Friday, August 13, 2010

Upgrade to Goose Bay Airport to Benefit Nunatsiavut Passengers

Residents of the North Coast are all too familiar with the stresses of dealing with being placed on weather hold at the Goose Bay Airport.

An upgrade and expansion project to the airport will help make the wait time a little more comfortable.

Goronwy Price is the General Manager of the Goose Bay Airport Corporation.

He says the upgrade and expansion project began about a month ago.

Price says once the project is complete, the airport will be unrecognizable.

The facility will be completely modernized and expanded to about twice its current size.

He says this will be very beneficial for the 100, 000 or so people who pass through the facility annually.

There will be separate entrances for arrivals and departures making navigating through the facility much easier.

Price says services will also be expanded such as food services and waiting rooms.

The airport will remain in operation while the upgrading and expansion is taking place.

Price says there may be some inconvenience caused by the construction, but they will try to keep operations as smooth as possible.

The anticipated date of completion for the 13 million dollar project is December, 2011.

The cost of the project is shared between the Goose Bay Airport Corporation and the provincial and federal governments.

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  1. Will Nunatsiavut communities who travel finally be put through security? Everyone who travels on a flight should be.