Monday, August 16, 2010

Another porbeagle shark caught near Nain

Another porbeagle shark was found in a Nain resident’s net over the weekend.

Ray Ford says he had a net out at Sealing Bite, near Black Island outside of Nain.

When he went to check his net on Friday afternoon, he found that it was sunk.

When he pulled the net up, he discovered that a porbeagle shark was tangled in the mesh.

Ford says the shark was caught in the net by its tail and teeth.

He says it was over seven feet in length.

He untangled the shark and dumped it in the area.

Before he did that, Bonnie Lyall says they took a piece to eat.

Lyall says they fried the shark meat in cooking oil.

She says the meat was delicious.

Lyall adds it had the same texture and taste as scallops.

This is the third porbeagle shark caught by a Nain resident since 2007.

When the first porbeagle was reported in the summer of 2007, it was the farthest north a porbeagle had been reported in the Atlantic Ocean.

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