Monday, August 23, 2010

Torngat Mountains National Park: Growing Popularity

Ever since its establishment in January 2005, the Torngat Mountains National Park has been getting a lot of attention each year.

So much attention, that a well-known Toronto news paper, The Globe and Mail, published a story on the park.

Titled ‘Torngat mountains: Let the spirit move you’, the article showcases fascinating photographs of the wildlife, scenery and local residents of Nain.

The story talks about everything from ancestral heritage, traditions, culture and what the area is like today.

Also under the comments section, a commenter says he just returned home from the park.

He says he flew on a Cessna 180 float plane and for anyone who owns a float-plane: they owe it to them self to take this trip of a lifetime.

The commenter says Alain Lagacé of Rapid Lake Lodge will guide you from his float plane through the mountains, into the canyons, and amongst the icebergs.

He adds that Lagacé will drop into mountain lakes to fish arctic char and says that it is a wilderness experience that doesn't get any better.

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