Friday, January 29, 2010

Remembering Amos Lyall

The Moravian Church in Labrador has lost a great supporter.

Amos Lyall who was the Vice-president of the Provincial Board, passed away on January 23rd, after battling cancer.

In remembering Lyall for all the work and support he gave to the Congregation, we contacted Joan Andersen, the Chair of the Moravian Church in Labrador.

Andersen will, in memory of Lyall, talk about the work he has done over the years with the Moravian Churches in Labrador.

We also spoke with Carol Gear, the president of OKâlaKatiget Society to say a few words about the work he did in his position as the Vice-President of the Society.

The OKâlaKatiget Society would like to send their condolences to the family and friends of Lyall.

Thank you to Bob, Ralph and Victor Lyall for permission to air the interview.

Next Generation Guardians Women's Gathering

The Next Generation Guardian Women’s Gathering is a time and place for women to share stories of their youth, with no passing of judgment.

The gathering will take place in Natuashish on March 19th and will finish on the 21st.

Activities such as hiking, camping and craft-making will be available at the workshop.

The participants of the gathering will walk from Natuashish to the gathering place where they will share stories and engage in various activities.

The event is funded by Health Canada under the Labrador Innu Comprehensive Healing Strategy.

The committee for the gathering will be in Nain on February 1st at the Nunatsiavut Government Boardroom from 7-9 pm to meet with women who are interested in the gathering.

For more information regarding the gathering please contact Mary Lucy-Dicker at
(709) 478-2403.

Inuaggualuit Update

The Inuaggualuit Center in Hopedale is very busy this year.

We spoke to Marjorie Flowers, the Team Leader for the Department of Health and Social Development.

Flowers says the purpose of the centre is to teach babies Inuttitut, so they are only spoken to in the native Inuit language.

She says there are three little girls enrolled in this Inuttitut program from ages eight to nine months.

According to Flowers, they are understanding the Inuttitut language now and one little girl can speak a little.

There are three Inuttitut teachers there to teach them.

Flowers says the parents or grandparents have to be there as well for one hour a day or five hours a week in total.

The funding for the centre was provided by the Department of Health and Social Development and Torngâsok Cultural Centre.

Flowers says they also held an Injury Prevention workshop this week with their department and the Hopedale Inuit Community Government.

They are also helping with the young men’s and women’s day that will be held tomorrow, when sixty boys and girls will have their day.

She says the DHSD will cook for them and for themselves, as well.

Flowers adds there will be two church services at 10am and 3pm. CYN and Recreation will have activities for them after their meals.

Labrador Winter Games Executive Director

There are about 396 athletes from all 24 Communities in Labrador that are attending the Labrador Winter Games in Happy Valley Goose Bay starting on March 7, 2010.

Cyril Brennan is the executive director for the Games.

Brennan says all athletes will be staying in the barracks located at the base and their meals will be provided at the mess hall.

He says most events are taking place at the Provincial training center. The Labrathon and dog sled racing will take place at Terrington Basin.

Brennan adds that the triathlon will be located in Happy Valley, and there will be various events at the Birch Brooke and the Rod and Gun club.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pauktuutit with Elisapee Shiutiapik

The Pauktuutit centre in Ottawa is busy this year with their plans for 2010.

We spoke to Elisapee Shiutiapik, the President for Pauktuutit.

Shiutiapik says one of their priorities is the Annual General Meeting, which will be held on the 22nd of March- 2010.

She says there’s always ongoing work on an annual basis, for example: health- related issues, injury prevention, mid-wifery, sexual health and residential schooling.

Shiutiapik adds there will be a workshop planned in Nunatsiavut sometime this year.

Torngat Fisheries Update

Late in the year of 2009, the last time OKâlaKatiget radio spoke with the Torngat Fish Producers Cooperative they were working on forming one fishing entity.

They had visited each Nunatsiavut community and held meetings to present an outline to their membership of what this one fishing entity may look like.

Keith Watts is the General Manager of the Coop.

He says to continue to work towards forming this one fishing entity, the next step is for Torngat Fisheries, the Labrador Inuit Development Corporation and the Nunatsiavut Government to get together to have further discussions.

Watts says this will happen in Happy Valley-Goose Bay on February 9th, 2010.
OKâlaKatiget radio will speak with Watts after their meeting to give you an update.

Labrador School Board Meeting

Last week, the Labrador School Board held their regular meetings at Mealy Mountain Collegiate.

To kick off the meetings the Mealy Mountain Collegiate School Choir sang O’Canada.

The meetings were spent discussing various issues of education: academic achievement, and modern technology such as a smart board and its positive impacts, among other things.

Needs such as a district wide absenteeism strategy and trustee representation for Nain and Hopedale were also brought up at the meetings.

A revised budget was brought forth and accepted by the Board at the meetings as well.

The next School Board meeting will be held in the month of March in Postville.

Inuttitut Hockey Broadcast

Have you heard that Hockey Night in Canada will be broadcasting in the Inuktitut language?

Well, for the first time ever, Tim Horton’s Hockey Day in Canada will broadcast a National Hockey League (NHL) game in the Inuit Language.

On Saturday January 30th at 2pm Eastern Standard Time (ET), a game featuring Ottawa and Montreal will be called by CBC North broadcaster Charlie Panigoniak as part of Tim Horton’s Hockey Day in Canada.

The Inuktitut language broadcasts will be available to Bell TV subscribers on channel 249, and Shaw Digital Cable subscribers on channel 333.

All broadcasts will also be available live and on demand at

Makkovik Labrador Winter Games

There are now only 37 days remaining until the 2010 Labrador Winter Games celebration in Happy Valley.

Over the last few weeks we spoke to some of the coastal communities about the Labrador winter games and have yet to speak to a few other towns along the coast.

Travis Dyson is the Coordinator for Makkovik’s Labrador Winter Games team.

He says the team need to raise an amount of 4,800 dollars, and the 17 athletes are expected to contribute most of that by raising 250 dollars individually.

Dyson says the team has received a donation of five hundred dollars from the Nunatsiavut Government’s Community Recreation Fund.

They are waiting for a response from the Makkovik trust fund for another donation for the team.

The optional games picked are: Volley ball, floor hockey, badminton, and table tennis.

Team athletes are as follows: Trent Pottle is captain of the team and Dion Voisey, Rex Voisey, Perry Edmunds, Reg Andersen, Joey Jacque, and Cory Pottle are the other male athletes.

The Girls team consists of: Andrea Andersen, Jessica Winters, Michele Dyson, Betty Jararuse, Holly Andersen, Colleen Andersen, Nina Ford, Mary B Andersen, and Ruth Broomfield.

Athletes participating in various events practice as follows: snowshoe participants practice 6 nights a week, volley ball practices are 3-4 times weekly; Badminton practices are 4 nights a week, and triathlon athletes practice 6 days a week.

Dyson adds that they are still in the process of picking a team for floor hockey.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heritage Forum

There may be people in our north coast communities who may wonder what’s happening or what can be done to preserve old buildings in their communities.

They may also wonder if these old buildings could qualify as heritage buildings. To answer questions like these, there is a Heritage Forum planned for Nain next week.

Jamie Brake is an Archaeologist with the Nunatsiavut Government.

He says representatives from different groups and organizations from the Nunatsiavut Communities, Upper Lake Melville and the Province will get together on Wednesday,

February 3rd and Thursday, February 4th to discuss heritage related issues.

Cartwright Labrador Winter Games

Cartwright has picked their team to attend the 2010 Labrador Winter Games.

We spoke to Sheila Morris, the President of the Cartwright Labrador
Winter Games committee.

Morris says the team listing of 17 athletes has been complete since December 2009.

The team consists of 9 females and 8 male athletes.

She says the uniforms are Orange and come with a wide variety of hats, shirts and coats.

The Optional games include: Darts, snowmobile race, table tennis and ball hockey.

The 6 member committee has been fundraising continuously since it started up in September.

The Committee is responsible for picking the team; they also have to attend every practice and tryout.

Practicing is going good so far and they have been at it continuously since the team was picked.

Morris adds that there are 5 rookies this year that are really looking forward to taking part in the games.


The Human Pappiloma Virus (or HPV) comes in many different types, some of which cause more of a health concern than the others.

HPV is a sexually transmitted disease and it is believed the chances of contracting it are higher among aboriginal women.

Dr. Muna Ar-Rushdi is the Medical Officer of Health for Labrador Grenfell Health.

She says that certain types of HPV can cause cervical cancer.

She adds that there is currently a study being conducted in which samples are being collected from willing participants to examine which types of HPV(if any) there are.

Samples are collected during a woman’s wellness clinic exam.

She says there is a vaccine available to prevent HPV, which is called Gardisol. It was released in 2007 and is offered to girls in grades 6 and 9.

Ar-Rushdi adds that there will be posters sent to each community with more information about HPV.

Nain Networks Project Update

There has been some research going on in Nain in the past week.

The research has been titled “Akkunaptingni” meaning Amongst Us.

Kirk Dombrowski is a Professor of Anthropology at the City University in New York and he is the Project Director for the research.

He says so far he along with Fran Williams, the Community Liaison/Interpreter have conducted 14 interviews.

Dombrowski adds that he has touched on topics regarding housing, the economy, health care and youth issues.

He says their research will be sent to Nunatsiavut Government and Labrador Grenfell Health in order to find help in these areas.

Once someone is interviewed they receive $30 dollars.

He says he has a coupon referral system; when a person is interviewed they are given 3 coupons to give away in which they receive an additional $10 for every person who is referred by them.

Dombrowski adds that he hopes to have approximately four to five hundred people interviewed by the time he is done in May.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

William Andersen III Guilty

The former President of the Nunatsiavut Government, William Andersen III has been convicted of sexual assault.

He’s been found guilty as a result of inconsistencies in his testimony.

On the other hand, the victim’s testimony has stayed the same throughout the proceedings.

Andersen is set to appear in court on January 29th to set a date for a sentencing hearing which is expected to be held in Nain.

He was originally charged in 2007.

Stay tuned to further programs to hear more on Andersen’s case.

Residential Schooling Case Update

Last week, we received an update on the Residential Schooling Case by email from Kelly Hartnell, Steven Cooper’s assistant at the Ahlstrom Wright Oliver & Cooper (AWOC) law firm in Sherwood Park, Alberta (AB).

This morning, again in the form of an email press release, Hartnell provides another update on the Newfoundland & Labrador Residential School Class Action Application.

The press release states: Steven Cooper, Kirk Baert and Koskie Minsky wish to advise that the decision in the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court Residential School Certification hearing before Justice Fowler,

Has been delayed from January 25th, 2010 to March 29th or 30th, 2010 without a specific time or courtroom yet assigned.

They will provide further information as it becomes available to them, and if anyone has any questions they can contact Steven Cooper by mail at:

AWOC, Suite 200, 80 Chippewa Road, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4W6, by email at: or by phone at (708) 464-7477.

Hopedale Labrador Winter Games

The Labrador Winter Games take place every three years in the central Labrador town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Communities in Labrador that are attending the 2010 LWG’s are to present the number of athletes in each community.

We spoke to Jimmy Tuttauk who is the Coordinator for the Hopedale team.

Tuttauk says last week they completed the team listing with 17 young athletes.

The Hopedale team includes 9 males and 8 females.

He says the uniforms are black with gold trim, and have silapâks and chimo caps.

Scheduled practices are Volley Ball on Thursday’s, practice for the Northern games Saturdays, and the team does physical training and jump training on Sundays.

And they are in the process of starting snow shoeing and target shooting sometime soon.

He adds that Hopedale will be doing their first 7 monitoring events this year.

Tuttauk says they are doing fundraisers such as community bingo and 50/50 draws.

The team name is not picked out at the moment.

Girl’s Team athletes are: Danielle Pottle, Maggie Jararuse, Tabea Onalik, Georgia Abel, Cindy Aggek, Selma Jararuse, Danika Winters, and Jenny Dicker.

The Boy’s team consists of: Ben Mitsuk Jr, captain for the volley ball team along with Levi Nochasak Jr, Daniel Poker, Michael Mitsuk, Darren Winters, Ben Abel, James Karpik, Travis Jararuse and Eddy Pottle.

Nain Labrador Winter Games Update

The Nain Labrador Winter Games team has been busy picking sports and fundraising.

Reggie Maggo is the Coordinator for the Nain Amaguks team.

He says on January 29th, along with the number of athletes to be submitted, they will register the ‘Optional Games’ which the Athletes’ picked.

The sports the athletes selected are volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and the snowmobile race.

Maggo says the final registration for listings for the Labrador Winter Games will be February 10th 2010.

He adds that the team is still fundraising and are selling loads of wood and cold plates.

The team will be holding a Giant bingo tomorrow on OKâlaKatiget radio with one thousand dollars to go, so get your cards and support the team.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Treatment Program in Hopedale

The Treatment Program in Hopedale is still running and the day treatment will commence on February-15th-2010.

We spoke to Jinette Chouinard the Program Director for the Department of Health and Social Development.

Chouinard says they were hoping to take twelve to fourteen clients to start the day treatment, but are happy with the ten clients they have.

She says this is an eight week program, and the last day will be May-19th-2010.

She adds they are trying to have every community receive its own treatment and anyone who would like to take this program can contact their DHSD worker in their community.

OTT Update

The Orientation Technology Training Program for women in Happy Valley Goose Bay has fifteen seats for any women who would like to take this course.

We spoke to Suzanne Charlton who is the Community Development Coordinator.

Charlton says this course will start the first week of February.

She says there is Special Aboriginal Funding for all aboriginal women and you can apply through your Nunatsiavut funder.

You can apply for the program through the College of North Atlantic in your community, and it will be sent to the Happy Valley Goose Bay office.

Charlton adds if you have any questions about the program, please call Suzanne at 896-6315.

Boy's Day in HVGB Update

The first young men’s day in Happy Valley Goose Bay celebrated their day yesterday.

We spoke to Jenni-Rose Campbell who is a member of the InuKatiget uKausingit
at the friendship centre in HVGB.

Campbell says Selma Jararuse is the Language Coordinator for the Labrador friendship center.

She was holding the event and was partnered with InuKatiget uKausingit.

Campbell says 6 young men celebrated their day which started from 10 am and lasted until 5:30 pm.

She says they were all dressed up and marched with flags while heading to the 11 o’clock service at the Moravian church.

After the 11 o’clock service the young men marched back to the Labrador friendship center to celebrate a traditional meal with their families and played Inuit games.

After Inuit games they all freshened up, then marched to the 4pm service and sang traditional hymns.

The Sermon was great and the families were very proud of their boys.

Nain Boys Day Update

The young men in Nain are celebrating their day today.

Richard Haye is the Captain for the Young Men’s Day and his Assistant is Elias Obed from Nain.

Haye says they are attending 3 church services at 10am, 3pm and 5pm.

He says they use Traditional clothing such as suits, a red ribbon, decorated cap,
and some have a silapâk and kamik.

The new comers have a feast with parents at the Community Hall at 12pm to celebrate their first young men’s day.

Overall they have 18 young men between the ages of 15 years and up.

This year the cooks are Susie Maggo, Pauline Henoche and Maria Ikkusek.

The servants are Abia Obed, Abele Ikkusek, Pauline Jararuse and Johannes Semigak.

First timers are: Max Saksagiak, Mark Andersen, Scott Dicker, Ryan Brown, Manasse Bennett, Gus Barbour, Steven Maggo and Aaron Lampe.

The boys line up with 6 Flags to hold on their march from the Community Hall to the church.

The organizers would like to thank Northern store and Big Land groceries for donating food.

They also send out a big thank you to the Vale Inco Voisey’s bay mine site for donating money that went to the Moravian church to purchase oil for the church.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Nunatsiavut Government Tourism Update

Like every other agency, business and organizational department in Nunatsiavut, the Tourism Division of the Nunatsiavut Government (NG) is very busy.

Kristy Sheppard is Director of Tourism of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.

She says they are awaiting approval of a contract for the Cruise Ship Polar Star Expedition to tour our waters this summer.

Aurora Energy Community Sessions

Over the past two weeks in the Nunatsiavut communities, Aurora Energy Resources Inc. held public consultation meetings.

This morning, Andrea Marshall the Media Relations for Aurora, contacted us with an update.

She said these meetings went very well in all of the communities, with an average of between 30 to 50 people attending.

The meetings revolved around the latest press release from Bruce Dumville, the President and CEO of Aurora.

The release predicts monies, employment and the lifeline of a mine at Michelin Lake.

Marshall says the lifeline is based on current deposits of uranium discovered and will result in 22 years of work after the Moratorium.

The 22 years will consist of 3 years of construction, 17 and ½ years of operation and 1 and ½ years of dismantling.

She says other subjects in the press release and community consultations discussed were the amount of employment, monies to all levels of governments and a regional overview.

Regarding employment, there will be 700 construction jobs and 400 on-site operations jobs.

Lastly, Marshall thanks all of those who came to the meetings. She adds that this was their 4th series of community consultation meetings, and they will be back again.

Regional Volleyball Tournament

Last weekend, the Regional Volleyball Tournament was held in North West River.

The girls’ team from Hopedale attended, as well as the boys’ team from Postville.

Nicole Dalley is the Phys Ed teacher at Amos Comenius Memorial School.

She says her girls played very well in the tournament and she is very proud of them.

Although they didn’t win, they came pretty close.

They played match for match and had to go to a third round as a tie breaker.

Dalley says they came in 2nd place, only losing by 2 points to the Churchill Falls Huskies.

There were only two teams in the male division; Postville and Churchill Falls.

Howard Worthman is the Phys Ed teacher at B.L Morrison School.

He says the boys played very good games and were very competitive.

He adds that since there were only two teams, they played a best of three series for the championship.

Churchill Falls came out on top once again.

Worthman says he is proud of the boys’ team for a job well done.

Moravian Church Update

The Newfoundland and Labrador Moravian Church Provincial Board is scheduled to hold a teleconference next week on Tuesday, January 26th.

Joan Andersen is the Chair. She says that even though her term position as the Chair was up this month she is staying on until another person is found.

Andersen says the board members are in the process of searching for someone to fill this position.

She mentions that in other Church related news, Glenna Taesden, a Minister from Winston-Salem, North Carolina who did a six month work term in Labrador last year, will be ordained soon.

The ordination ceremony will be taking place in the Moravian Church in Happy Valley on Sunday, February 14. Taseden will then begin serving in that congregation.

Andersen says Bishop Paul Graf of the State of Wisconsin will be conducting the ordination ceremony.

Following that, Bishop Graf and his wife, accompanied by Loren Jendro, Labrador’s Representative on the Board of World Mission, will be visiting each of the coastal congregations.

Their schedule is as follows: Makkovik- Monday, February 15, Hopedale- Tuesday, February 16, and Nain- Wednesday, February 17.

She says Bishop Graf hopes to meet with the Church Leaders and hold a Church Service in those communities.

Andersen added that Bishop Graf has visited Labrador several times, and his visits are greatly appreciated, since there has not been an ordained minister serving us for a number of years.

She says he will be able to give the Churches advice and direction in a lot of matters.

Rink Updates

Having a year round hockey rink in a town is what residents in some of the coastal communities wish for, like the one in Natuashish.

It is already late January and the Husky Centre in Nain is still not fully operational.

This year the weather has not gotten cold enough, early enough, to flood the rink to make the ice for skating.

According to Veryan Piwas in Natuashish, their year round hockey rink has been open and operating since October.

He says there are about thirty youths registered and playing hockey.

Piwas says there is a good turnout for the Atoms, Peewees, Bantams and Midget hockey teams.

He says they are in the process of organizing the men’s hockey teams, and they should be playing in a few more weeks.

But right now no hockey tournaments have been scheduled for any teams.

Stay tuned to OKâlaKatiget Radio to hear more details about what’s happening at the Husky Centre in Nain.

Nain Power Outage

Yesterday afternoon in Nain, residents and businesses once again witnessed a power outage.

This afternoon, Karen O’Neill, Senior Communications Advisor for NL Hydro emailed us with the details.

She says it unfortunately affected all 428 customers in Nain between 12:58pm and 1:26pm.

According to O’Neil, a generating unit problem developed in one of the diesel units and caused the engine to slow down.

O’Neill said the engine slow down resulted in a voltage transfer between other on-line diesel units in the power plant.

Because of this transfer of load and voltage one unit automatically shut itself down, as it is supposed to do to protect itself from damage.

She says this in turn caused the other units to shut down due to the high load transfer from the shut down unit.

The Hydro crews assessed the problem, isolated the engine and then restored power to all customers.

O’Neill says NL Hydro apologizes for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ministers Visit

A few Ministers from the Provincial Government traveled the North Coast earlier this week to address residents’ concerns.

The Ministers made a stop in our studio yesterday to let us know what their priorities were and how they were going to try to handle them.

Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Patty Pottle says that each and every concern is a main priority but she would like our marine services to be improved.

Minister of Transportation & Works Tom Hedderson feels the same way as Pottle.

He says that a new contract will be up in 2011 and he expects to see changes to our marine services.

Minister of Justice and Attorney General Felix Collins and Minister of Labrador Affairs John Hickey also joined us in the studio.

Shipping Season Update

Vale Inco held a meeting on January 19, 2010 in Nain, about the winter shipping season.

We spoke to Theresa Hollett who is the IBA coordinator for Nunatsiavut.

Hollett says about twenty people attended this meeting.

She says they discussed the normal winter season that would start January 22nd, 2010 and end at midnight April 6th, 2010.

She says the ice is so different this year- there’s open water, pot holes and the ice edge is very close.

She says they also discussed a second pontoon structure, which will be built by Vale Inco.

Hollett adds that representing Vale Inco at the meeting were herself, Tom Paddon, Herman Perry, Myron Roberts, and Sophie Ford. Tim Keane from Fednav and Gus Dicker from Sikumiut were also in attendance.

Reawaken the Spirit Youth Gathering

A youth gathering was held at the Labrador Inn Conference room on Monday and Tuesday.

We spoke with Jenni-Rose Campbell who helped organize the gathering.

She says the gathering was called the Reawaken the Spirit Youth Gathering, which focused on HIV and AIDS.

Campbell says facilitators and presenters were flown in from Halifax to speak at the Gathering.

She also adds that five Innu and five Inuit attended the Gathering from all along the coast.

Campbell says the Gathering went extremely well and that all the youth had a great time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Arts and Crafts Inc.

Last weekend in Nain, the Torngat Arts and Craft Inc.’s (TACI) craft shop was broken into, with multiple items stolen.

Molly Shiwak and Andrea Hoyt both dropped by our studio yesterday to talk about the break-in and any other TACI updates.

Hoyt said their craft shop was broken into from a second entrance door, with the robbers taking away cash, jewelry and a coat.

She also mentioned that the incident was reported to the local RCMP.

Shiwak adds to the conversation that despite the robbery, they are pleased to say the craft shop will still open for business every Friday afternoon.

Hydro Bills

As if the strain of Christmas isn’t hard enough on the pockets, residents have been hit hard with high hydro bills.

Some residents of Nain received their NL Hydro bills recently and to their surprise their bill was extremely high.

For example one residents’ bill was $399.81.

We spoke with Patty Pottle, MHA of the Torngat Mountains District and the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs.

She says everything is going to be a priority, but the first thing she has to do is to contact NL Hydro to see what is going on with everyone’s hydro bill.

And Pottle says this will be something that she is going to work on immediately.

After we spoke with Pottle this morning, Bill Nippard, Manager for NL Hydro was contacted this afternoon.

He says this is due to Hydro giving low estimated power usage for the months of October, November and December.

And the reasons for estimating the power usage were based on the malfunctioning diesel plant and the workers not being able to properly read meters.

Nippard apologizes to those who may have unfortunately received extremely high bills for the month of January.

Residential Schooling Update

The other day MP Todd Russell dropped by our studio to talk about the Round Table discussions, and one of the topics was Residential Schooling.

He said there is going to be a decision on the court case made at the Supreme Court on January 25th.

Yesterday via an email conversation, Kelly Hartnell the Legal Assistant to Steven Cooper of the Ahlstrom Wright Oliver & Cooper (AWOC) law firm in Sherwood Park, Alberta provided an update on the Residential Schooling case.

She says surrounding the case and further to our previous email regarding the decision of Justice Fowler being rendered on January 25, 2010,

The Supreme Court of Newfoundland & Labrador has since advised them that they are in the process of rescheduling the matter.

Hartnell said they expect to be notified of the new date within the next week, and do not expect the decision to be made in Court before March 2010.

Sikumiut Update

Sikumiut in St.John’s is busy this month, writing up proposals to the Nunatsiavut Government.

We spoke to Leroy Metcalfe, who is a partner with Sikumiut.

Metcalfe says Sikumiut is in the process of writing a letter to the Nunatsiavut Government for a proposal to check the ice this year.

He says they are also checking the fresh water at Voisey’s Bay.

Metcalfe adds they are in the early stages of working with the University of Guelph in Ontario, to study traditional food and try to work with hunters in Nunatsiavut.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nain Murder Charges

Last Wednesday, January 13th, the Nain RCMP reported at approximately 4:00pm the sudden death of a young woman.

And on Monday, January 18th, a 26 year old Nain man was officially arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the death of the young Nain woman.

Lucas Abel appeared in provincial court in Nain Yesterday.

The RCMP’s Major Crimes investigators team from flew into Nain last Tuesday after 20 year old, Kimberly Jararuse was found dead in Abel’s home.

Abel's next court appearance has been set for Feb. 17 at the Supreme Court in Goose Bay.

Other than what is mentioned, Police have not released any further detailed information regarding the case.

RCMP Media Relations could not be reached before today’s news; we will continue to get you the latest information as it becomes available.

Court Circuit in Nain

The Provincial Court Circuit arrived in Nain yesterday morning and will hold sessions until Thursday.

We spoke to Constable Bill Miller who is one of the RCMP members for the Nain detachment.

He says Judge John Joy is presiding, John Reagan is the Defense Lawyer and the Crown Prosecutor is Vikas Khaladkar.

Miller says 20 people have to face the judge this week, and adds the next Court Circuit will be February 17th, 2010.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Todd Russell in Town

Last Thursday, MP Todd Russell was in Nain, and held Round Table discussions at the conference room at the Atsanik Lodge that were open to the Public.

The next day, Russell dropped by our studio to give us an update.

He says that there weren’t a lot of people who attended, but it still ended up being a very informative discussion.

Topics that were brought up included the future airport for Nain, Marine Services, Elders, a new water source and much more!

Vancouver Olympic Clothing

The Vancouver Olympic Games are right around the corner in February 2010.

Five drum dancers from Nunatsiavut will be looking good while performing at the event in traditional Inuit clothing.

We spoke to Sandra Dicker, the Youth Coordinator for Nunatsiavut.

Dicker says Nellie Winters from Makkovik is making the three silapaks and Heather Angnatok from Nain is making the akuliks to wear at the Vancouver Olympic Games.

She says Susan Saksagiak from Nain is making the beaded or embroidered hood decorations (nivingajuk) to decorate the hem or hood.

Sarah Ittulak of Nain has made three black bottom boots and Elizabeth Ittulak will make the other two, and they will have Inukshuk designs on them.

Dicker also mentions that Emma Broomfield of Makkovik will make the black bottoms for the boots.

Dicker adds that Simon Kolhmeister is making the drums.

Dorothy Joy

In Moncton New Brunswick two Sunday’s ago, Dorothy Joy, a young woman from Labrador was a victim of a serious car crash.

And after four days of being in a coma, the Joy family was sadly forced to pull the plug.

Because of the huge distance between Moncton and Goose Bay, the cost of getting the late Dorothy Joy home is very expensive.

So in an effort to relieve that expense, a facebook group was created called “Bring Dorothy Joy home…To be with all her family.”

With 968 people joining the group, many are providing their support with sympathetic messages, uploading of pictures of Joy, and asking of donations.

Also, the facebook group had advertised that a Luncheon was held at the Kinsmen Centre this past Saturday in Goose Bay.

Richard Joy, the oldest brother of Dorothy and a member of the facebook group, left a special thank you message to everyone who helped out with the Luncheon, and said that $4800 was raised.

In a latest posting from that group, a question of whether or not enough money was raised is posted.

And in a response to that question, it is believed that enough money was raised to bring Joy home and cover the funeral costs.

Vale Inco Update

Vale Inco sent in a new offer to the United Steelworkers Union to settle the labour dispute in Voisey’s Bay.

Bob Carter is the Manager of Public Affairs for the Company.

He says the new proposal was sent last Wednesday, but there was no mention as to what it contained.

Carter says the United Steelworkers have now been on strike for five and a half months at Voisey’s Bay mine site.

The new proposal is believed to be the best resolution made to help move forward.

Carter says there has been no mining activity at Voisey’s Bay since August 1st 2009, as a result of the strike.

However, the two sides were expected to be at the negotiating table this week.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Rigolet AngajukKâk Resigns

Yesterday morning, Nain’s AngajukKâk, Sarah Erickson contacted OKâlaKatiget Radio to inform us that Danny Michelin, AngajukKâk of Rigolet has put in his resignation.

In a press release from the Nunatsiavut Government it states that this is in fact true.

President Jim Lyall announced that Michelin has resigned due to health reasons.

In the meantime, Deputy AngajukKâk Max Pottle will assume the position of AngajukKâk on an interim basis.

A byelection will be held within 60 days to fill the position.

Housing Update

Torngat Regional Housing Association (TRHA) has turned over new homes to families in 3 of the north coast communities.

William Lucy is the co-ordinator.

He says there are 6 new homes in Nain plus 1 that was re-built, 3 in Hopedale, and 2 in Makkovik which are in satisfactory condition.

Lucy says inspector Richard Boase arrived in Nain to do inspections yesterday and left this morning.

He says the carpenters in Hopedale and Makkovik are laid off as of today.

There are still some homes under repair, and the Nain carpenters are doing the last few repairs. In Rigolet there are a few repairs left to do, and Postville is pretty well completed.

Lucy says 1 new home in Postville should be completed in a couple of weeks. The 3 carpenters there are doing finishing touches on the interior.

The 3 new homes are not completed in Rigolet due to material being shipped late on the last boat. A worker is expected to in Rigolet today to start plastering the walls.

Lucy adds that 10 carpenters are using generators to work, because there is no hydro hookup yet at the new subdivision. The 3 new homes should be completed by mid February.

Polar Bear Hunt

It is nearing the time of year when residents in the Nunatsiavut communities start the annual Polar Bear hunt.

This morning we spoke with Jimmy Goudie the Nunatsiavut Governments Wildlife Manager.

He says the annual Polar Bear hunt will start somewhere around February 1st or the 3rd and will last until June 30th.

Six hunting licenses will be awarded this year, two for Nain and one for each of the other communities.

Goudie says the licenses are currently in transit from the Provincial Government and until received, he cannot provide any further details.

So until the first week of February, keep tuning into AtjiKangitut to hear who will be awarded the licenses and other news surrounding the Polar Bear hunt.

Labrador Friendship Centre Update

The Labrador Friendship Centre in Happy Valley Goose Bay is busy this year.

We spoke to Stanley Oliver who is the Executive Director for the centre.

Oliver says they have two programs started so far.

One is for single parents- the Employment Transition Program- and will give them seven weeks of classroom training on how to learn job skills, so they can become more employable.

The other is the Seniors Shoveling Project. Seniors 50 and over that need their roofs shoveled can call the friendship centre.

He says three people have been hired to do the shoveling.

Oliver adds that that the friendship centre’s other activities are running smoothly.

Boys' Day Update for HVGB

The young boys in Happy Valley Goose Bay will be celebrating their day on January 24th 2010.

We spoke to Jenni-Rose Campbell who is the HIV Labrador Project Coordinator for the friendship centre.

Campbell says there are seven boys who will celebrate their day, and they are expecting more. Any young boy who would like to participate can call Selma Jararuse at the friendship centre.

She says the young boys will have their first meeting on Monday, January 18, 2010.

After their Moravian church service, the boys will walk around the block to the friendship centre for a traditional meal.

Campbell adds they will also have Inuit games and go swimming with their friends.

Research in Nain

A research project in Nain will be starting up soon.

The project will involve interviewing residents in town.

Kirk Dombrowski is an Anthropologist and Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of New York. He also works with the Criminal Justice Department.

He says the research project he is working on will focus on people’s concerns, needs, and help with advice on public health, social and economic issues.

Dombrowski says the research will also include food security, housing, employment, and youth issues.

The research will hopefully allow the Nunatsiavut Government, Labrador Grenfell Health and other concerned organizations determine where people think about going for help.

Dombrowski adds that Frances Williams is working as a Community Liaison with him.

He is working and renting an office space in the OKalaKatiget Society building.

Boys' Day Update

The young men’s Inuit Traditional day will be celebrated in Nain on January 25th.

We spoke to Richard Haye who is the second AngajukKâK and Elias Obed is the first captain this year.

He says a meeting was held on January 12th and twenty young men will take part in the celebration this year.

He says the first timers who turned 15 years of age last year have to pay a fee of $15.00 and older single men pay $20.00.

Haye adds they are in the process of writing letters to organizations for any type of donations, and they are still in need of looking for cooks and pijik servants.

Meanwhile in Hopedale, the young men and women will celebrate their’s on the same day on Saturday, January 30th.

We spoke to Sukie Aggek who is the Community Youth Network Feildworker for Hopedale Inuit Community Government.

Aggek says 15 to 20 young men and women will celebrate this year and the celebration will be held at the hall.

She says the Young People who take part in the Inuit Traditional Day is to bring a food item or $5.00 to join the celebration.

Aggek adds that the Department of Health and Social Development staff will be cooking at the after school building on their special day.

Nain Suspicious Death

RCMP are investigating the suspicious death of a twenty year old woman in Nain today.

OKâlaKatiget radio talked to Constable John McBride of the RCMP.

McBride says that no charges have been laid in the case at this time.

He mentioned that investigating teams are coming in from Goose Bay and St. John’s this afternoon.

McBride added that a lead investigator will be assigned to the case this afternoon.

Hamel & AngajukKâk's

Yesterday we spoke with two of the local store managers in town, one from the Northern and Haynes Store.

But unfortunately, we did not speak with Albert Hamel, the Manager of the Big Land Groceries store till after 3pm.

Like many other businesses around town, this store too did not have their internet and debit machines working.

And with the long distance phone lines finally back in service as of late yesterday afternoon we decided to contact the other communities in Nunatsiavut about what their living situation was like without outside communications.

To find out just what those towns were going through, we spoke with their AngajukKâk of their local Inuit Community Government Offices.

They will all talk about what it was like during those 8 days of not having outside telephone and internet connection to the world.

Aliant Update

After eight days without long distance phone services and internet connectivity, residents from Makkovik to Nain finally received a portion of restoration.

Late yesterday afternoon, all communities North of Rigolet were pleased to have long distance phoning back in working order.

And in some cases, some businesses and healthcare facilities also received internet services.

In attempts to get clarification from Bell Aliant, we tried contacting the Administrative Offices in Goose Bay, only to find out by a Voice Mail recording, they are currently traveling Labrador’s North Coast.

So we then contacted the general Internet Technician through Aliant’s toll free line.

The technician said his Supervisor received an email at around 7:00am this morning stating Aliant Technicians are currently onsite working to resolve the entire internet situation.

No confirmation dates were provided in the email, but once re-connected, an entire system would undergo a 15 – 20 minute reboot.

As soon as any new information arises, we here at OKâlaKatigêt Radio will update you with the breaking news!

Rigolet Safehouse Update

The Safe House in Rigolet will be in operation next month.

We spoke to Charlotte Wolfrey who is the Chair Person of Rigolet Partnership Against Family Violence.

Wolfrey says they had to do some minor renovations before the safe house opens.

She adds they are advertising for a Manager for the safe house and this ad will be out today.

Martha Okkuatsiak

It’s good to hear stories from our elders and seniors, about what they did in their younger days.

We spoke to Martha Okkuatsiak who was born in killinik.

Okkuatsiak says when she was growing up, she was taught how to clean, wash, and dry seal skins.

She says after drying the skins, she would make mitts, seal skin snow pants and skin boots.

Okkuatsiak says it is important for the younger generation to learn how to clean seal skins, so that the traditional skills will be kept alive.

Aliant Update

Like many residents in Nunatsiavut, we here at the OKâlaKatigêt Society are counting the days without long distance phoning, internet and everything else affected in between.

It is now day seven, and we’ve noticed two sides of the effects of not having telecommunications into the outside world.

One is just plain and simply putting up or coping with it, while the second is becoming increasingly frustrated.

To try and settle some of those frayed nerves, this morning we contacted Frank Andersen, Director of Information and Technology for the Nunatsiavut Government.

He says he did get an update from Aliant, and it’s looking better for residents in Nunatsiavut.

Andersen says people could have their long distance calling back sometime tonight. If not, the realistic forecast will be tomorrow afternoon or early evening.

Right now, Aliant still does not have the temporary link established between Rigolet and North West River in a specific area between Double Mer and Mulligan.

He says once the temporary connection is established, Aliant will switch over onto the new circuits.

Andersen concluded that when long distance calling is back in service, residents will still be without internet connectivity.

This is because Aliant’s main focus is long distance re-connectivity, and once that is re-established, they’ll work on getting back internet services.

First Young Men's Day Meeting

This year, the Moravian Churches annual Inuit traditional event called ‘Young Men’s Day’ in Nain is on Monday, January 25.

The first meeting in preparation of this special occasion was held last evening at the Community Hall at 7:00pm.

This year there was a good turnout of 15 single men, and like in years prior, attracted newcomers who are very interested in experiencing this special day.

Richard Haye is the AngajukKâk for the ‘Young Men’s Day’, and his Assistant is Elias Obed.

Haye says to-date there are five boys who turned 15 years old in 2009 whom will experience what this traditional day is all about.

He says another meeting is scheduled for the young men tonight at the Community Hall at 7:00pm.

Tomorrow we’ll have more information on what is being prepared, what the cost is to join and what other issues they met about.

Also, depending on whether or not long distance telecommunications are restored by tomorrow, we hope to get more information from the other communities who hold the traditional days like this one.

For instance ‘Young Men’s Day’ and the ‘Young Women’s Day’ in Hopedale are on the same day.

And just recently, the Moravian Church in Happy Valley - Goose Bay has been attempting to schedule their first ever ‘Young Men’s Day’ on January 25th.

So keep tuning into our station for the latest here in Nain, and if all works out well with long distance calling coming back in service, we’ll check with those other communities’ plans and events.

Martin Martin's Story; Part II

Sometime in the year 2009, we translated and read a true story written by the late Martin Martin of Nain.

In this story, he had written about what had happened when the store, the Moravian Church and its Mission buildings had burnt down in the summer of 1921.

Martin was a long serving, well respected Church-Elder and Head Chapel-Servant of his Moravian Church.

Today he will tell us about the work they did, or had to do, in order to rebuild the Moravian Church when it was relocated to Nain.

On our Labrador Memories this afternoon, we will read part two of this true story.

What's Up at the Nain Stores?

The Satellite System has become very useful at the Northern Store in Nain since the internet and phone lines went out six days ago.

Boyd Manual is the Northern Store Manager.

He says when it was first installed in the new Store in 2009 this system was not likely to be useful, but it sure is now.

Manual says the business at the store and customers coming and going is about the same.

But if it wasn’t for the satellite system the store would be in dire straits too, meaning they would be without debit machines or internet.

He says customers have been able to get cash out through the debit machine or use their Visa and Bank Cards.

To find out more on what else is happening at the other local stores we got in contact with Herman Webb the General Manager of Haynes Store.

He says the main thing he misses is the fax machine which he uses to make orders from out of town.

Regarding other businesses around town, Canada Post and the Bank of Montreal’s debit machines are also completely out of order.

Kathy Ford is the Postmaster.

She did not want to go on air, but she did mention that people can make money orders to anywhere, but with cash only. However, there is no way they can give any cash out to anyone.

Aliant Satellite Phones

It is now the sixth day without long distance phoning and internet and residents are starting to feel the stress of it all.

Since we are doing without these services there are many things we cannot do.

Such as paying bills, making long distance phone calls or making bank deposits or withdrawals.

Lavinia Ford is the District Assistant with the Nain RCMP.

She says that Aliant has sent up three satellite phones for the community of Nain for the RCMP to distribute.

She says the phones have been distributed to the Clinic, to Hydro and the Nain Inuit Community Government.

We contacted Nain’s AngajukKâk, Sarah Erickson to find out who in the community can use the phone.

She says they’re taking it case by case, for instance, if someone has a family member who is hospitalized, they’re allowed to use the phone.

She adds that just as long as people aren’t calling just to say “hi” they’ll be permitted to use the phone.

Erickson is awaiting a call from Aliant as to when the tower will be fixed, and she’ll give us a call back once she hears from the company.

So keep tuning into AtjiKangitut for further details on our telecommunications.

OKâlaKatiget's New Executive Director

The OKâlaKatigêt Society in Nain once again has a new Executive Director; the Society hasn’t had an Executive Director since August of 2009.

Leah Ikkusek of Nain started her position January 8th, 2010.

Ikkusek says it’s a good thing that she was hired because she is from Nain, and she knows how both the television and radio departments work.

She says Inuit culture is important to know, especially since OKâlaKatiget is on the verge of losing the Labradorimiut program.

Ikkusek says her plans with OK Society include; creating a new series with its television department, since the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) is canceling the Labradorimiut show.

She says some of the new programs will focus on youth and culture.

She also mentions that the radio department is doing great work, broadcasting 20 hours of Inuttitut and English programming per week.

Ikkusek adds that if any of our listeners who have any ideas, suggestions or comments, they can call her at the OK Society at (709) 922-2955.

Aliant Update

At 1:50 pm, Sarah Erickson gave us an update about Aliant.

She says at the moment a second crew has arrived and that they are making progress.

However, they could not give us a time as to when the tower will be repaired.

She adds that another update will be given tomorrow.

So tune in to AtjiKangitut for that update.

JHMS Winter Sportsmeet Team

Sometime in March of this year, the annual coastal Winter Sportsmeet will be held in Upper Lake Melville in the community of Sheshatshiu.

The actual date of the Sportsmeet will be determined at a future school board meeting.

Damien Barter is the gym teacher for the Jens Haven Memorial School (JHMS) and the head coach of its Nain Huskies team.

Barter says this year’s Sportsmeet teams for each school will consist of three boys and three girls.

He says the team captain for the JHMS Huskies is Patrick Webb, while the rest of the boy’s squad consists of Josh Angnatok and Nicky Okkuatsiak.

Dana Pamak, Caitlyn Baikie and Christa Angnatok make up the girl’s portion of the team.

Barter says this year’s team is young, but he believes they are strong individuals whose strong leadership skills will make up for their lack of experience.

In preparation for the Sportsmeet, they are holding practices after school three times a week, from 3:00 to 4:30pm.

Right now they are practicing Badminton and Floor Hockey.

And within the next couple of weeks, they will be working on Cross-Country Skiing, Outdoor Soccer, Inuit games and the Labrathon.

Postmill Lumber

There was good news for the community of Postville regarding the expansion of operations for the Post sawmill in Postville last month.

The news came from Labrador M.P. Todd Russell by mail.

The letter from the Federal Government said Post Mill Lumber will get $180,000 to construct a multi-purpose building in Postville.

The money will also be used to expand and enhance its operations and to hopefully lead to more economic opportunities for Postville, Nunatsiavut and all of Labrador.

It says the funding comes from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) through the Business Development Program.

The letter ends with MP Russell saying he looks forward to continued success for Post Mill, the community of Postville and the entire North Coast.

We hope to have more news about this issue from Russell himself, as well as from the Labrador Inuit Development Corporation on OKâlaKatiget radio sometime soon.


When are the downed cable, phone lines and internet going to come back to working order?

The cable system has been gone since December 28 in Nain, and the phones and internet also gone since January 6.

There has been no communication from out of town by phone or emails on computers and internet, except for news on CBC radio and on TV cable the two channels that are left that people can watch are just CBC and APTN.

This is aside of the residents who got dishes to watch their shows.

The whole community still waits for repair persons or technicians to arrive, there have been 3 flights in so far this morning, but right now as we speak we can’t even say if the technicians got in or will get in today.

So today on our AtjiKangitut show at 2:30 pm we’ll speak with 3 residents from Nain about how they feel about the downed communication in town.

Stay tuned to hear Krissy Holwell the airstrip operator, a senior Christine Baikie, and Ashley Edmunds the membership clerk with Nunatsiavut Government.

Nain Winter Games Team

A week and a half from today, all of the communities in Labrador attending the 2010 Labrador Winter Games are to submit the number of athletes attending.

Reggie Maggo is the Coordinator for the Nain Amaguks team.

He says on January 19th, along with the number of athletes to be submitted, he is to register the ‘Optional Games’ they are to participate in.

Then on January 30th, Maggo says the final submission of the Athletes, Mandatory Games and everything else, is to be registered.

Until then, they’re still holding scheduled practices, holding fund raising events and screening out of dedicated and undedicated individuals.

Screening is done by giving an individual a strike for every scheduled practice and fund raiser missed, in no particular order and totaling three.

In our last reporting on the Nain Amaguks team, Maggo said four male and four female were pre-selected to go to Goose Bay for the games.

He says now one of those pre-selected females has been given the three strikes and is bumped to the bottom of the list.

However, Maggo says she now has once again; fight to get a spot on the team back.

With telecommunications still currently down, we here at OKâlaKatigêt Radio are unable to contact any of the other Nunatsiavut communities for an update.

And until communications are back in working order, keep tuning into AtjiKangitut for the latest developments.

Flights In/Out of Nain

Along with there being no cable, no long distance phoning and internet connectivity, Nain also has not seen a plane a days.

Many people have been stuck home trying to get back to College/University or back to work.

With no one getting out, nothing comes in either. So, we haven’t received any mail or food by mail since the planes stopped flying.

We contacted both airlines to find out when their planes last landed here in Nain.

Wilma Hay-Jenkins is a ticket agent for Innu Mikun/Provincial Airlines.

She says her last flight was on Sunday, January 3rd.

Hay-Jenkins adds that only one flight made it in out of the two possible flights.

She says only one flight made it in due to poor weather margins.

Air Labrador on the other hand has not seen a plane since last year!

Stephanie McIntosh is a ticket agent for Air Labrador.

She says her last flight was on December 31st.

Hopefully, today will be the day that Nain witnesses a plane or two, and hopefully the technicians for EastLink and Bell Aliant make it in as well!

After we last spoke with the ticket agents, four flights have made it to Nain.

Although these planes landed, we could not confirm if the Eastlink or Aliant technicians have arrived.

Keep tuning into AtjiKangitut for the latest details of our cable and telecommunications loss.

Nain Enhancement Program

The Community Enhancement Employment Program for people who need more hours to qualify for their Employment Insurance Benefits is going well in Nain.

Sarah Erickson is the Inuit Community Government AngajukKak.

She says 6 people are still employed and adds that 1 crafts person has just started work.

Erickson says in about a week and a half some workers will have finished getting their hours in.

These workers made kamotik boxes, push boxes for babies, garbage boxes, carvings and sewing crafts from sealskin.

The Community Enhancement Employment Program is provided by the Provincial Government and was started last October in some communities.

So we hope to get more news on how well this program is going for the other communities next week.

Cigarette Power Walls

For anyone who is a smoker, you may have noticed that cigarettes have been removed from the public eye since New Year’s Day.

This is because of new guidelines to help discourage people from smoking.

Carla Pamak works for Big Land Grocery in Nain.

She says Health & Community Services released a statement about the new guidelines.

It said that all cigarette power walls were to be removed, meaning that cigarettes are no longer allowed to be displayed for the public to see.

Along with that, there are a few other restrictions as well.

Pamak says each retailer cannot post signs that say they sell cigarettes outside their store, but they can advertise it within their store.

But even so, they have to follow a few guidelines if they wish to advertise.

Pamak says signs can only be in black and white lettering and can only be a certain size and a maximum of three signs per store can be displayed.

On those signs, only the price can be advertised. Meaning they cannot list which brands the store carries.

Pamak says if a store does not follow these guidelines, they will be penalized with a fine and a suspension of their license.

And that’s only for the first offence. If they’re caught displaying cigarettes again, the punishment only gets more severe.

Activties at the Gym on Nalujuk's Night

Nalujuks Day is celebrated on January 6th, this is a special and big event that takes place in Nain.

We spoke to Joan Dicker one of the Inuktitut teachers in Nain.

She says the Nalujuks were at the Jens Haven Memorial School Gym from 7 until 8:30pm that evening.

Dicker says there was a really good turnout of close to 400 people to come and see the 3 Nalujuks.

She says when they entered the gym they shook every ones hands, this was while the brass band played in the background.

The children were all given goodie bags.

Dicker says after that a few games were played, children played first and then the adults both men and women challenging the monkey dance, and musical chairs.

She says Jennifer Jararuse was the winner in the adult’s monkey dance; she won a naulak, and Simone Kolmeister was the lucky winner in the adult women’s musical chairs, she won a straw broom.

And Derrick Dicker was the winner in the men’s musical chairs, he won a mop.

Dicker says everyone joined in singing Surutsit and the Nalujuit tossed candy out to the children.

The organizers would like to thank everyone who helped out and those who took part, and especially to the brass band players.

And many thanks to the Nain Inuit Community Government, Big Land Grocery, Haynes’ store for their generous donations.

OK Radio Producer to the Vacouver 2010 Olympics!

Next month, one of our radio producers here at OKâlaKatiget will be heading to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Morrall Blake will be leaving for a month on February 1st to be a volunteer at the Olympics.

This morning we spoke with him to get the details of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Blake says he is volunteering for CTV and he will have all sorts of odd jobs to do while he is there.

Aliant Out

After 10:00am yesterday morning, residents in Nain like many other communities in Labrador lost all communications of long distance phoning.

Along with this loss, all residents witnessed and still continue a total loss of internet connectivity.

Because of this inconvenience, we were unable to even contact Bell Aliant through their toll free numbers.

Until everything is fixed and back to its normal functioning, we will continue to try and contact someone from Aliant to find out the details.

Piguttuk Family Resource Center

Next week The Piguttuk Family Resource Center will be back to its regular programs for the New Year.

The two staff members and a volunteer are currently cleaning up the center today and will continue tomorrow.

Rosina Brown is the Coordinator.

She says the regular programs are for parents and babies and for children up to 6 years of age.

Family evening programs are held on Tuesdays from 6- 8pm, while the Preschoolers get together is on Wednesdays with two different groups rotating at the Primary School and the center each week.

Gym night is also held at the Grade 4-12 School on Wednesdays from 6:30 -8:30 pm. The Mother Goose program is Thursday mornings from 9- 11, followed by parent night from 6-8pm. Administration and volunteers cleanup on Friday’s.

Brown says there are seven board members, and a tentative date has been set for the boards get together, which is Tuesday, January 12 at noon.

At that time there will be few issues to be dealt with and scheduling of the board meeting for the New Year.

She added the annual submission proposal was sent to the Provincial Government their Funding Agency, but to date there is no word back from them.

She says they also sent their first proposal to Nunatsiavut Government for two more positions which is for a janitor and a Program Facilitator Assistant , but NG too has still not responded.

Sensei Karate Update

Sensei translated into English means “one who has done this before”.

Shawn Morrison is the Sensei Karate instructor.

Morrison arrived to Nain early this September and began classes for children and adults in the community.

October 8th 2009 was the first scheduled class.

He says the children’s and the adult’s schedule is every Tuesday and Thursday evenings, children from 4:30 to 5:30pm; and adults 5:30 to 6:30 and Sundays from 7-9pm.

Morrison says the children are becoming more confident with themselves and most children have finished their first test which earned their second degree in light belt.

This means the children fully understand the basic techniques and are going on the next step in learning more on self defense.

He says overall there are 6 to 12 children attending every class, while approximately 6 adults attend their class regularly.

Feedback from the adults says that classes are too early in the afternoon, but they have to coordinate the use of the gym.

He adds that hopefully he will get more gym use if available.

All the adults passed their first test on self defense.

Morrison’s goal is to teach someone for a few months to become his assistant to assist him if needed.

Lastly he says they are hoping to have a demonstration with both children and adults to take part end of the school year to perform to the community.

Daycare Centre Update

The Pigutsavik Day Care Centre in Nain has seven toddler seats available.

We spoke to Nicole Dicker who is the Day Care Operator for Pigutsavik Centre.

She says applications can be picked up at the centre for any parent wanting their child to attend.

And for any parent who needs financial assistance, they’re to apply through child care services.

Dicker says the staff looks at what the parents want and try to plan things from there.

She says there are currently three toddlers, eight three to four year olds and eight children in Kindergarten enrolled.

Dicker says the fee for a child is $10.00 per day, and $5.00 for half a day.

She says the children are taught Inuttitut words at circle time.

Dicker adds the children have morning and afternoon snacks and dinner is also provided.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nunatsiavut's First Minister

Nunatsiavut Government held its last Assembly Meeting in Hopedale in early December, 2009.

Tony Andersen is the First Minister.

Andersen will be live in our studio today to speak of the Assembly meetings as well as NG’s New Year Plans for 2010.

Cable System Still Down

All Eastlink customers in Nain still wait to see their channels back on screen on their televisions.

The cable system went down on Monday, December 28 for the whole town, after the occurrence of an abrupt power outage.

The residents can only receive channels 9 and 12 since then.

A cable system repair technician was to come to Nain on December 31st, but due to weather conditions later that day the flight cancelled out.

So today it’s been a week and a day to keep watching the 2 channels, APTN and CBC.

We got in contact with Eastlink customer service in Halifax, Nova Scotia again this morning, and according to them a technician waits for the weather conditions to improve.

But still the weather forecast does not look good for any flights to get in for a few more days.

But there is good news for Eastlink customers here in Nain, Halifax says a credit will be given to people who are serviced with cable, because it’s not right for the residents to have waited long with only two channels to watch.

TRHA 2010

It is just the 5th day into the New Year of 2010 and many organizations, agencies, corporations and governments are on the ball planning and carrying out its goals.

The Torngat Regional Housing Association (TRHA) like last year will entice quite a busy workload.

Margie Fox is the Chairman of TRHA.

She says the final $1,000,000 they’re to receive from the Nunatsiavut Government (NG) like last year is unknown as to how and when the monies will be distributed.

But it will be received and used along with TRHA’s regular budget of $1,800,000.

Fox says in regards to this year’s construction season, the TRHA Board Meetings will be held sometime within the first two weeks of February.

During these meetings each local housing committee’s chairperson brings forth their reasons their communities needs on new houses and/or repairs.

As for new housing and repairs for the 2010 construction season, Fox says she would like to remind all residents along the coast that January 31st is the deadline for submitting applications.

And their 2009 Income Tax Summary is to be submitted as soon as it becomes available to them.

If you need more information, you can contact your Local TRHA Committee Members.

To get both sides of the story, we here at OKâlaKatigêt Radio will attempt to contact the appropriate personnel within the NG on how the $1,000,000 will be distributed to TRHA.

So keep tuning in for any new developments!

Nalujuk Celebrations

Tomorrow is Nalujuks night (which in English means Jannies or Mummers) also known as Old Christmas Day.

Three communities on the north coast celebrate this occasion.

We spoke to Christine Nochasak who is the Inuttitut teacher for John Christian Erhardt Memorial School in Makkovik.

Nochasak says her family members celebrate Nalujuks every year, and for anyone who would like to see a nalujuk, they call them up and the Nalujuk goes to their home.

She adds the nalujuk give out candies to the children, and that they will hold a church service at 3pm.

We also spoke to Joan Dicker who is the Inuttitut teacher for Jens Haven Memorial School in Nain.

Dicker says the Nalujuks will be arriving to the high school gym at 7pm.

She says the brass band will be there to perform and they will have few games for the children and adults.

She says she and Simon Kohlmeister would like to thank the Northern Store, Big Land Grocery and Nain Inuit Community Government for their donations.

Dicker says the Nalujuks will give out treats to the children, and after their treats, the Nalujuks will be going around town.

She adds that everyone should come and say “Happy New Year” to the Nalujuks.

And in Hopedale we spoke to Michael Mitsuk who is the Recreation Assistant for Hopedale Inuit Community Government.

Mitsuk says the Nalujuk will be going around town and will be giving out candies to the children.

Hope you all have a good Nalujuk day.

Moravian Church in Nain

The Moravian Church in Nain is wrapping up its Christmas 2009 and New Year’s 2010 church services tomorrow on Old Christmas Day.

Gordon Obed Sr. is one of the Lay-ministers in the Nain Church.

He says all the twenty-five church services since before Advent four went really well.
The main services were on Christmas Eve with two Candle Services, Christmas Day, the

Children’s Festival Day on the December 28th, the Memorabilia Service and the Watch-night Service on New Year’s Eve, and New Years Day with Holy Communion at 7PM.

The services for tomorrow, Old Christmas Day will be as follows; at 10 AM Nalujuk’s Day Address, Love-feast for all at 3 PM and the closing service with Inuktitut Liturgy at 5 PM.

Obed says at this time he would like to thank the following for all their help through Christmas and New Years.

All the Chapel-servants, both the men and the women and their helpers. The Choir, the Bell-ringers, the Organists, the Violinists, and the Church-elders.

He would also like to thank all the businesses and organizations who donated apples and biscuits for the Candle Services and the Children’s Festival Day.

Last but not least, Obed would like to thank all those who came to church.

He adds, they’re the ones who keep our congregation together on special days like Christmas and New Years.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Navigator Program-David Penner

The St. John’s Native Friendship Centre and the Eastern Health Authority have developed a program called the Navigator Program.

David Penner is the Executive Director of the St. John’s Friendship Centre.

He says their Friendship Centre has hired two Aboriginal People to work under this program through an arrangement and with funding from Eastern Health in St. John’s.

Penner adds that the Navigators are Katie Dicker of Nain and Paula Delaney of the Conne River area.

Dicker and Delaney are to take care of patients who have to travel to St. John’s for medical reasons.

Home Heating Rebate Update

Recently, the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador released an update on the Home Heating Rebate.

In a press release dated December 19th, 2009, it says that regardless of type of heat one uses, a rebate will be given if they fall into a certain income bracket.

Whether it be electric, oil, propane or wood heat.

If a Newfoundland family makes an income of $40, 000, they will receive a $250.00 and residents of coastal Labrador will receive a $500.00 rebate.

For a family with a combined income of $35, 000 or less, a full rebate will be given.

For further details and how to apply contact the Department of Finance toll-free at 1-866-990-3444 or visit