Monday, August 16, 2010

Dump truck knocks out fiberoptic lines

Over the weekend, internet services were down for most of Labrador.

Wayne Sheppard is the Regional Manager for Bell Aliant.

He says a dump truck near Lab City hooked a fiber-optic line that caused the outage.

It happened early Saturday morning when the driver of the dump truck finished unloading on a small road.

Sheppard says the truck driver was working on the paving of the Trans Labrador Highway.

Apparently the driver didn’t lower the bucket which exceeded height restrictions.

He says the area where this occurred was approximately 70 kilometers east of Lab City.

A dispatch crew was flown in by helicopter to the scene.

Sheppard says the internet service was restored about 13 to 14 hours later, at approximately 9:30PM.

Sheppard adds that everything seems to be back to normal.

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