Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nain Depending on Turbot Fishery

Char season is just about to wrap up leaving the Nain fish plant looking towards the turbot fishery.

John Ikkusek is Manager of the Nain Fish Plant.

He says to date there have been about 17, 000 pounds of char landed at the plant.

And they hope to have about 20, 000 pounds by the time the char season finishes.

The char season ends on August 14.

Ikkusek says their final total of char landed will be about 10, 000 pounds less than last year’s total.

He says the lower amount is due to a lack of fisherman and the fact that the plant was closed for a week mid-season.

Now the Nain plant is looking towards the turbot fishery.

The plant hopes to process about 100, 000 pounds of turbot this season.

Ikkusek says the turbot harvesters are out now harvesting their catch.

But as to whether or not they will be landing their catch in Nain is still up in the air.

Ikkusek says the turbot harvesters can either land their catch in Nain or Makkovik.

He says it is likely that if the harvesters catch a full load, they will land it in Nain.

If not, they will land their catch at Makkovik’s plant.

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