Monday, August 16, 2010

Today: Nain votes to ban or keep alcohol in the community

Residents are casting their vote today to see if they would like to see Nain become a dry community.

A motion to hold a plebiscite was tabled during a meeting of the Nain Inuit Community Government on August 4.

The plebiscite allows for government to get the public’s opinion on a matter before them.

This is done through a vote.

The question proposed through the plebiscite is: “Would you like to see Nain become a dry community?”

Voters can choose either yes or no.

Voting is takes place from 8AM to 8PM at the community hall.

Anyone 16-years and older can cast their vote.

There are 862 eligible voters.

Just before 1PM we contacted the polling station to get an idea of voter turn-out.

At that time, 232 residents had cast their vote, which is about 27 percent of the eligible voters.

OKâlaKatigêt radio will broadcast the results of the vote live.

We’ll go on the air at 8PM when the polls close.

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