Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Results of Plebiscite Discussed During NICG Meeting

The results of the plebiscite that was held this week were a big topic of discussion during a meeting of the NICG.

One of our reporters attended the regular meeting of the NICG last evening.

The NICG believes the results of the plebiscite show that there is a large concern in the community regarding the consumption of alcohol.

Although the plebiscite resulted in favor of no ban, the NICG says that they feel the majority of the residents want something to be done about alcohol in the community.

They have come to this conclusion through reviewing reports created by the Nunatsiavut Government’s Drug and Alcohol Committee.

And also from speaking with various community members.

Over the next month the NICG will be meeting with various agencies and the public to get their input on what they feel needs to be done.

From there, the NICG will determine its next step.

Whatever they decide upon will have to be put into provincial legislation.

This means that whatever is decided will be provincial law and enforced by the RCMP.

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  1. So basically the town of Nain isn't a democracy anymore it going to be put under a dictatorship, what about our rights as Canadians?