Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hope for local workers

The Nain Inuit Community Government (NICG) is addressing a concern in the community regarding the hiring of local employees by outside contractors.

During a meeting of the NICG on August 17, the issue was discussed.

Budgell’s Equipment and Rentals is in Nain constructing the road to the new water reserve at Trowser Lake.

Community members are disappointed that they haven’t hired more local employees for the project.

Darren Ledrew is the Site Manager for the project.

He says that they hire as many local workers as possible.

Currently, they have six locals working on the project.

They include a carpenter’s assistant, truck driver and four laborers.

Ledrew says the work crew is maxed out but they may hire more local people on a need basis.

Budgell’s contract ends at the end of this construction season.

There was no stipulation in the tender requiring the contractor to hire local workers.

The contract will be tendered by the NICG again next year.

During the meeting of the NICG, they decided that a requirement under the next tender would be to hire a certain amount of local workers.

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