Monday, August 23, 2010

Four new nominations in upcoming AngajukKak Elections

Four more people have been nominated in the upcoming AngajukKak and Inuit Community Chair elections.

James Tuttauk has been nominated for AngajukKak in Hopedale.

He is running against fellow nominee Greg Flowers.

Karen Gear has been nominated for AngajukKak of the Postville Inuit Community Government.

She is running against three other candidates: Keith Decker, Diane Gear and Silpa Edmunds.

Two candidates have been nominated for the Chair of the Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation.

Carolyn Michelin and Clara Michelin will be running against the current chair, Edward Tuttauk.

Nominations close at 4pm today in each of the communities.

We’ll have the full list of candidates running in the election on tomorrow’s program.

The election is set for September 14.

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  1. Can you post an updated list of all candidtates for all communities for the AngajukKak electioins?