Monday, May 17, 2010

Labrador School Board - Update

New housing units will be constructed for teachers this coming summer.

Bruce Vey is the Director of Education for the Labrador School Board.

Vey says Postville and Rigolet are the communities that will get the new houses.

And right now they’re in the process of sending out tenders.

He says the units will hopefully be completed by September.

But more housing is needed in all the Labrador coastal communities.

Vey says there are also teaching vacancies that need to be filled for the upcoming school year.

He adds that the Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes in Nain and Hopedale have been a success.

Meaning there is a higher ABE graduation rate for returning students at the College of the North Atlantic (CNA).

For those students that do graduate, they generally continue onto other programs with CNA.

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