Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Candidates for Upcoming Elections

The electoral race has now begun for Inuit Community Government AngajukKaks and Inuit Community Corporation Chairs.

Nominations closed in each of the communities yesterday.

Former First Minister Tony Andersen has announced his candidacy for AngajukKak of the Nain Inuit Community Government (ICG).

He joins fellow candidates Henry Broomfield and Sarah Leo, the incumbent AngajukKak.

Four new candidates have been announced for the AngajukKak of Hopedale.

Sukie Aggek, Wayne Piercy, Doris Boas and Garfield Flowers have joined Gregg Flowers and Jimmy Tuttauk in the upcoming Hopedale election.

Randy Edmunds has announced his candidacy in the community of Makkovik.

Edmunds joins incumbent AngajukKak Herb Jacque.

Karen Gear, Silpa Edmunds and Dianne Gear will all be campaigning for the position of AngajukKak in Postville.

They join fellow candidate Keith Decker, the incumbent AngajukKak for the Postville ICG.

Jennifer Hefler-Elson and Andrea Webb have announced their candidacy alongside fellow candidate Alex Saunders for Chair of the NunaKatiget Inuit Community Corporation in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

There are three candidates for the Chair of Sivunivut in North West River.

They are Carolyn Michelin, Clara Michelin and Edward Tuttauk, the current chair.

There will be no election for the community of Rigolet.

Charlotte Wolfrey will serve a regular term of four years following her election to the position of AngajukKak in March.

She filled the position left vacant by Danny Michelin.

Elections are set for September 14.

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