Friday, August 13, 2010

Voisey’s Bay Team Headed to National Firefighter Competition

Following a successful run in a regional firefighter competition, a team from Voisey’s Bay is headed to nationals.

Sid Pain is the coach of the team.

He says members of the site’s Mine Rescue Team headed to Halifax to compete in what is known as the toughest two minutes in sports.

The Scott Firefit Championships Atlantic Regional’s took place in Halifax at the beginning of this month.

The team was encouraged to attend the event after a Memorial University Trainer had noted the team’s strength and broad skill set.

To train for the competition, the competitors built a simulated course.

Eight of the Mine Rescue Team members had taken part in the competition including four Nunatsiavut beneficiaries.

This is the first year that a team from Voisey’s Bay has been part of the competition.

The firefighters managed to nab gold and silver medals in the Industrial Firefighter relay category.

Their win qualifies them for the National Scott Firefit Competition in Brampton, Ontario, in early September.

The competition will be broadcasted on TSN.

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