Monday, August 16, 2010

Close call for Former NG First Minister

The former First Minister of the Nunatsiavut Government, Tony Andersen, had a close call in Makkovik last week.

Andersen says he was at his mother’s house cutting grass when suddenly it became hard to breathe.

Aware that something was wrong, Andersen started making his way to the local clinic.

Luckily, the clinic was right next door.

He says as he made his way, it was becoming increasingly harder to breath and he was becoming more and more disoriented.

When Andersen arrived at the clinic, the staff acted quickly.

Andersen says they realized that something was seriously wrong and proceeded to give him an EpiPen.

Andersen says that while he was at the clinic, his heart rate was all over the place.

Clinic staff had told Andersen that if he had taken any longer to get to the clinic there could have been fatal consequences.

Andersen spent over seven hours at the clinic receiving treatment.

He says he is not sure what caused the sudden reaction.

While he was cutting the grass, there were a lot of bugs around.

Andersen says that he has never experienced a reaction like this and he doesn’t have any allergies that he’s aware of.

He adds that he feels he owes his life to the clinic staff and thanks them for their excellent response.

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