Monday, August 23, 2010

Daybreak Cafe closing for good

On Friday, a well-known business in Goose Bay will be closing its doors for good.

Sherry Bessey is the owner of the Daybreak Café.

She says she is trying to sell everything within the building as a package deal.

Bessey says this includes the fryers, freezers, tables, chairs and even the curtains.

The wholesale list is almost in the final stages and already has three people interested.

Bessey says this is a very emotional time, because she has owned and operated the business for over 10 years.

She says she recently came back from vacationing and has been receiving a lot of support from her loyal customers.

Bessey adds that after the closure, she’ll be working as Manager of Valley Business Canon.

Valley Business Canon is owned by Winnie and Gerald Healey the lucky winners of the $26 million Lotto Max lottery.

Bessey adds that once the Daybreak Café is closed, the owner of the building will be bulldozing it down.


  1. Well that’s too bad, real down home cooking with down home and friendly atmosphere.

  2. I personally will miss the cafe, the owners provided excellent meals for students attending college. the cafe will surely be missed and remembered by all.