Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rosetta Stone Inuttitut - Level II

The Rosetta Stone Inuttitut Language Learning Software was a huge step toward preserving the Labrador Inuttitut Language.

Rosetta Stone representatives are in Nain working on Level II of the project.

Marion Bittinger and Phil Easley are with Rosetta Stone out of Virginia.

They say they are proud to announce that they are in the process of creating a second Rosetta Stone Inuktitut program.

Bittinger says last week, Craig Spaulding was in Nain taking photographs for the software.

This week, Bittinger and Easley are working with locals who are providing ‘voicers’ for the CD.

She adds that while creating level two of the software, they have set a new company record.

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