coast

Summer is just around the corner, and the students on the north coast are getting ready for their holidays.

We contacted each of the schools and asked the how many students will be graduating this year.

First we contacted Northern Lights Academy School in Rigolet and we spoke to Wendy Pottle, the secretary for their school.

Pottle says two students will be graduating on June 24th.

They will have church service first then head to the hall for their ceremony.

We contacted John Christian Erdhart School in Makkovik.

And spoke to Rick Plowman the Principle for their school.

Plowman says seven students will graduate in their school, on May 29th.

He says they will have church service and have their ceremony at the school gym.

The Amos Comenius Memorial School in Hopedale will have five students graduating.

We spoke to Dean Coombs the Principle in Hopedale.

He says the ceremony will take place at the gym on June 5th.

And in Nain we spoke to Jake Larkin the Principle for Jens Haven Memorial School.

Larkin says ten students will graduate this year on May 22nd.

Church service will take place at 3pm, and the prom will be at the gym at 6pm.

In Postville at the B.L Morrison school there will be three students graduating on May 20th.

We spoke to Joanne Jacque the secretary for their school.

Jacque says they will have church service at 3pm.

And the prom takes place on Friday at the school gym.

Congratulations to all the students.

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