Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No 'Ordinary' Election

On May 4th people went to the polls to vote for the Ordinary Members to represent their community.

The polls were open until 8:00pm last evening.

The preliminary elections results are as follows:


Johannes Lampe 344 votes, William Barbour 230, Tony Andersen 219 and Zippie Nochasak had 190.


Susan Nochasak received132 votes, Wayne Piercy 85, Norman Broomfield 61, Ruth Flowers 29, Elizabeth Tuglavina 21 and James Tuttauk with 9.


Glen Sheppard tallied 84 votes, while Diane Gear had 40.


Denise Lane won 91 votes and Todd Broomfield had 50.


Darryl Shiwak picked up 98 votes, Tony Wolfrey was awarded 45 and Richard Rich reached 19.

Upper Lake Melville:

Keith Russell had an astounding 768 votes, Max Blake was awarded 509.

Young Matthew Pike came in 3rd place with 362 votes, Stan Oliver penciled in 287, Ben Ponniuk 203, Beatrice Hunter 104 and Roy Gillette got 67 votes.

The newly elected Ordinary Members will be officially revealed on Friday, May 7th.

The selection for the Canadian Constituency will also be chosen May 7th:

They are: Catharyn Andersen, Myrtle Banfield, Patricia Ford, Rob Lackie, Daniel Pottle and Belinda Webb.

Keep tuning in for the official results!

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