Monday, May 31, 2010

Jens Haven Memorial Offering Aboriginal Sheild Program

Students of Jens Haven Memorial in Nain are taking a course that isn’t usually offered in the regular school year.

Heather Angnatok is the Youth Administrator for the Nunatsiavut Government.

She says that she and the RCMP are delivering the Aboriginal Shield Program.

The program is being delivered to grade seven and eight students.

It teaches students to live a healthier lifestyle.

Angnatok says it is a pilot project and Jens Haven is the only school in Nunatsiavut to offer the program.

The curriculum was developed by the RCMP.

Angnatok received training in Ottawa on how to deliver the program.

The course teaches students to make wise decisions when it comes to things like self-esteem, substance abuse and addictions.

The program has a total of 11 classes.

Students will receive credits upon completion of the course.

Angnatok adds that it seems that the students are really picking up on the course material.

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