Monday, May 17, 2010

Flood at Nain Daycare Centre to undergo renovations

It’s nearly a week since the Daycare Centre in Nain has been shutdown from a flood.

Nicole Dicker is the Pigutsavik’s Daycare Operator.

She says the Daycare Centre will now undergo renovations to the damaged parts of the building.

Dicker says a crew will be flown in from Goose Bay today.

As for when the renovations will commence, Dicker is unsure because everything will have to be assessed.

The main assessment will be based on having materials flown in from Goose Bay.

Dicker says she is in the process of sending an email to all parents and guardians.

The letter will include; who they can contact if they have any questions or comments concerning the situation.

Dicker adds because of this misfortune, parents or guardians will not be charged any fees.

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