Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fuel prices drop

A week ago, fuel prices in Nunatsiavut went up, but this week consumers will be a little more pleased when paying at the pumps.

According to the Public Utilities Board’s petroleum pricing office, the prices of fuel have dropped significantly.

The cost of gasoline last week was $1.37.7 per liter.

This week it dropped 4.2 cents per liter (cpl) and now customers will pay $1.33.5.

For homeowners who use home heating fuel for warmth, last week stove oil was set at $1.05.8.

This week the price dropped just over 3 cents.

The price for stove oil is now set at $1.02.76 per liter.

If you are a consumer of diesel fuel, you’ll also be pleased with a drop of 3.5 cpl.

Diesel at the pumps is now $1.30.9.

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