Friday, August 13, 2010

Forteau Bakeapple Festival

The 31st Annual Bakeapple Festival wrapped up in Forteau, Labrador last weekend.

Stelmann Flynn is one of the organizers of the well known event.

He says everyone enjoys taking part in the activities the festival has to offer.

Flynn says the numbers have been declining over the past 10 years.

He believes the causes of the decreased participation are an aging population and a declining population in general.

The highlights of the bakeapple festival include folk music, slits, open night concerts and a local square dance.

He added he was very pleased with the turnout of 4-500 people.

Stelmann says it wasn’t a good summer for berry harvesting again this year.

He believes that may be due to the heavy rains this season.

He added he bought about 200 pounds of bake apples for the Food Chopper Discount Grocery.

This is quite a drastic decline compared to the usual 5-600 pounds gathered in previous years.

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