Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nain Selected For One Laptop Per Child Pilot Project

Students at Jens Haven Memorial will be better prepared for their futures with the launch of a new pilot project.

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) is an initiative that distributes laptops to students for educational purposes.

Nain has been selected as a community where a pilot project will be held.

OLPC distributes laptops to students age six-twelve.

5, 000 laptops will be distributed to aboriginal communities across Canada.

The program comes through the Belinda Stronach Foundation.

Vale and the Bank of Montreal are supporters of the initiative.

OLPC has been a huge success in other countries around the world.

Take Back The Night March In Rigolet

RCMP was in full support of the “Take Back The Night March” in Rigolet.

According to a press release, on September 28, residents of Rigolet came together as one group to demonstrate a united front on violence against women.

The march got under way at 7pm at the Nunatsiavut Department of Health and Social Development (DHSD) office.

The walk took the participants through several town streets and then back to the DHSD office.

The weather was cool and wet, but it didn’t dampen the marcher’s spirit.

The Rigolet RCMP accepted an invitation from local organizers to participate in the march.

They provided a vehicle escort to ensure the safety of the participants.

The evening wrapped up with a post-march reception that included refreshments and materials regarding programs and resources available to persons experiencing violence.

Included in the information was the recently opened Kirkina House.

The Kirkina House is a shelter for women and children in Rigolet.

Another Alcohol & Drug Bust In Natuashish

Natuashish RCMP continue to keep the community safe from drugs and alcohol.

According to an RCMP press release, police seized a large amount of drugs and alcohol bound for the community.

Information was received by police that there were plans to smuggle both illegal alcohol and drugs into the community.

The booze and drugs were aboard the MV Northern Ranger, destined for Natuashish.

On September 29, members of the local RCMP conducted a search of the vessel.

As a result of the search, members located 39 60 ounce bottles of liquor, ten 26 ounce bottles, two 40 ounce bottles and one can of beer.

Also located and seized was approximately three pounds of marijuana.

RCMP determined the street value of the seizure in the tens of thousands of dollars.

RCMP stated that if these illegal goods had of gotten into the community, there would have been devastating effects.

Natuashish RCMP say they will continue to enforce the local by-law to keep Natuashish a safe and dry community.

Language Nest Centre Delayed

Funding problems have delayed programming at the Inuaggualuit Centre in Hopedale.

Toni White is the Language Program Coordinator for the Torngâsok Cultural Centre.

She says they are dealing with agencies now to secure the funding.

Funds for the centre come from the federal government’s Aboriginal Language Initiative.

The funding is used to pay the salaries of the centre’s two Inuktitut teachers.

White says the Department of Health and Social Development and the Nunatsiavut Government also provide funds for the centre.

White hopes the centre will be operating in a couple of weeks.

No Community Constable For Nain Yet

Nain will have to wait a little longer before a Community Constable is stationed in the community.

Dasi Ikkusek is the Town Manager for the Nain Inuit Community Government (NICG).

She says they did offer the position to a candidate.

The person declined the offer.

Ikkusek says they will be re-advertising for the position.

The NICG hopes to get the job ad out today.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Deputy Minister of Finance Hired for Nunatsiavut Government

The Nunatsiavut Government welcomes a new deputy minister to its staff.

Carolyn Janes is the Director of Human Resources.

She says Roxanne Crawford has been hired as Deputy Minister of Finance.

Crawford first day on the job was Wednesday, September 28.

She will be stationed out of the Happy Valley-Goose Bay office.

Communities Need More Hours For EI

Inuit Community Governments (ICG) throughout Nunatsiavut are hoping to assist residents in receiving enough hours to qualify for employment insurance.

The five ICG offices have submitted proposals to the provincial government to help these people.

But there is no word from the province yet on whether or not the funds have been approved.

The funds come through the Community Enhancement Program.

This program helps people receive enough hours to qualify for employment insurance.

Each of the community governments have made preparations for if and when the funds are approved.

The ICGs have a number of people in line ready to go if the green light is given.

Missing Hunters Found

The three overdue hunters from Nain were found safe by the local Search and Rescue (SAR) team.

The hunters left Nain in speedboat on Tuesday, September 21, to an area known as Mugford Bay.

The men were expected back in Nain on Sunday, Sept 26.

A search was conducted when the hunters didn’t return as scheduled.

According to a press release, RCMP in Nain has confirmed that the three missing hunters from the community have been located and are safe.

A cormorant SAR helicopter out of Gander assisted in the search for the hunters.

At approximately 3:30am, they located the boat on the shore of a nearby cabin.

The SAR technicians confirmed that the three individuals were in the cabin.

The hunters have sufficient supplies of fuel and food.

They are comfortably waiting out the weather to return to Nain on their own.

Winds in the area have been high since the men left.

The men aged 40, 45 and 46 are experienced hunters and are capable of survival off the land.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Councilors of the Inuit Community Governments Announced

The nominees have been announced for councilors of the Inuit Community Governments (ICG) in Nunatsiavut.

Nominations closed yesterday.

In Postville there were four people nominated for councilors of the Postville ICG.

Mary Edmunds, Violet Flowers, Jamie Jacque and Winston Sheppard are running for the beneficiary seats in the upcoming election.

There are three seats available on the Postville ICG.

One seat on the council of each of the ICGs is allocated to a non-beneficiary.

Nancy Hall and Carmen Sheppard will be running for that seat in Postville.

The election is set to take place on October 18.

In Hopedale five people were nominated as councilors of the Hopedale ICG.

Jimmy Tuttauk, Connie Basto, Phillip Abel, Darlene Nochasak and Doris Boas will serve as councilors.

They all got in by acclamation.

The Hopedale ICG is waiting for clarification on their non-beneficiary seat.

In Nain, Sarah Leo, George Lyall, Duane Dicker, Margie Fox and Beni Andersen will serve as councilors for the Nain ICG.

Jacob Larkin will serve as councilor in the non-beneficiary seat.

They all got in by acclamation.

In Makkovik there are two non-beneficiary seats to represent the large number of non-beneficiaries in that community.

Theresa Lightfoot and Dion Rideout will serve in those seats.

They got in by acclamation.

Seven people will be running for the beneficiary seats.

There are four beneficiary seats available on the Makkovik ICG.

Bernie Andersen, Tony Andersen, Randy Edmunds, Elizabeth Evans-Mitchell, Cyril Lane, Rory McNeil and Lewis McNeil will be running for those seats.

The election in Makkovik is set to take place October 19.

Public Shows Large Interest in Nain Community Enhancement Program

There are a large number of Nain residents interested in participating in the proposed Community Enhancement Program.

The program would give Nain residents enough hours to qualify for employment insurance benefits for the winter.

Dasi Ikkusek is the Town Manager for the Nain Inuit Community Government (NICG).

She says around 25 people have expressed interest in participating in the program.

Now it’s just waiting for the proposals to be approved.

Ikkusek says they have proposals in for two programs: a craft development program and a make-work project.

The provincial Department of Municipal Affairs is in the process of reviewing the applications for the program now.

The NICG hopes to have a response in the near future.

Ikkusek adds that they are still accepting the names of Nain residents interested in acquiring more hours.

From Sportsmeet to Regionals

The Hopedale Nanuks will be heading to the regional volleyball competition following a successful win at the 2010 fall sportsmeet.

Nicole Dalley is the Physical Educational teacher at the Amos Comenius Memorial School in Hopedale.

She says the Nanuks claimed the top spot in the female volleyball and table tennis competitions.

Due to a new policy from the Labrador School Board, a team can only travel one regional event per meet for the north coast.

She says they have decided to take part in volleyball regionals.

The female volleyball regional competition takes place in Churchill Falls on November 19.

Labrador Interpretation Centre to Host New Exhibit

The Labrador Interpretation Centre in North West River will be hosting a new exhibit.

Mina Campbell-Hibbs is the Curator for the centre.

She says they will begin installing the new exhibit this week.

Mannie Buccheit is the Curator for the exhibit.

He will be arriving at the centre today, September 28, to begin installing the new display.

Campbell-Hibbs says the exhibit will feature photographs taken by the Holloway family.

She adds that many of the photos were taken in Nunatsiavut communities.

The exhibit is scheduled to open this Sunday, October 3, at the Labrador Interpretation Center.

Delagates Selected to Attend Provincial Board of the Moravian Church Meetings

Delegates have been selected to attend a meeting of the Provincial Board of the Moravian Church in Newfoundland and Labrador next month.

Gordon Obed Sr. is the Lay-pastor in Nain.

He says the Chapel-servants and church elders met at the Moravian Church in Nain Sunday afternoon.

The main purpose of the meeting was to elect delegates to go to a meeting in Happy-Valley-Goose Bay.

The Provincial Board of the Moravian Church in Newfoundland and Labrador will meet there from October 22-25.

Obed says David Harris Sr. and Joe Solomon were selected to serve as delegates from Nain.

Also attending will be the out-going Board Member for Nain along with the Lay-pastor.

Obed adds that there will be elections of Board Members for Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Makkovik, Hopedale and Nain during the meeting.

Board Members serve a two-year term.

Nain Bids Farewell to Valued Member of the Community

Nain will be losing a valued member of the community this weekend.

Albert Hamel is the Manager of the Big Land Grocery in Nain.

He says he will be moving back to Happy Valley-Goose Bay on Sunday, October 3.

Hamel and his family moved to Nain in September, 2003.

He says over the years he has come to love the lifestyle and people of the community.

Hamel has been very active in volunteering for various community groups during his time in Nain.

He coached the community’s Minor Hockey team for four years.

He has rallied on multiple occasions for improved services on the north coast.

He was also there to provide the fire brigade members with refreshments as they bravely battled the community’s fires.

Stay tuned to our Labrador Memories show today to hear Hamel discuss his time in Nain.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Torngat Fishery Season In Review

The operation of the fish plants in Makkovik and Nain were shut down earlier this year than last.

Keith Watts is the General Manager of the Torngat Fish Producers Cooperative.

He says the crab fishery in Makkovik did very well this summer.

They came close to processing their quota of 1.1 million pounds.

On the other hand, the turbot fishery was a disappointment.

Out of a quota of 500,000 pounds, only 70,000 pounds was landed.

The char fishery in Nain didn’t do very well either.

Watts says only 20,000 pounds of char was landed, compared to the 31,000 pounds landed last year.

He adds they were able to smoke 5,000 of the 20,000 pounds.

USW & Vale Negotiations Postponed

Negotiations between the United Steelworkers and Vale have been postponed until this weekend.

Darren Cove is the President of the United Steelworkers Local 9508.

He says talks are scheduled to resume Saturday, October 2.

They are currently scheduled for two days.

Details of the negotiations so far are not being made public due to a media blackout.

Provincially-appointed mediator, Bill Wells, will return to assist the parties in reaching an agreement.

The employees have been on strike for nearly 14 months.

New Aliant Tower

Bell Aliant has completed the construction of a new communications tower near Rigolet.

Last spring, a massive ice-buildup caused Bell Aliant’s communications tower to collapse.

A temporary tower was erected until the weather conditions would allow for a new tower to be constructed.

Wayne Sheppard is Bell Aliants Regional Manager for Labrador and the Avalon Peninsula.

He says the new tower has been constructed and is ready to go.

However, the tower will not be in operation until about two-three weeks.

Sheppard says that everything will then be transferred from the temporary tower to the new, permanent one.

In other Bell Aliant news, most of the internet was down in the community of Nain.

OKâlaKatigêt Radio contacted Bell Aliant’s high speed technician agent.

The agent said because of the amount of reports from Nain, Bell Aliant has tagged Nain’s internet service as down.

Technicians are now working on the situation and should have the problems fixed by 5pm local time.

The agent adds that this problem may be resolved before then.

She asks everyone to hang tight while the problem is located.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hopedale Claims Top Spot at2010 Fall Sportsmeet

Hopedale claimed the top spot at the 2010 Fall Sportsmeet in Nain.

Competitions wrapped up this morning.

Hopedale took the honours for the top overall team.

Hopedale girls came first in volleyball, while Nain took the top spot in the boys division.

Hopedale boys claimed second place, and Postville girls came second in the volleyball competition.

Hopedale came first in the table tennis competition, followed by Nain in second and Natuashish in third.

Hopedale boys took the top spot in archery, followed by Natuashish in second and Postville in third.

Makkovik girls came first in the archery competition.

Hopedale girls took second and third place went to Sheshatshiu.

Postville boys came first in Native games.

Makkovik took the same honour in the girls division.

Makkovik girls took the top spot in running, followed by Postville and Nain.

Makkovik boys also took the top spot in running.

Second place went to the Nain team and third to Postville.

The Nain team was named most sportsmanlike.

Patrick Webb was named most sportsmanlike male competitor.

Bella Andersen and Holly Sheppard were named the most sportsmanlike females.

The honours for best athlete went to Paul Mitchell of Makkovik and Jessica Winters, also of Makkovik.

The athletes are heading back to their hometowns today Sunday, September 26.

Them Days Open House

Them Days held an open house at their office in Goose Bay on Saturday.

Aimee Chaulk is the Editor of Them Days magazine.

She says they celebrated Culture Day at their office.

To mark the occasion a tent was set up along with a stove to make flummies.

There was also community elders on hand sharing stories.

Activities had also been organized for the children in attendance.

She says the September edition of Them Days is on stands now in the Upper Lake Melville region.

The magazine will be available in Nunatsiavut communities soon.

2010 Fall Sportsmeet

The 2010 Fall Sportsmeet kicked off in Nain on Friday.

All of the teams have arrived and are ready to compete.

It started off with the table tennis competitions.

Athletes will then begin the Volleyball competition soon after.

Friday night at 7pm was the Opening Ceremonies at the Jens Haven Memorial School’s Gym.

Nain’s Little Drum Dancers will help open the ceremonies.

Keep checking out the OKâlaKatigêt Society’s website throughout the weekend for the latest results.

NICG applying for Community Enhancement Project

The community of Nain has been dealt some hard blows this summer.

From the early closure of the fish plant to the 10-Mile Bay quarry not operating this season, it’s been a hard summer for employment.

This has been a cause of worry for many residents who depend on the employment to gather enough hours to receive employment insurance benefits.

The Nain Inuit Community Government (NICG) may be stepping in to assist these residents in gathering their needed hours.

The NICG is applying for funds for a community enhancement project from the provincial government.

They have not been approved for the funding yet, but they are preparing for the possible green light to be given.

They are asking residents who need 420 hours or less to qualify for employment insurance benefits to contact their office.

Then if the project is approved, they will be prepared and ready to get the ball rolling.

The deadline for Nain residents to submit their name was Friday, September 24.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Councillor Nominations

Six people have been nominated for councilors of the Rigolet Inuit Community Government (ICG).

Nominations closed yesterday in the community.

In the Rigolet ICG there are seven seats including the AngajukKak.

One of those seats is reserved for a non-beneficiary.

Marie Rich will serve in that seat.

Marie claimed the seat by acclamation with no other candidates running.

Six others have been nominated for the remaining five seats.

An election will be held for those positions on October 19 in Rigolet.

Nominations for councilors of the other Inuit Community Government in other Nunatsiavut communities close Monday September 27.

Vehicle and Cottage B&E in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

The RCMP is currently investigating thefts from vehicles in Happy Valley-Goose Bay (HV-GB).

According to a press release, sometime between the evening hours of September 23 and the early morning hours of September 24, several vehicles were broken into.

Personal belongings were taken from the vehicles.

The RCMP would like to remind the public to ensure that their vehicles are secured to help prevent similar occurrences.

Goose Bay RCMP are also investigating break and enters into cottages on Grand Lake road.

An area just outside of the community.

Sometime over the past week, several cottages were broken into.

A variety of items were taken.

The RCMP is seeking the community's assistance in identifying any unusual activity in the area which may assist with these investigations.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

2010 English River fish count

The English River fish count is winding down for the season.

Morris Jacque is the Supervisor for the fish count project in Postville.

He says the project includes counting salmon, char and brook trout.

The project also includes taking scales off of salmon for testing.

Jacque says this summer’s count shows a decrease in the number of salmon and an increase in smaller size char.

Only 20 brook trout were counted so far this season.

He says project started in July and will wrap-up in about two weeks.

USW and Vale negotiations ongong

Negotiations have now reached day five with the assistance of a mediator.

The United Steelworkers and Vale headed back to the table on Sunday, September 19.

This is some promising news for the strikers who have been off the job for nearly14 months.

Bill Wells is the mediator assisting in the negotiations.

He was appointed by the provincial government in hope of bringing the lengthy strike to an end.

Details from the negotiations are not being made public with a media blackout still in effect.

We spoke with a source at around 12:30pm who told us that talks between the two parties are ongoing.

CYFS activity increases in Nain

Nain residents have been noticing an increase in the activity of Child, Youth and Family Services (CYFS)in the community.

A number of children have been removed from their homes and placed with other families in recent months.

Susanne Hillier is the Director of Communications with CYFS.

She says there was extra support flown into the community following a tragedy in July.

In small communities they don’t release the figures of how many children have been removed.

This is due to child protection issues.

She says releasing the number could lead to identifying the child.

However, says Hillier, the number has been lower than five.

And the majority of those children have been placed in foster homes or with family members in the community.

Sikimiut constructs facility at Base Camp

The Torngat Mountains base camp was a hot spot for visitors this summer.

From government officials to researchers dropping by, there wasn’t a dull moment.

A permanent facility has been constructed to cater to the needs of those visitors.

Gus Dicker is one of the Owners and Partners with Sikimiut Environmental Management Ltd.

Sikumiut held the contract to construct the facility.

He says the facility was constructed this summer.

It houses a laboratory, accommodations and kitchen area.

The facility is powered by 36 solar panels.

In case the solar panels fail to power the facility, there are two diesel-powered engines available for back-up.

There is also a water-purifying system to provide the building with safe water.

Dicker adds they have a few finishing touches to make, but the facility will be ready for use next season.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Patty Pottle Discusses Progress of Aboriginal Women in Politics

The MHA for the Torngat Mountains District and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs detailed the progress of this province’s aboriginal women in politics during a leadership summit.

Patty Pottle attended the Arnait Nipingit Leadership Summit in Iqaluit, Nunavut, last week.

Minister Pottle was part of a panel discussion on women and political leadership in the North.

Pottle was joined by other prominent aboriginal women in politics including the Premier of Nunavut, Eva Aariak and the Federal Minister of Health, Leona Aglukkaq.

Negotitations Enter Day Four

Things are looking promising for the employees of Voisey’s Bay who have been on strike for nearly 14 months.

Negotiations between the United Steelworkers and Vale have now entered their fourth day.

Bill Wells, a provincially appointed mediator, is assisting in the negotiations.

The talks were originally scheduled for two days.

Wayne Fraser, the District Director for Ontario and Atlantic Canada, told us Monday that talks would continue outside of the scheduled two days if progress was being made.

Details from the negotiations are not being made public with a media blackout still in effect.

We spoke with a source shortly before 12pm who told us that talks are in fact continuing.

Nunatsiavut Hunters Calling for Higher Polar Bear Quota

The possibility of increasing Nunatsiavut’s polar bear quota was up for discussion during a meeting of three Inuit regions.

Representatives from Nunavik, Nunavut and Nunatsiavut came together to discuss the Davis Strait polar bear population.

Jamie Snook is the Executive Director for the Torngat Secretariat.

He says11 representatives from Labrador attended the first ever Davis Strait Polar Bear Interjurisdictional Meeting.

The attendees included local hunters, government representatives and members of the Torngat Wildlife and Plant Co-management Board.

They met in Kuujuaq, Nunavik, last week.

Snook says they discussed the current state of the Davis Strait polar bear population and management of the polar bear hunt.

The Davis Strait polar bear population is the highest and most densely populated of any other.

They discussed the science behind the population and shared traditional knowledge on polar bears.

Safety concerns about the high number of polar bears were also discussed.

A resolution was passed during the meeting to increase Nunatsiavut’s polar bear quota by six bears.

The proposed increase would bring Nunatsiavut’s quota to a total of 12 polar bears.

The resolution was supported by all three Inuit regions involved.

Snook says that the participants will now bring the recommendations to their respective governments in hopes of increasing the quota.

He adds that the meeting was a huge success and they hope that it is something that will happen again in the future.

2010 Fall Sports Meet Begins Tomorrow

The 2010 Fall Sportsmeet kicks off in Nain tomorrow morning.

Damian Barter is Coach of the Nain Huskies.

He says the schedule of events will be very similar to last year’s meet.

Tomorrow morning at 9am, the table tennis competitions will begin.

Athletes will then begin the Volleyball competition soon after.

At 7pm will be the Opening Ceremonies at the Jens Haven Memorial School’s (JHMS) Gym.

Nain’s Little Drum Dancers will help open the ceremonies.

On Friday, the athletes will compete in the Cross Country Run and Archery competitions.

The Volleyball competitions will also be taking place all day.

Inuit Games will begin that evening at around 6:30pm.

Barter says the Inuit Games are open to the public and he encourages everyone to attend.

Volleyball finals will take place on Saturday morning and afternoon.

He says Inuit Games will also take place throughout Saturday.

Barter adds that the Awards Banquet will be held that evening at 7pm.

We headed to the JHMS this morning during the school’s pep rally for the Huskies.

Be sure to tune into our Sugusivut program this afternoon to hear the students share their school spirit.

And be sure to tune into OKalaKatiget for all of the results from the 2010 Fall Sportsmeet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pauktuutit Searching for Employees With New Projects on the Horizon

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada is calling for applications for a large number of positions.

The call for applications comes with the anticipation of a number of new upcoming projects.

Tracy O'Hearn is the Executive Director with Pauktuutit.

She says Pauktuutit will soon experience an increase in productivity with a number of new projects on the horizon.

They are calling for resumes for six positions including a Manager of Special Projects and project coordinators.

O'Hearn says they are accepting resumes from Inuit all across Canada.

Anybody interested in applying for employment with Pauktuutit are urged to contact their office for more details on the positions available.

Newly-Elected Nunatsiavut Assembly Members Taking Oath of Office

The newly-elected AngajukKaks and Inuit Community Corporation Chairs have been taking their oath of office in their respective communities.

Jennifer Hefler-Elson, the newly-elected Chair of the NunaKatiget Inuit Community Corporation took her oath of office Wednesday, September 15.

Herb Jacque was sworn in for his second term as AngajukKak of the Makkovik Inuit Community Government (ICG) on Friday, September 17.

Tony Andersen took the oath of office for AngajukKak of the Nain Inuit Communtiy Government yesterday, September 20.

Dianne Gear, the newly-elected AngajukKak for the Postville ICG, will be sworn in either this afternoon or this evening in that community.

Ed Tuttauk, the Chair of the Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation, will take his oath tomorrow during Sivunivut’s Annual General Meeting.

And Wayne Piercy is planning to be sworn in next Tuesday, September 28.

All the newly-elected members will be sworn in to the Nunatsiavut Assembly during the next assembly sitting in early October.

Negotiations Continue Between Vale and United Steelworkers

Negotiations between the United Steelworkers and Vale have entered their third day.

This may be some promising news for the employees who have been on strike for nearly 14 months.

The talks were originally scheduled for two days.

Wayne Fraser, the District Director for Ontario and Atlantic Canada, told us yesterday that talks would continue outside of the scheduled two days if progress was being made.

The negotiations are being assisted by a provincially appointed mediator: Bill Wells.

Details from the negotiations are not being made public due to a media blackout.

We spoke with a source shortly before 1pm who told us that talks are in fact continuing.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Site Chosen for Repatriation of Inuit Remains

A site has been chosen for the repatriation of the Inuit remains that were removed from Zoar.

The remains of 22 Inuit were moved from the former settlement in the late 1920s by the Field Museum of Natural History.

Zoar is located between Nain and Natuashish.

Representatives from the Nunatsiavut Government, the Torngasok Cultural Centre, the Moravian Church and the Field Museum of Natural History travelled to the site on Friday, September 17.

They travelled there to locate the cemetery and find a location to rebury the Inuit remains.

There are plans to return the Inuit remains to Zoar next summer.

Talks Continue Between USW and Vale

The United Steelworkers and Vale have entered their second day of negotiations.

Negotiations between the parties began Sunday, September 19.

The negotiations are being assisted by a government-appointed mediator.

The government hopes the mediator, Bill Wells, will help bring an end to the lengthy strike.

Wayne Fraser is the United Steelworkers District Director for Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

He says neither party is releasing any information on the progress of the negotiations until either talks break off or an agreement is reached.

The talks were originally scheduled for two days.

Fraser says that the negotiations will continue outside of the two scheduled days if progress is being made.

The employees have been on strike for nearly 14 months.

Cruise North Cleaning-Up Sites in Torngat Mountains

Cruise North Expeditions is cleaning-up several sites within the Torngat Mountains National Park as part of their annual clean-up cruise.

Cruise North chooses different sites to carry out their clean-up cruise.

This year they have chosen the Torngat Mountains National Park.

Approximately 60 participants boarded the Lyubov Orlova last week.

The Lyobov Orlova is the vessel used by Cruise North for their expeditions.

They will be travelling through the park removing garbage and unwanted items from wilderness locations and historical sites.

Included in the participants are Nunatsiavut Government and Parks Canada representatives.

Members of the Torngat Mountains National Park Co-Management Board are also participating.

The Lyovov Orlova is expected to arrive in Nain tomorrow morning.

Teacher Units Under Construction

There are three new teacher units being constructed in two of the north coast communities.

Bruce Vey is the Director of Education for the Labrador School Board.

He says the community of Postville is getting one new teacher unit.

The work on that unit started in August.

There are two units being constructed in the community of Rigolet.

Construction in that community began in early-September.

Vey says Hillier’s Trades out of Happy Valley-Goose Bay holds the contract for the construction of the units.

He says the project is going well with the exception of a small delay in Rigolet.

Vey says he is happy with the allocation of more units in these two communities.

Funds for the construction were provided by the Provincial Government.

He adds the units should be ready for occupation by late November.

Aboriginal Family Centre Update

The Aboriginal Family Centre is urging mothers to apply for the Mother Baby Nutrition Supplement.

Judy Voisey is a Resource Mother with the center in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

She is encouraging all pregnant mothers on the north coast to apply for the Mother Baby Nutrition Supplement.

The supplement is a monthly financial benefit for low-income pregnant mothers.

It is also available to families with children under the age of one.

This $60 supplement will help pregnant mothers eat healthier during their pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Voisey adds that pregnant women interested in the supplement can feel free to contact the center for more information.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Agreement Sees the Continuation of Inuit Pathways Funding

Some good news for students planning on pursuing post-secondary education.

The Nunatsiavut Government has announced that the funding for Inuit Pathways will continue until 2015.

The Minister of Education and Economic Development, Susan Nochasak, announced a $10.5million deal between the Nunatsiavut Government and the federal government to continue the funding.

The funds are provided through the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy.

Inuit Pathways provides funding to Labrador Inuit pursuing education in labour market training and business development.

Torngat Arts and Crafts Incorporated Calling for Crafts

Torngat Arts and Crafts Incorporated (TAAC) in Nain is calling on Nunatsiavut communities for more craft items for the centre.

Andrea Hoyt sits on the board of directors.

She says the center needs more Chimo hats, larger sized slippers, small carvings, baby slippers and unique jewelry.

Hoyt says they have also come across people who are interested in buying the Inuit Kullik.

Anyone in Nunatsiavut who has any of these items to sell or is interested in making them for the center is urged to contact TAAC.

She says the center will be buying craft items on Monday, September 27.

In other news, TAAC is still waiting for the funding for two positions: an Executive Director and General Manager.

Hoyt says there has been no final agreement reached yet.

But the board is in the process of finalizing the position of general manager and will soon be filling the post.

United Steelworkers and Vale Back to the Table

There may be an end in sight for the strike in Voisey’s Bay which is now well over a year long.

Darren Cove is the President of the United Steelworkers Local 9508.

We reached Cove in St. John’s outside of the facility where negotiations will be taking place this weekend.

Cove says he’s cautiously optimistic heading back into negotiations.

That sense of optimism may have to do with the appointment of a mediator.

The provincial government has appointed Bill Wells as an independent mediator.

The government hopes Wells will help bring the lengthy strike to an end.

Negotiations are taking place on Sunday, September 19 and Monday, September 20.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Deputy Minister of Lands and Resources Hired

The Nunatsiavut Government has hired a new Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources.

Carolyn Janes is the Director of Human Resources for the Nunatsiavut Government.

She says Carl McLean has been hired as the new Deputy Minister.

McLean was previously employed with department as Director of Lands.

He was serving as acting Deputy Minister since the position was left vacant this summer.

Dianne Gear Declared Postville AngajukKak Following Recount

Dianne Gear has been declared the AngajukKak of the Postville Inuit Community Government following a recount in the community.

The recount was called following the election on Tuesday, September 14.

The initial count showed that Silpa Edmunds received four votes, Karen Gear gathered 38 of the votes, Keith Decker 43 and Dianne Gear had received 46 of the votes.

With a three vote margin between the top two candidates, the recount was called.

The recount found the same results as the initial count.

Each of the AngajukKaks and Inuit Community Corporation Chairs will be sworn in at the next Nunatsiavut Government Assembly Sitting.

Janine Lightfoot Discusses Jane Glassco Arctic Fellowship

A program has been created to help strengthen the voices of young northerners across the Canadian Arctic.

The Jane Glassco Arctic Fellowship aims to build a strong North guided by Northerners.

Janine Lightfoot of Makkovik is one of fourteen Jane Glassco Arctic Fellows.

She says the program supports young Canadians from across the North in the early stages of their careers.

The program aims to strengthen the fellows understanding of issues facing the North in hopes that they can create policy ideas to help address those issues.

Andersen returned from her first fellow gathering last month.

Nipiit Magazine Distributed in Nunatsiavut

A new Inuit Youth Magazine has been distributed by the National Inuit Youth Council (NIYC).

Shelly Watkins is the Youth Project Coordinator for Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami.

She says the magazine is titled ‘Nipiit.’

It’s Canada’s first Inuit Youth Magazine.

Nipiit was officially launched during the National Inuit Youth and Elders Summit in Inuvik last month.

Watkins says the first edition of the magazine has been distributed to all of the Inuit regions.

This edition features a story on the Torngat Mountains National Park.

‘Spirit of the Torngat Mountains’ profiles Inuit Youth who had spent time at the kangidluasuk base camp this summer.

Although there was only a limited number of the first edition printed, the magazine will be available for download on the NIYC’s website at a later date.

The magazine will be distributed to each of the Nunatsiavut Government offices in the near future.

So keep your eyes open for the first edition of Nipiit.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MP Russell Discusses Employment Insurance Cuts

The Conservative Government has made cuts to the Employment Insurance Program.

Five weeks was cut from the program last weekend.

Labrador’s Member of Parliament, Todd Russell, says this first cut will affect everyone who depends on their EI benefits on the north and south coast of Labrador.

He says the additional five weeks was put in place by the Liberal Government five-years ago.

The Liberals have been fighting to keep it in place for the past two years.

Russell says it is not just one cut because there are two more that will come into effect; one in October and another in December.

He says they will keep fighting to keep the additional weeks because the people need them more than ever in these tough economic times.

He added that the people are having enough trouble as it is trying to find employment.

Flavored Tobacco Banned in Canada

The Government of Canada has put a ban in place on flavored tobacco.

The ban was proposed by the federal government on May 26.

Anti-smoking groups say the fruit-flavored cigarettes and small cigars were being marketed like candy to lure children into smoking.

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said the industry’s own internal documents showed it was using sweet flavors, like grape, banana and peach, to entice teenagers to try tobacco for the first time.

At a news conference in Ottawa, Aglukkaq also said tobacco is not candy and should never be mistaken as such.

On July 5, all flavored cigarettes, with the exception of menthol cigarettes, were banned from production and sale nationwide.

Retailers were given nine months prior to the ban to remove the flavoured products from their shelves.

Store owners caught selling the flavoured tobacco products will be subject to potential consequences including fines.

TRHA Reclaims House in Nain

When the Torngat Regional Housing Association (TRHA) hands the keys to a new homeowner, they come with documents to be signed.

In those documents, one of the protocols in its bylaws is that monthly payments of $100 must be made.

If those payments are not made consistently, TRHA has the power to evict the residents.

Well this is now the case in Nain.

Margie Fox is the Chairperson of TRHA.

She says a home has been turned back over to them.

But before the home can be allocated to another family, more money is needed to bring it back up to standard.

Fox says if a home is abandoned, it will automatically be turned back over to TRHA.

But don’t be confused with families who are living out of town and still have the home in their name.

Fox says in TRHA’s bylaws, a homeowner has three reasons to not have the home repossessed: education, seasonal employment and medical reasons.

She says that in these cases a letter stating the situation has to be written and delivered to TRHA’s head office in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Fox adds that if the homeowner is living out of town, it is up them to ensure the monthly payments are made.

LIDC General Manager

The Labrador Inuit Capital Strategy Trust (LICST) has acquired the use of a professional executive search firm in the search for a new Labrador Inuit Development Corporation General Manager.

Clint Davis is Chair of the LICST.

He says they have hired Higgins International to assist in the search for a new General Manager.

The executive search firm will ensure that the LICST attracts the best possible candidates for the vacant position.

The position has been left vacant since Brian Vincent resigned from the post at the end of April.

The LICST is searching for candidates from across Canada.

Davis says they hope to have the position filled by this December.

The LICST will also be compiling a comprehensive business plan and budget for 2010/2011.

He says the plan will be drafted over the next month.

This is the first time in LIDC’s existence that a business plan will be created.

The LICST hopes to have it reviewed and decided upon by November.

Winners of Elections Determined

The new AngajukKaks and Community Corporation Chairs have been determined following the election yesterday.

The votes were cast in the second election since the ratification of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement.

The results are as follows:

In Nain a total of 487 voters cast headed to the polls out of an eligible 865; 57 percent of the eligible voters.

Henry Broomfield received a total of 81 votes while Sarah Leo gathered 170 votes.

Tony Andersen was declared AngajukKak with 233 votes.

506 beneficiaries in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Mud Lake cast their vote in the election.

That’s 30 percent of the 1683 eligible voters.

Andrea Webb received 23 votes while 153 beneficiaries voted in favor of Alex Saunders.

Jennifer Hefler-Elson was declared Chair of the NunaKatiget Inuit Community Corporation with 330 votes.

In Hopedale a total of 288 people cast their votes for the six candidates in that community. That’s 73 percent of the 395 eligible voters.

Jimmy Tuttauk received 28 votes, Garfield Flowers gathered 45 of the votes, 48 people voted in favor of Gregg Flowers while Sukie Aggek and and Doris Boas both received 36 votes.

Wayne Piercy came out on top gathering 86 of the votes.

Herb Jacque will serve another term as AngajukKak of the Makkovik Inuit Community Government.

He gathered 140 votes to Randy Edmunds 100.

240 people cast their vote in Makkovik out of an eligible 312. That’s 76 percent of the eligible voters.

Ed Tuttauk will also serve another term in North West River.

He was declared Chair of the Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation with 103 votes.

Fellow candidates Carolyn Michelin and Clara Michelin received 31 and 28 votes respectively.

In Postville a whopping 132 people cast their vote out of an eligible 142.

That’s 93 percent of the eligible voters; only ten eligible voters in Postville never headed to the polls.

Silpa Edmunds received four votes, Karen Gear gathered 38, Keith Decker 43 and Dianne Gear received 46 of the votes.

With a three vote margin between Decker and Karen Gear, a recount has been called for tomorrow.

The recount takes place tomorrow afternoon at the Postville Inuit Community Government’s council chambers.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Elections Take Place Today

Elections are taking place for AngajukKaks and Inuit Community Corporation Chairs today.

Residents of Nunatsiavut and beneficiaries residing in Upper Lake Melville are eligible to cast their vote.

The candidates running for Chair of the NunaKatiget Inuit Community Corporation in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Mud Lake are Alex Saunders, Jennifer Hefler-Elson and Andrea Webb.

Beneficiaries in those communities can head to the polling stations at two locations.

Those living in the valley can head to the polling station located at the Labrador Friendship Center.

While beneficiaries living in Hamilton Heights, Spruce Park and on the South Side can head to the Labrador Inn.

The candidates running for AngajukKak in Nain are Tony Andersen, Henry Broomfield and Sarah Leo.

Nain residents can head to the polling station located at the community hall.

The Candidates running for AngajukKak of the Hopedale Inuit Community Government are Sukie Aggek, Garfield Flowers, Wayne Piercy, Doris Boas, Jimmy Tuttauk and Gregg Flowers.

The polling station in Hopedale is located at the Hopedale Inuit Community Government Office.

In Makkovik the candidates are Herb Jacque and Randy Edmunds.

Residents of that community can head to the polling station at the Makkovik Inuit Community Government Office.

Karen Gear, Silpa Edmunds, Dianne Gear and Keith Decker are the candidates running for AngajukKak of the Postville Inuit Community Government.

Eligible voters in that community can head to the polling station at the community’s recreation hall.

In North West River Carolyn Michelin, Clara Michelin and Edward Tuttauk are the candidates running for Chair of the Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation.

Beneficiaries in North West River can cast their vote at the Community Center.

Each polling station is open until 8pm this evening.

Residents and beneficiaries 16-years and older are eligible to cast their vote in the election.

St. John's Friendship Centre Update

The St. John’s Native Friendship Centre is very busy preparing for the fall season.

We spoke to David Penner, the Executive Director for the centre.

He says the youth summer programs are finished up for the year.

And they still haven’t received any funding for next year’s youth programming.

He says they are also looking for funding to continue the Aboriginal Patient Navigator program next year.

The St. John’s Native Friendship Centre’s board of directors will meet on the September 15 to discuss these issues and more.

Sivunivut to Hold Climate Change Project

A climate change project will be introduced in the community of North West River late this month.

Ed Tuttauk is the Chair of Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation.

He says the climate change project is in the very early stages.

There is more work to do including making residents aware of what the project is all about.

Staff will be hired to oversee the project including a senior and a junior researcher.

Tuttauk says they received funds from First Nations and Health Canada for the project.

HVGB Drug Seizure

Another grow-op was seized yesterday in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

According to an RCMP press release, the Labrador District RCMP Street Level Drug Enforcement Team seized a quantity of Marihuana plants.

The police located the plants which were concealed in a wooded area near the community.

According to RCMP, this is the second seizure of marihuana plants in the last few weeks in the community.

The media release also says drug seizures such as these help to keep drugs off our streets, out of the hands of our children and make our communities safer.

The seizure of drugs in Happy Valley-Goose Bay was once again made possible by a tip from the public.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Postville AngajukKak Candidates Share Campaigns

Elections for AngajukKaks and Inuit Community Corporation chairs are taking place tomorrow September 14.

Continuing with our coverage of the candidates in each of the communities, today we will be hearing from the Postville candidates.

Carolyn Gear, Silpa Edmunds and Dianne Gear are running against incumbent AngajukKak, Keith Decker.

We will also hear from Carolyn Michelin.

She is one of the candidates running for Chair of the Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation.

We would like to remind you that OKalaKatiget Radio will be airing the results of the elections live.

So make sure you tune in tomorrow evening when the polls close at 8pm to hear the winners from each of the communities first.

Pottle to Discuss Progress of Aboriginal Women during Summit

The progress of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Aboriginal women in politics will be up for discussion during a national summit.

The Arnait Nipingit Leadership Summit begins today in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

As part of the summit, Patty Pottle, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, will be discussing the progress made by Aboriginal women in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Pottle will be part of a panel discussion on women and political leadership in the North.

The panel takes place on September 16.

It will consist of 10 aboriginal women who are making waves in the world of politics.

Other politicians joining the panel include Eva Aariak, the Premier of Nunavut and ITK President, Mary Simon.

OKalaKatiget Welcomes New Board Member

The OKalaKatiget Society would like to welcome a new member to our board.

Ethel Hunter will serve as the board member for the community of Hopedale.

Hunter has previously served as a board member for that community.

And we are excited to be working with her again.

Hunter will serve a two-year term.

If any of our listeners in Hopedale have any concerns about the OKalaKatiget Society’s programming, feel free to bring them to Ethel Hunter.

Friday, September 10, 2010

No More Preschool at Primary School in Nain

The Jens Haven Memorial Primary School will no longer offer their preschool program in Nain.

Irene Webb is the Kindergarten teacher at JHMS.

She says the preschool program resources will now be used for KinderStart.

The change has been a cause of confusion for parents of the little ones.

Webb says it was last June that the Labrador School Board recommended having KinderStart at the primary school.

She says she will be sending memos to the parents explaining the change.

Meanwhile, the Piguttuk Family Resource center will continue to hold a preschoolers program.

Rosina Brown is the Coordinator for the center.

She says they are working on scheduling for the preschool program.

Parents can register their preschoolers at the center on Wednesday, September 15.

Preschool begins on Wednesday, October 6.

In other news, inventory is taking place at the Piguttuk Family Resource Center.

The center’s programs will be closed until September 20, during the inventory.

The center will remain open for drop-in and clothing donations until the end of month.

Brown says a facilitator assistant was hired on August 20.

Larry Ananack will work for a period of 26 weeks.

Funding for the position is covered under the Linkage Program.

Brown adds that regular programming will begin on October 4.

Sivunivut and Nain Candidates Share Campaigns

Election Day for AngajukKâks and Community Corporation Chairs is just four days away.

OKalaKatiget Radio has been doing its best to speak to all the candidates in each of Nunatsiavut communities and in Upper Lake Melville.

Today we spoke with the Candidates running for Chair of the Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation.

Clara Michelin and Edward Tuttauk, the current chair, joined us this afternoon to share their campaigns.

We will speak with the other candidate, Carolyn Michelin, on her campaign at a later date.

Continuing our coverage of each of the communities, on Sunday afternoon we will be speaking with the three candidates in Nain.

The three candidates running for AngajukKâk of the Nain Inuit Community Government are Tony Andersen, Henry Broomfield and incumbent AngajukKak: Sarah Leo.

Tune in to our Sunday program to hear each of the candidates discuss their campaigns and some of the issues they feel exist in the community.

Raising Awareness on Hepatitis C

A representative from the HIV/AIDS Labrador Project will be travelling throughout Nunatsiavut to raise awareness on Hepatitis C.

Sandra Hope is the Hepatitis C Program Developer.

She says she will be travelling to several communities in Nunatsiavut providing presentations on the disease.

Hope will begin her tour in Postville on Monday, September 13.

She says she will be giving two presentations while she is in the community.

Hope will make a presentation to the students at the school and will hold a presentation for the general public in the evening.

Hope’s tour will take her to Makkovik the next day and then on to Rigolet on the 16 and Hopedale on the September 17.

Hope adds that she will be meeting with healthcare providers in the communities as well.

Rigolet May Be Featured in a Book with Your Help

The community of Rigolet may be featured in a children’s book.

But they need your help.

Scholastic Canada is holding a contest called ‘Pick-A-Munsch.’

They are asking the public to vote on three different story ideas.

One of the stories takes place right here in Nunatsiavut.

It’s about a little girl and her father from Rigolet who go fishing.

But they find a big surprise.

The story was created by Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko.

Munsch is an accomplished writer of children’s books.

He has written dozens of books that have been published all over the world.

To cast your vote for the story about the little girl and her father from Rigolet, you can click here.

People are able to vote as many times as they like.

Whichever community is chosen will see an official launch of the book in their community.

The book that receives the most votes will be published in May, 2011.

So make sure you visit the site and vote for the story that features Rigolet.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

NunaKatiget Candidates Share Campaigns

Elections for AngajukKaks and Community Corporation Chairs are taking place on September 14.

Continuing with our coverage of each of the communities, today we will be hearing the campaigns of the candidates for Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Mud Lake.

Alex Saunders and Jennifer Hefler-Elson are running alongside Andrea Webb.

The three candidates are running for Chair of the NunaKatiget Inuit Community Corporation.

This afternoon we will be speaking with Alex Saunders and Jennifer Hefler-Elson.

They will be sharing their campaigns and discussing some of the issues that beneficiaries in that region are facing.

We will speak with Andrea Webb on her campaign at a later date.

Be sure to tune in everyday until the election to hear from the candidates in each of the communities.

OK radio FM Station

Have you listened to CKOK OKalaKatiget Radio since we made the switch to FM frequency in Nain?

Our Nain listeners can tune into OKalaKatiget Radio on 99.9 FM.

This new frequency gives us the ability to provide better quality programming.

So are you getting a clearer reception on this new FM frequency?

Broadcasting on FM is being tested for another two weeks.

So this is where OK radio needs the help of our listeners.

We would like for you to provide feedback on what you think of the quality of the new FM broadcast.

Whether it is from your home or your cabin, we want to know what the quality of the FM broadcast is like.

We did get feedback about the new FM broadcast from cabin owners at Black Island, an area approximately 25 miles northeast of Nain.

Listeners have told us that they tried tuning into this new FM frequency but couldn’t get any reception.

But when they tuned back to our AM frequency, the broadcast was there faintly.

So we want to know what the reception is like at your cabin.

Feel free to contact the OKalaKatiget Society with your feedback.

Our CKOK AM broadcast will still be available until further notice.

Communities Recognize FASD Awareness Day

Communities across Nunatsiavut are coming together to recognize international FASD Awareness Day.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is a set of mental, physical and neurobehavioral birth defects caused by drinking while pregnant.

The day is observed by people all across the globe.

One way the day is recognized is by ringing a bell nine times at 9:09am.

This is done in every time zone across the globe, from New Zealand to Alaska.

The first ever FASD awareness day was recognized on September 9, 1999, or 09/09/99.

This date was chosen to symbolize the nine months of pregnancy.

All Nunatsiavut communities are hosting events today, and throughout the week, to observe FASD awareness day.

You can contact your local Nunatsiavut Department of Health to find out what’s going on in your community.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hopedale Candidates Share Campaigns

The Election Day for AngajukKaks and Inuit Community Corporation Chairs is fast approaching.

Eligible voters head to the polls in each of the communities on September 14.

Before that date, OKalaKatiget Radio will be speaking with each of the candidates to hear their campaigns.

Today we will be speaking with the candidates in Hopedale.

Greg Flowers, Jimmy Tuttauk, Wayne Piercy, Garfield Flowers, Doris Boas and Sukie Aggek are running for AngajukKak of the Hopedale Inuit Community Government.

On this afternoon’s program we will be speaking with Greg Flowers, Jimmy Tuttauk, Wayne Piercy, and Garfield Flowers.

They will share their campaigns and discuss the issues in Hopedale.

Sukie Aggek is travelling and we weren’t able to speak with her.

We will discuss her campaign at a later date.

Doris Boas did not want to share her campaign with us.

Tune in each day until September 14, to hear from the candidates in each of the communities.

Students Registering for Classes Today

The summer is officially over for students in Nunatsiavut.

Registration is being held for all Labrador schools today.

We headed down to the Moravian church in Nain this morning to attend the opening ceremonies for the students.

The ceremony started with a prayer and hymn.

It was followed by the Principal of Jens Haven Memorial School welcomes the new kindergarten students for the year.

Social Work

A celebration is being held today to mark the accomplishments of beneficiaries who have been accepted into the Bachelor of Social Work program.

19 beneficiaries have been accepted into the program which is being offered at the College of the North Atlantic in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

It is a joint effort between the Nunatsiavut Government and Memorial University’s School of Social Work.

The four-year program will reflect Inuit culture and values in the curriculum.

It will prepare the students for work both in and out of Inuit communities.

Once the participants are finished, they will return to Inuit communities for employment.

The program is being supported by the Nunatsiavut Government’s Post Secondary Student Support Program.

The celebration will be held at the Northern Cross Church from 1:30-4pm today.

In attendance will be the students and their families along with officials from the Nunatsiavut Government and Memorial University.

Inuit elders will also be on hand to mark the special occasion.

Moose Licences

Moose licenses are available to beneficiaries in Postville and Rigolet.

The licenses have been available for the past three to four years in those communities.

James Goudie is the Wildlife Manager for Nunatsiavut Government.

He says three licenses are available for area 56 in Postville and 12 for area 55 in Rigolet.

Goudie says they have received few applications from the two communities.

Beneficiaries can still pick up application forms for a moose license at their local Nunatsiavut Government Office.

The forms require the name of the applicant, a beneficiary number and what area they intend to harvest the moose.

These forms have to be delivered to the Wildlife Manager.

Beneficiaries need a valid PAL or FAC to apply for the license.

People who have received moose licenses in the past are not eligible to apply again.

There is also a limit of one license per household.

The deadline for applications is Friday, September 10.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ATV Collision in Nain Last Week

A Nain man was sent to Happy Valley-Goose Bay for treatment following a collision on a stolen ATV last week.

Constable James Barter is with the Nain RCMP detachment.

He says they responded to a number of complaints of a stolen ATV driving around the community on September 2.

The driver had no lights on.

A 19-year-old from the community stole the ATV which belonged to the Nain Inuit Community Government.

While pursing the ATV, the young man had collided head on into an RCMP member, who was also on ATV.

Both parties involved in the collision suffered minor injuries.

The collision caused sufficient damage to both ATVs.

The suspect assaulted a nurse and ambulance driver while being taken to the local clinic.

This was done in an attempt to escape.

The suspect was later sent to Happy Valley-Goose Bay for observation.

No life-threatening injuries were reported.

The young man is facing several federal and provincial charges including theft of a motor vehicle.

Full Agenda for MICG Meeting

The Makkovik Inuit Community Government (MICG) had a full agenda during their regular meeting last week.

Terry Rice is the Town Manager.

He says they held their meeting on Thursday, September 2.

Items on the agenda included the expansion of the Moravian church’s parking lot.

Rice says they approached a local contractor to provide a quote on expanding the parking area.

The MICG also approved funding to purchase new leak-detecting equipment.

They will purchase sounding equipment known as a geophone.

The geophone will improve the town employee’s ability to detect leaks in the water lines.

They hope to purchase the new equipment this fall.

Also on the agenda was training for the new MICG councilors.

Following the elections this fall, the MICG will train the new councilors on the roles and responsibilities of their position.

They hope to carry out the training this November once the new MICG is in place.

Three Separate Fires in Nain in One Night

The Nain Volunteer Fire Brigade was kept very busy over the Labour Day weekend.

Brigade members responded to three separate fires in one night.

Rod Pilgrim is the Fire Chief with the Fire Brigade.

He says the fires were ignited on Friday at three separate locations: Labrador Investments, the Jens Haven Memorial Primary School and next to a local residence.

Pilgrim says the first blaze was ignited shortly after 11pm behind Labrador Investments.

A large number of pallets stacked near the store’s fuel tank had caught fire.

The brigade did not believe the fuel tank would ignite.

Pilgrim says they were lucky the fire didn’t catch near the valves and fittings.

He adds the tank did get pretty warm from the blaze.

The next fire occurred shortly after in a wooden garbage box near a resident’s home.

After that fire was doubted, the fire brigade had to respond to a fire near Nain’s primary school.

The school’s garbage box was also ablaze.

Pilgrim says the fire brigade was able to control each of the fires quickly.

He believes the fires were related and set deliberately.

Pilgrim adds that he hopes the person responsible is apprehended before infrastructure is lost, or worst: a life is lost.

The fires are under investigation by the Nain RCMP.

Constable James Barter says given the timeframe, it is possible that these fires are related.

But they have no evidence to support that theory.

He is asking anybody in the community with any information regarding the fires to come forward.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Makkovik AngajukKak Candidates Share Campaigns

Elections for AngajukKaks and Community Corporation Chairs take place on September

Until and OKalaKatiget Radio will be speaking with each of the candidates to discuss their campaigns.

Today we will be hearing from the candidates running for AngajukKak of the Makkovik Inuit Community Government.

They are Randy Edmunds and incumbent AngajukKak: Herb Jacque.

Both candidates will be joining us this afternoon to discuss the issues in Makkovik and their campaigns.

Fish Plant Closing

Operations at the Nain and Makkovik fish plants are quickly winding down.

Junior Andersen the plant manager in Makkovik.

He says a long liner was just getting in with its last catch of crab this morning.

It was carrying about 8,000 pounds of crab.

This will give the plant workers just couple more hours of work processing the crab.

Andersen says the cleanup of the plant starts next week and will take about a week to complete.

The Nain fishplant is on its last day of selling frozen fish products.

Deidi Kohlmeister is the office clerk.

She says the plant has some smoked char bones and cod fillets left to sell.

Residents of Nain have until 5pm today to buy the products.

After that the plant will be closed for the season.

Kohlmeister says all the char processed this summer was sent to Goose Bay on the last freight boat.

The plant smoked a total of 1,600 pounds of char this season.

Kohlmeister adds only 5 of the employees made enough hours to qualify for Employment Insurance benefits for the winter.

Elections Held for NunaKatiget Board

Elections were held this week for board members of the NunaKatiget Inuit Community Corporation.

NunaKatiget represents the interests of the beneficiaries residing in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Mud Lake.

Max Winters is the Chair of NunaKatiget.

He says the elections were held during NunaKatiget’s annual general meeting.

Darlene Mackay was re-elected as Vice-Chairperson of NunaKatiget.

Shirley Moorhouse was re-elected as Treasurer.

Sheila Saunders will continue as Secretary of NunaKatiget following her re-election.

And Eileen Burden was also re-elected as a Director.

Ralph Tooktoshina and Ruby Best join Burden as Directors of NunaKatiget.

Base Camp Officially Closed This Weekend

The Labrador Inuit Development Corporation (LIDC) is tying up all its loose ends for the closure of the base camp tomorrow.

Henry Lyall is Operations Manager with LIDC.

He says the kangidluasuk base camp officially closes Saturday, September 4.

Crews are working on bringing the last of the equipment and staff home over the weekend.

A charter will be flying the remaining visitors out of the camp tomorrow.

Lyall says the feedback received from the visitors of the camp has been excellent.

He says that it’s too early to tell if the pilot project was a success economically.

Lyall says that it’s likely the camp will have to be subsidized in its first few years.

He adds that it’s very expensive to run an operation like this in such a remote location.

The LIDC will have a better idea of the camp’s profitability in a couple of weeks when the numbers come in.

Pigutsavik Registers Children

The Pigutsavik daycare center in Nain is preparing for another year with the children.

Nicole Dicker is the daycare operator.

She says there was an open house for parents on Wednesday.

The parents were given a tour of the building, an update about the furnace and a review of the center’s policy.

She says 22 children were signed up during registration.

The center can care for 16 preschoolers between the ages of 3 -6 and10 toddlers 2-3-years old.

Dicker says the children will start their first day on Tuesday, September 7.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Labrador Friendship Centre Update

The Labrador Friendship Centre in Happy Valley-Goose Bay is very busy preparing programs for the fall season.

Karen Goudie is the Finance Manager for the centre.

She says in September, the Aboriginal Head Start Program is preparing for the children registering this year.

She says thirty eight children have registered so far.

For the Employment Transition Program, they have selected four participants this year.

These participants will start a nine week training program.

They will be in classes for seven weeks and spend two weeks on an independent job search.

She says the Linkage Youth Program is also getting ready to begin.

They now have four participants who had previously dropped out of school.

This program been approved and starts in September.

Goudie says the Homelessness Program is also getting ready for the fall.

The program provides homeless individuals with help in finding homes.

Goudie adds Sandy Hope will be traveling to the north coast communities to do presentations on Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS in September.

She says they will be holding meetings and presentations at the schools and clinics in each Nunatsiavut community.

OTT Update

The Orientation Technology Training Program for women started their classes on Monday in Happy Valley Goose Bay.

We spoke to Suzanne Charlton, the Community Development Coordinator for the College of the North Atlantic.

She says the length of the program has been cut this year.

The program will now run for sixteen weeks.

Charlton says there are eleven students registered in the program.

70 percent of those registered are Nunatsiavut beneficiaries.

She adds the students will be learning electrical, carpentry, heavy equipment and welding.

The participants will also receive certification in boat and fire arm safety, fitness and first aid.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Barbour Relieved from Ministerial Duties

William Barbour has been relieved from his duties as Minister of Lands and Resources.

In a press release, it states that the First Minister, Darryl Shiwak, will assume his portfolio.

Barbour has been relieved from his position as he deals with personal issues.

In the release, President Lyall states that they have some very important issues to deal with in the Department of Lands and Resources.

He goes on to say that Barbour has been an effective leader in the past.

And they wish him the best as he struggles with his addiction.

Barbour will continue to serve as an ordinary member for Nain.

Disciplinary Committee Announces Decision on Speaker Pat Ford

A disciplinary committee of the Nunatsiavut Assembly has announced their decision regarding the allegations against the Speaker of the House, Pat Ford.

Glen Sheppard is the Deputy Speaker of the Nunatsiavut Assembly.

He says the committee met on August 25, in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

They heard two complaints that were filed against Ford.

The complainants stated that Ford had breached section 4.1 of the Nunatsiavut Government's Code of Ethics.

That section states that a Nunatsiavut official shall not consume alcohol or illegal drugs, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, while conducting or discussing Nunatsiavut business.

The committee concluded that Ford did not breach that code.

She had taken time off and was not conducting or discussing Nunatsiavut business.

The committee is recommending that Ford undergo counseling regarding the incident.

OKâlaKatiget Radio Now Broadcasting on FM in Nain

OKâlaKatiget Radio will now be broadcasting on FM.

As of today, our listeners in Nain can tune into OKâlaKatiget Radio on 99.9FM.

Broadcasting on this new frequency will give us the ability to provide better quality programming.

Operating on FM will provide clearer reception and a larger coverage area.

This will be tested over the next three weeks.

This is where OKâlaKatiget Radio will need the help of our Nain listeners.

We want you to provide feedback on what you think of the quality of our FM broadcast.

Whether it is from your home or your cabin, we want to know what the quality of the FM broadcast is like.

You can drop into the OKâlaKatiget Society, contact us by phone at 709-922-2955, drop us a line by email at

Our regular AM broadcast will still be available until further notice.

So remember to tune into 99.9FM for your favorite quality programming.

Vale and United Steelworkers Heading Back to Table

The United Steelworkers and Vale will resume talks later this month.

OKâlaKatiget Radio has the exclusive news.

Darren Cove, President of the United Steelworkers Local 9508, says talks are scheduled for the September 19 and 20.

Cove says they have not established a place to meet yet.

The last round of negotiations between the United Steelworkers and Vale took place in July.

A deal was not reached at that time.

As of today, the United Steelworkers have been on strike for a year and a month.