Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nain Junior Rangers

Soon, the youth in the community of Nain will have more to do.

Annie Solomon is the Nain CYN Fieldworker.

Solomon says she and the Canadian Rangers are in the process of starting up the Junior Canadian Rangers (JCR).

However, this process can take a few months to a year.

She says this is because of paper work to file.

An Adult Committee of eight needs to be established.

So far, four have been selected.

Solomon says once started, the Canadian Rangers will do training and host activities with the help of the CYN.

One of the activities is to strip a gun to its core, reassemble it and fire a shot.

And to fire a shot, a firearms license is required.

She says because of that requirement, she believes the process will be quicker through the JCR.

To join; you have to be between the ages of 12 and 18.

Solomon says they have all 35 spots filled and more on a waiting list.

The Canadian Rangers are currently in the process of creating a document that the CYN hasn’t received yet.

Solomon says once the document is received, she’ll provide more details.

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