Thursday, August 19, 2010

Universal Helicopters aircraft crashes along Baffin Island coast

Universal Helicopters in Goose Bay reported one of their aircraft's went missing on Monday.

The helicopter’s planned route was along the coast of Baffin Island.

Geoff Goodyear is the President and Chief Operating Officer for Universal Helicopters in Goose Bay.

He says since the weather was down, it was difficult to perform a search for the aircraft and pilot.

Yesterday morning, searchers found pieces of debris and the fuselage on top of the water 42 miles north of Clyde River.

At this point, he says the search is now in recovery mode.

Goodyear says they have been in close contact with the pilot’s family and are offering any support they can.

According to Nunatsiaq News this morning, the search for the missing pilot has been called off.

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