Thursday, August 12, 2010

Torngat Arts/Crafts Incorporated

Following a year of operation, Torngat Arts and Crafts Incorporated (TAAC) in Nain is looking to create paid positions.

Molly Shiwak sits on the board.

She says to date, a four member board and local volunteers have been running the craft shop.

The board made a request to begin the search for executive positions.

The positions is an Executive Director and a General Manager.

Shiwak says these new jobs will relieve the workload of the volunteers.

The job advertisements are posted in all Nunatsiavut communities.

She says TAAC received some monies from different funding agencies to provide wages for the new positions.

Due to funding requirements, the successful applicant for the General Manager position must be a beneficiary between the ages of 15-30.

Applications can be submitted to the TAAC board before August 23.


  1. Now we have age discrimination to go along with all the other discrimination.

  2. Brian said...

    "Now we have age discrimination to go along with all the other discrimination."

    Response to Brian...

    Could you just be satisfied that there is more employment for the community? Comments like this just brings an extra additive for negativity.