Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fishery in Nunatsiavut slacking off

The Crab Fishery at the Makkovik Fish Plant seems to be slacking off.

Junior Andersen is the Production Manager.

He says the crab season closes at the end of August.

Two boats are still bringing in crab.

They have now landed 938,201 pounds.

The turbot fishery still isn’t picking up at the plant.

Andersen says they’re fishing in the same areas as last year but the turbot are very scarce.

Four boats have now landed 59,201pounds of turbot.

They still have about seventy workers working one shift a day.

He adds summer students will be laid off after this week.

Meanwhile the char fishery in Nain closed on Saturday, August 14th.

Deidi Kohlmeister is the Office Manager.

She says the total catch landed for this year is 20,024 pounds.

They are still smoking a few char with eight to ten people working at the plant.

Kohlmeister says they’re hopeful the turbot fishery in the Makkovik area will pick up so they can bring turbot to the Nain plant to be processed.

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