Monday, August 23, 2010

Marine shipping containers continue to provide frustration in Nunatsiavut

The poor conditions of marine shipping containers used on the north coast are a continuing problem for retailers.

Albert Hamel is the Manager of Labrador Investments in Nain.

He says he’s been dealing with this problem since he started with Labrador Investments as manager seven years ago.

Hamel says the conditions of the shipping containers have been getting worst every year.

He says that he thought last year was the worst condition he’s seen them in.

But that was nothing compared to this year.

The containers have been found with large amounts of rust, missing boards and full of leaks.

Hamel says that many times the freight arrives with damages and at times completely destroyed.

To make up for the loss, prices have to be raised for the consumers.

Hamel says that he expected some improvement in the situation this year with the promise of 10 new shipping containers.

During a visit from several provincial ministers last year, a promise was made for 10 new shipping containers.

Hamel says he investigated the matter this season and was told the project was tendered too late and the containers weren’t able to be supplied in time.

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