Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nain Residents Upset with TRHA Housing Selections

The recent TRHA housing selections have Nain residents questioning the process.

A resident, who asked to remain nameless, feels that TRHA needs to review its selection criteria.

That person feels that it’s who you know and how much money you make versus the actual need for a new home.

Margie Fox is the Chairperson for TRHA.

She says criteria used for selection of recipients in each of the communities are concrete.

The major factor when choosing a recipient is their net income.

A recipient must meet a certain income ceiling level to be eligible for a home.

Other factors that when selecting recipients include overcrowding in the home, safety issues and whether or not that person is a senior.

Fox says that if a conflict of interest does exist between an applicant and a member of the housing committee, that member will not be allowed to sit on the selection committee.

She says the Board of Directors for TRHA is aware of the selections that are made.

If they feel that any by-law has been broken, they will step in.

Fox says that for any changes to be made to the criteria, they have to go through the TRHA assembly.

They would need to pass a motion changing the by-laws.

She adds that they run into the same conflicts every year and it is impossible to please everyone.

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