Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Labrador Marine Vessel Update

Unfortunately, an early ice break-up doesn’t mean an early arrival of vessels to Labrador.

Dave Layden is the Terminal Manager for Labrador Marine Inc.

He says both vessels are still on schedule with no talks of any changes.

The Northern Ranger is scheduled to depart Goose Bay, ports to Nain on June 14th.

While the Astron will depart Lewisporte for Nain by mid-June.

Layden adds that any changes would have to be made through the Department of Transportation and Works.

We spoke with Jerden Bennett, Manager of the Big Land Groceries in Hopedale.

He says this was anticipated and on par with what was planned last Fall.

Bennett adds this is a learning experience and all you can do is prepare from past experiences.

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