Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nain to Recieve a Community Constable

Nain streets will be a little safer in the near future with the placement of a community constable.

Sarah Leo is the AngajuKak for the Nain Inuit Community Government (NICG).

She says the NICG is working with local RCMP to establish a job description for the new position.

The community constable will act as a liaison between the NICG and RCMP.

She says the community constable will enforce the NICG’s by-laws.

Unlike RCMP members who rotate in and out of the community, the community constable will be permanently stationed in Nain.

Leo says the position has been a success in other communities in Nunatsiavut.


  1. who can apply? what are the responsibilities? is there protection? what is the rate of pay per year?
    are there benifits?

  2. Gee Anonymous, so many questions. Don’t you realize this is democracy the Nain way.

  3. I hope they enforce people having a driver's liscense, car registration and insurance!!!

  4. Why would you would want them to enforce drivers licences registration and insurance?? Why would anyone register their vehicles in Nain anyway? Why, when anyone can drive around on atvs and skidoos without any registration or insurance or drivers licence, should you have to have it on your truck or car???? Explain that one. Do you know how much insurance is for a vehicle?? People have it hard enough around Nain without having to pay thousands of dollars/yr for insurance. If they start enforcing it, then maybe the council should step up their community development program and get some businesses up on the new part of town so people who are then going to be forced to walk everywhere will at least be able to go buy a pack of smokes without hiring a taxi.