Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tubot fishery not doing well

The turbot fishery in Nunatsiavut isn’t doing very well this season.

Junior Andersen is the Production Manager at the Makkovik fish plant.

He says the turbot season for this year opened on August 1.

But the harvesters in Makkovik didn’t head out until a week or so later.

He says the turbot harvesters aren’t doing very well right now.

Andersen says they have four boats bringing in turbot.

As of today, they have made six landings with only 49, 915 pounds of turbot.

He says last year one boat could have easily landed that much in one trip.

So right now, Andersen feels bringing turbot to the Nain fish plant doesn’t look very good.

There were hopes that the Nain plant would process 100, 000 pounds of turbot this season.

Harvesters were planning to land at the plant if there catches were large enough to justify the journey.

He adds it would not be worth their while to travel that distance with a very little catch.

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