Monday, August 9, 2010

Polar Bears Posing a Problem near Hebron

A family summering at Hebron had to be moved into safer accommodations due to a threat posed by Polar Bears.

Derek Kowalchuk is the Director of the Torngasok Cultural Center.

He says a family of four has been moved from a tent to a cabin due to a high number of Polar Bears visiting the site.

The family is stationed at Hebron to ensure the safety of the site while it undergoes renovations.

Although renovations aren’t happening this year, the family continues to monitor the site.

Kowalchuk says polar bears have been in the area in previous years, but not in such high numbers or so close to the site.

To ensure the safety of the family, they have been moved into a rented cabin equipped with polar bear nail boards.

Kowalchuk believes the high number of bears may have something to do with an increased amount of vegetation due to the high temperatures this summer.

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