Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Turbot Fishery Finished

It looks like an early end for the turbot fishery in Nunatsiavut.

As of yesterday, fishing crews harvesting turbot in the Makkovik area have given up and headed home.

Junior Andersen is the Production Manager for the Makkovik fish plant.

He says last Thursday four boats had landed only 59,201 pounds of turbot.

An amount that could have easily been landed by a single boat in one trip last season.

The harvesters have packed it in and headed home following the poor catch.

The Nain fish plant was hoping to process 100, 000 pounds of turbot this season.

The plant hasn’t seen a single pound of turbot.

On the other hand, the crab fishery in Makkovik did well this summer.

As of last Thursday, they had landed 938,201 pounds of crab.

They still have one boat harvesting crab for the plant.

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